American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

Reviews For American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

I look forward to this podcast every week. I look to this podcast to introduce me to quilters I haven’t discovered on my own. I often wish the individual interviews were longer, but it does urge me to seek out more about them by visiting their websites and blogs.
I LOVE listening to this podcast!!!
I really like listening to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast. Pat Sloan you are just so inspiring.
I learned so much about each designer, their work experience, this podcast offers so much valuable information about quilting, I love it.
WOW…American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Pat. Keep bringing it.
Pat, your podcast helps get me through the work day! I love hearing all the guests and their vast knowledge on so many techniques. I think some of my favorite podcasts are when you sit down with the editors for a round table. Thank you so much for a great podcast!!!
Quilting Radio was actually the first sewing podcast I ever heard about. I was in heaven when I found it. Pat interviews a variety of quilters and fabric designers. They tell all about how they got started, and what fun new projects they are working on. They also share sewing and designing tips. I always learn something new when I listen and it makes me want to sew more quilts. Thank you Pat!!
I love Pat's radio skills with the great interviews of different kind of quilters. She's very energetic and fun bringing all of her knowledge of quilting to the plate.
Pat. Thank you for having such great guest on your pod cast sharing there insight and knowledge. I have sought our blogs, books and fabric which you have discussed on you show. Thank you Judy
Pat's guests have time to really share a lot of information.
If a person speaks quilt...Pat will have them on her show! I have learned so many new things from listening to Pat and her guests. Just love her show and you will too!
Pat, I have been listening for a month or so and have gone way back in the podcast archieves to listen to older podcasts. Thanks for making my 70 mile commute to work more enjoyable. Material Girl
It's like a who's who of the quilting world. Pat is sweet and charming and does a great job interviewing her guests. The show is all about interviews, but is also packed with quilty goodness, I'm often inspired by the conversation. Verylazydaisy Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast
I really enjoy listening to Pat and her guest's. It's nice to hear about the different things that are going on in the crafting / quilting world. I get great ideas!! Thanks Pat
Love the variety & information shared by Pat's guests
Pat knows just about everyone in the US quilting scene. That means she has fantastic interviews with the newly published, the modern designers, and the best quilt teachers in the business. She is a great interviewer who will keep you up to date each week with this show. There are commercial breaks, but you know on an iPod you just fast forward.
Pat Sloan is charming, but this is an advertisement for American Patchwork.... love the interviews but I wish they would cooridnate the blog with the show and make it easier to see what are talking about. They often mention specific quilts or products but you can not find what they are talking about. four stars for Pat .... Less for the advertisments