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If you want Church History in small concise increments. This is the podcast to listen to!
Good podcast, it is informative and concise. My one complaint would be that the titles often don't help to understand the content, and the descriptions are long and basically the transcript of the podcast itself. A title that describes the topics/dates of what will be described would be great.
Thank you for these thorough, bite-sized, fun podcasts. I absolutely adore this and am exceedingly grateful for this wealth of information!
Apparently the first season was re-recorded so I'm assuming many of the older reviews were for a different version of the show. I'm coming here from Mike Duncan and Robin Pearson's excellent series on Rome and Lance states he is following in their footsteps for this one. The content is great so far. Having said that though, I hope he gets better music to start and end each episode. And a quick welcome in the tradition of Robin and Mike would suffice, rather than the announcer.
There are two great audio histories of the Christian Church. 1. The audio book of Church History In Plain Language by Bruce L. Shelley 2. the other is this podcast. I have listened to several others and these are the best. Pastor Lance Ralston presents the topics in an enthusiastic and understandable way. I listen in the car, in bed and just about everywhere that way I am saturated with church history. I highly recommend this podcast.
I’ve listened to season one of this podcast three times; the original once, and the redo, twice. Season one gives a brief but thorough overview of church history in short digestible bites. Season two digs deeper on important topics, people, and movements. If you’re at all interested in history, especially church history, this podcast is the best, and I’ve listened to them all. Pastor Ralston has a pleasing voice and manner, and a thorough knowledge of the subject. Lance Ralston is to church history what Mike Duncan is to the history of Rome. That’s the highest compliment I can give.
A concise, yet learned review of the history of the Christian Church and its impact in the world. I’ve learned a lot and Lance makes it both compelling and enjoying. Whether a believer or just a history buff, or someone just looking to learn more about the church, this podcast is a must.
If you are looking for an intro to church history, this is a great place to start. The lessons are short and easily digestible, and cover a variety of movements and events. Before you listen and leave a negative review, please be aware that this podcast is presented by and evangelical Protestant. Most negative reviews seem to react against this. If you don’t share the narrator’s convictions, I would still encourage you to listen and learn from another person’s perspective, but if you can’t handle that, stay away.
This podcast is well researched and presented and a very conversational format. The pastor keeps his personal views to a bare minimum and let’s history do the talking for itself. The most impressive thing and today’s contemporary Christianity is that that pastor excepts no financial donations for this labor of love!
Excellent chronological collection of Church History. Lance's podcast presents in-depth examination of the church with enthusiasm. I've recommended it to several friends. These snapshot of the Christian moments open up a history most have never heard, but all will benefit from knowing!
I absolutely love this podcast and have learned so much from it. It is well thought out and accurate telling of the history of the Christian church. Very easy to listen to and each lesson sheds light and why these things occurred in the past. I would recommend it to everyone!
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. The structure is easy to follow, the content is deep and insightful, and the host does a good job clearly articulating highs and lows of the church. Sometimes his bias is seen (like in discussions about the Eucharist) but his opinions never offend. I have recommended this podcast to other nerds who enjoy learning about the complex history of the church. Thank you for the work you put into this!
I got turned onto this podcast by one of my fellow elders at our church. I’ve read many books about the history of the church. This podcast does an amazing job of packing so much information into a very well laid out and simple to follow story. It can easily be enjoyed by people of every level of knowledge and understanding. If you have any interest at all about the history of the church, what happened, when, where, by whom, this is a must listen.
This is not just my favorite history podcast but my all-time favorite podcast in general! I love the topic, format, content, and the Author's insight. I've found it enlightening, encouraging, curious, shocking and thoroughly enjoyable! I'm fed and made more hungry with each podcast. I've listened to several of the episodes two, three and four times. I love that the podcast is written out so I can follow along with the written manuscript sometimes. Excellent and informative. When I was in Bible College I was a married student I worked full-time+ and took a full class load. My junior year was heaviest load and I walked around in a zombie state with Church history being the last class of the day. Unfortunately not only did I barely pass but I got absolutely nothing from the class. This podcast is really helping reclaim much of what I was unable to learn in the classes I took that year. BRAVO!! and thanks.
I am on episode 49 of the Church History podcast and it is absolutely wonderful. I could not recommend this more if this subject interests you.
As someone who is striving to get my Ph.D. In Ecclesiastical Studies this podcast provides profound insight. I appreciate this podcast and its host.
Current student in Biblical Studies and I listen to this every night before I sleep. Its been a year now, almost through my second listen. Wonderful audio quality, concise and to the point. Thank you for taking the time to pursue podcasting, I look forward to future series. Would love to see you do a focus on the shift and migration of Christianity to America and the morphing of it there, you hit on it a bit...but just as you have done with expanding on Heresies I think it could be a fitting topic! Anyways, TOTALLY recommend for anyone trying to grasp the big picture without getting bogged down in details.
Going through a binge listen to catch up. It rocks!
I absolutely love this podcast. It's a perfect primer if you're wanting to get more familiar with church history, get a taste of larger concepts, brush up on some church history, or launch off into deeper study on a specific area. Lance communicates masterfully and his intellect and passion find a sweet spot in this invigorating podcast. Thank you Lance!!!
These podcasts are well-paced, interesting, and informative. Ralston generally does his best to explain how abhorrent practices crept into the church at many points, usually but not always from well-meaning and sincere adherents to the faith. He takes this too far in regards to the Crusades, and shoots himself in the foot when he stoops to making comparisons to Islam. But a very small number of such misfirings do not significantly detract from his general ability to hit the target from a great temporal distance.
Love this podcast
I like the even-handed, factual approach of this podcast. The presenter is up front about his background and generally gives a warning when he overtly inserts his perspective. He avoids going down rabbit holes of theological disputes that have plagued the Christian faith over the centuries. I especially like the 'overview' segments.
I am thoroughly enjoying the podcast and it is giving me invaluable insight into the history of the church. Very highly recommended!!!
I learned so much from it. It's fun. It's short.
This is an informative podcast, but it is far from being unbiased or *scientifically* historical. It is done by a pastor, who knows his stuff, including his deeply Christian stuff. One needs to approach this podcast with a critical ear and a critical mind, and weigh the information presented carefully. The historical premises are accurate, but their evaluation is heavily slated towards the support of Christianity - understandably so, given the author's affiliation. Basically, in the evaluation of every historical event, Christians are good (even when they do horrible things, it's merely because of being misguided but with good intentions), members of every other religion - bad (even when there is no historiographic or archeological evidence for their inherent evil and immorality). However, if one wants to learn about the *religious* take on history of the Christian Church, this is the podcast to go to. IT presents an overview of the divisions in the church from its very beginnings, the relationship between states and the church in the middle ages, the history of several popes, etc. The sound quality is good, the length of each episode is reasonable, the voice quality of the podcaster is excellent, and the manner of narration is entertaining.
Covers a huge span in Christian history in a very easy to listen to format. It is Protestant slanted, but not catholic bashing. Overall very much loving this podcast!
Great Podcast, I am looking foward to listening to them all.
It is also nice that it is broken into small chunks. This is a great way to learn about the history of the Christian church. I think he calls out most of his own biases when it occurs.
Whether or not you are a Christian this is a pretty cool look at the progression of how the church and culture around it developed throughout history!
I started the podcast 2 months ago and just finished episode 150. Lance does a pretty good job of giving a quick overview of the church. Though the podcast includes theology, people, dates, denominational names, he does not get bogged down in the details. This makes the podcast fast paced and unique when compared to a seminary class or different podcast on theology or some other subject. He tells of the good that Christianity brought and regrettable actions from all different kinds of denominations in different eras. I would not say that he is biased towards any particular denomination in his podcast (he explicitly states that he’s a conservative evangelical and he tries to explicitly state when he is expressing his own views); however, he does podcast from the perspective that Christianity is true, so a non-Christian listener might be frustrated by that. Regardless, it is a history that the common man and academic alike can enjoy
I listen to a lot of podcasats and itune U podcasts (as in dozens over the years) and this is my favorite. He keeps the episodes short, concise, and very interesting. He will throw in his bias occassionally, but always with a warning. I think he does his best to be fair to all the major views, but he cannot please everyone. A great podcast for all, even the non Christian who wants to see what billlions of people believe. I have listened to all 150 episodes and I am now on my second time through.
I like it. Although admittedly not an exhaustive report of every event of church history, it certainly provides an understanding of how the church has come to be what it is today. I appreciate all the effort put into producing this body of work.
If you love history and/or you are interested in the history of church and why it is the way it is, you MUST listen. Narration is smooth and very engaging!
As Christians is our duty to know our history. I have heard all episodes and is amazing all the information and knowledge I have acquired with this podcast.. More than two thousand years of history are unpacked in this podcast. Communion Sanctorum is the continuation of what happened after the Book of Acts until recent history. I personally love "The Change" episodes. Thank you so much for taking time to do this podcast.
I love this podcast.


By ACH57
Thanks for doing this podcast!
This podcast is a fairly unbiased stroll through history. When he does have a bias, he mentions it and tries to keep things neutral otherwise. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in history of this time and region, regardless of personal faith or non-faith. The fact is, Christianity played a major role in the history of Europe and surrounding regions and this is a great way to understand how the church evolved. Knowing this can also explain why it is the way it is and even how and why it shapes history today. He does a good job of covering history outside strictly the church as it becomes necessary. He really puts things in perspective.
I've listened to the entire second series so far and have been able to piece together various bits of history that I've heard before. Lance is easy to listen to and does a great job of reminding the audience of how it all pieces together.
This podcaster is a thorough layman who enjoys relaying the history of the christian church in roughly 20 minute segments. It is not meant to replace doctoral teachings, but it is a good review and offers some fun facts that may be skipped over in more academic relaying. Regardless of this, I highly recommend it to others.Regardless
This is a great podcast for those who want to better understand their Christian heritage!
I am currently working through a masters degree from a distance. That being said, I do not have available to me the classroom setting which includes lectures, discussion, etc. Communio Sanctorum has helped to fill part of this gap. The lectures provided for the grad school I am obtaining my degree in are not very helpful…to be honest they are incredibly boring. Communion Sanctorum helps to flesh out the minutia of information I am consuming each week through course assigned reading in a lecture-style form. Ralston does an incredible job working through the various movements and events in Christian history while not boring his audience with dates and names. His personality is definitely seen in how he presents the information, which provides an engaging podcast that is enjoyable to listen to!
I learn a great deal about theology and history as I listen to these short and digestible, yet analytical podcasts. I really enjoy it, and Lance does a great job of commenting when appropriate. Would recommend to anyone interested in Christian history.
I'm up to about episode 95, and it's been great! The style, delivery and quality are all superb. I've learned a lot from this podcast. I've read some of the negative reviews, and I'll say that the presenter admits to his bias, buts strives to be strrictly historical. When he isn't, he clearly states it as an opinion. We all view history through our current perspective. I think this one is very well done.
Great podcast. It's very informative. There are obvious biases, but every history podcast will have this. To get too heavily into the historiographical debates would bog down the podcast far too much. If you are looking for a concise overview this is exactly what you are looking for.
I love this podcast. I'm actually taking historical theology at a graduate level and find this as a great companion study to help me further my understanding from the class room.
This podcast is incredibly helpful, started listening through from the beginning and it is already a great blessing. I really appreciate the efforts gone to in trying to make the narrative unbiased. Keep up the great work brother!
The podcast mentioned several times how you would never know (suggesting there's a conspiracy) by reading modern science writing that many of the early scientists were, in fact, Christian. There wouldn't be any reason to talk about a persons faith in science text because it's completely irrelevant to how science works. I could go on about obvious logical,historical, factual problems with what the podcaster is saying but why bother? Can't enlighten sheep.
This is a wonderfully, concise podcast that makes the history of the Christian church come alive.