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This pod on GOT has funny banter and is detailed, which is great. However, the cast of this pod seem obsessed with drawing comparisons between the book and show. It's really bad in season 4. Their obsession with defending the character Jamie is also annoying in season 4. The best pod on GOT is Binge Mode: Game of Thrones.
This is my favorite podcast. I've been binge listening to it (not even watching GOT right now) just to laugh and keep myself entertained at work. Thank you all for your awesome energy and insights! H
I have been binge-listening to your podcast and enjoying every second 😁 it is wonderful to hear other nerds talk about things that I love! You guys (and girl) are hilarious and informative and you make my heart happy
Greatest GOT podcast with obscenely attractive casters. Not sure how they're going to fill 18 months until season 8, but I would probably listen to them take turns talking into an empty cereal box for an hour so who really cares. I work overnights as an ICU nurse, so whenever my patients get to screaming from delirium like the Mountain down in the black cells I just pop in my ear buds and carry on. 5 stars.
Great GoT/ASOIAF podcast! Great listening to while I ride my dire donkey from Asshai to Beyond the Wall


By Bofo23
Good but no young pope


My faves
This show used to be good. Now it's just the same recycled jokes each episode. They have good knowledge of the source material but typically eschew anything resembling discussion of the show to say completely random crap. Tim Lanning is particularly obnoxious and never shuts up. His act gets old real quick. I didn't really know how bad they are until I started listening to Bald Move's GoT podcast. So much better. More informative. More insightful. Funnier.
I usually enjoy your podcasts. But this one was awful. It is fine to be critical of something you don't agree with but you all went overboard and came across as negative and condescending. Not very enjoyable. Hope you go back to yourselves next week.
I have been listening to this show since season 3 and the cast has only gotten funnier, and the analysis has only gotten more in-depth. I always really valued the extensive book knowledge of the members and learned a lot of what I know about westeros from them! Even now that we're past the books they keep that same level of discussion going and point out a handful of things in each episode that i wouldn't have thought about otherwise. A great podcast for anyone from the most dedicated fanatic to the casual viewer who just likes funny people!!
It's Sunday and I've listened to all my usual GoT podcasts so I go looking for a new one. I listened to the first 5-10 minutes of about 5 podcasts when I stumbled onto Cast of Thrones. I was entertained very quickly. Not just because of the banter between all the cohorts, although they are hilarious. But I especially enjoyed that they all STARTED the podcast slurring their words. Loved it. Found a new podcast to enable my GoT addiction!


Think they are funny and pretty much make fun of everything on the show.
I think you guys agree with each other too much.
I just started listening to Cast of Thrones this month. It made my soul-sucking wait that is a school car line bearable. Thank the old god and the new. DRAGON RICK


Not my cup of tea, but good job!
Love this one the best. They are serious about the show, but not pretentious or grim/pouty like other GoT podcasts. a great dose of humor
I love the discussion, the dash of humor, and the knowledge of info from the book and show. It's great to get a roundup on things to make sure you didn't miss anything in the latest episodes. But much Jaime love...he spent all of Season 1 terrorizing everyone he met...
So glad you guys have continued to do this podcast. Appreciate the mix of analysis and fun you bring to talking about the show.
Used to be a great podcast, very insightful and knowledgeable. But now, they just talk about how hungover they are, rants that are not part of the episode or series they are supposed to be covering, or how much they hate the show. Consistent lack of details that I feel they used to know and pay attention to show that their disdain for the show has eroded their care for their own podcast. They sat there and literally waited for someone to chat them an answer they couldn't come up with rather than trying to come up with the answer themselves. I've listened to every episode and it's bottomed out at this point. Very dissapointing.
I've been following GoT for a while, but since I got to the 7th season, I needed something more to quench my GoT bloodlust. This podcast has been more than amazing in helping my desires! I love the cast; they enjoy the show, the books, and each other's company. I get so excited after every Sunday, because I know their podcast is soon to follow! Thanks y'all!
A decent and highly recommended podcast. However, I am unfortunately only a show watcher. Though I was aware they discuss the show when it's on and do book reviews off season, they didn't clarify any spoilers in my first and only listen (as of now, this is the S7E03 Queens of Justice listen) and I was disappointed of the lack of warning; I immediately hit 'stop'. I do recognize how great they are to book readers though - if you've read the books, try Cast of Thrones for a sometimes humorous, chat-with-your-buddies kind of setting.
I literally refresh my feed for two days straight every time a new episode is on it's way. No Game of Thrones episode is complete without the funny commentary and insightful book knowledge of this awesome group. They are wise, hilarious and always on top of the most interesting fan theories. Everyone should subscribe!
This group is fun and entertaining without Game of Thrones. So they are basically taking a fun and funny podcast and adding Game of Thrones to it. It is terrific!!!
Very funny-but seriously guys and gal have a ten second Tom memory. I enjoy the banter, but they lack the basic ability to remember facts they read just that day. You cannot give an accurate reread summary if you confuse very basic, stated facts. You're not dealing with true blue nerds with brains. Houses are important; accuracy is important. GRRM has stated such. Not a podcast for serious Ice and Fire readers if you want an in depth review of facts and no theories are presented. Game of Thrones is NOT an accurate representation of Ice and Fire. But if you enjoy laughing about the books and show, it's enjoyable. If you want theories, there are much better podcasts. Come on dudes, step up. This isn't Wizard and the Bruiser. Still, fun. Wouldn't recommend to people that are hardcore, from the beginning readers/lovers. They offer no insight. But still, fun.
I love this podcast, but because I hate myself I can't stop reading the mean negative reviews you guys get. Anyway, good job, keep riding that donkey!
It's my very favorite podcast. ...Well, my favorite GoT podcast that is hosted by Geekly inc. people. Actually, it's only my favorite podcast named "Cast of Thrones." mom makes me listen to it.
Hands down this is my favorite GoT podcast. I have no idea why this show isn't higher on the charts. All the other podcasts are either super serious or not very funny. These guys (all four of the hosts) are hilarious, deadpan, and irreverent. They don't take the subject matter (or themselves) too seriously while still communicating their true fandom for the series (and books). There are no spoilers here, less theorizing than on other pods, and therefore these have much more staying power. It's hard to listen to some of the other GoT podcasts where the hosts spend a majority of their time guessing what might happen and are proven wrong/half wrong on the next ep. That isn't a problem with this show. Their discussions are delightful and their chemistry is charming. Highly recommend!
I'm on episode 3 (starting this podcast after finally catching up on Drunks and Dragons) when y'all are introducing Hodor for the first time, and it's so tragic to think of him now after last season. Excuse me- I'm still crying.
All the fun and knowledge that GoT can handle
Unlikeable personalities with bad banter
The hosts seem like fun people but they clearly don't know much about Game of Thrones. They frequently get character names and information wrong. Maybe they should watch the show before doing a podcast.
10/10 would ride that donkey
This podcast is great because it has both book chapter and show episode discussions. I like it because the hosts are fun and don't take themselves too seriously. Bringing laughter to all things GoT, Cast of Thrones is a great podcast for listeners looking for lighthearted, comedic discussion with fun and interesting insight into the twists and turns of A Song of Fire and Ice.
No one breaks down big pigs like this crew!
Very funny, great for book readers who don't take the fandom too seriously - love their recaps and the book rereads are great, too!
I downloaded almost every episode in anticipation for the way-too-long-awaited season 7 of the show, and it has made the wait a bit easier. The hosts offer interesting and funny commentary on each episode, and clarify some of the more hard to follow aspects of the show for show-only listeners from their knowledge of the books. And as a book reader myself, I really enjoy their spoiler section at the very end of the episodes, since they don't spoil anything in the main part of their reviews. This is such an amazing podcast for those like me, who just can't seem to get enough of ASOIAF and Game of Thrones.
Quality is bad. Not insightful and host are annoying and I love listening about game of thrones. Check baldmove for show coverage and radio westeros for everything else.
"Now let's spend 90% of our podcast nitpicking the most insignificant details of the show." "I really liked this episode. Let's talk about how much I hated it."" "The show isn't subtle enough." "Why didn't they explain this??" "Also, we love to misuse the word "weird" loudly and often." They are funny, though.
My boyfriend for months would play you guys when falling asleep, and all I could think was, "well that's weird." But once I got into Westworld, he started listening to that too (without even watching the show himself). But that's how I got into listening to them, and I went back to their oldest podcasts, and now I listen to them when I paint (I'm an artist). Now when I'm alone in my studio I feel like I have friends, haha. I'd like to think I was brainwashed in my sleep from the beginning. Only podcast I listen to, love them, feels just like a group of friends hanging out!


Still testing!
I have listened to their show recaps through TWICE and am now going through the book club episodes at a frightening pace. Hope I don't run out before season 7 starts :o
Hey, guys, you're all awesome, hilarious, informative and insightful. I discovered your show recently & I'm crossing my fingers in the pouch around my neck for some "That's So Craven!" jokes. Thanks for doing what you do.
In all seriousness I love this cast of thrones geeks. I went from GoT noob to my workplace expert. I went from gin alley to the Citadel. Light your glass candle and get on your donkey and ready yourself for a ton of whale come.
I love this podcast because it feels like talking about the book/show with friends. I especially love the Wine Women and Westeros episodes. Jennifer rules!
In a pathetic attempt to not be lonely I refreshed my podcast feed and low and behold I see a Cast of Thrones update. An even more pleasant sight to behold was the discovery that it was coverage on Westworld. Unfortunately due to irresponsible sunday fundaying i was unable to not pass out midway through the episode. Flash forward a few days and I'm caught up and midway through the podcast! Funny peeps with great insight and a very comfortable flow of conversation. Give em a listen!
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Enjoy this podcast quite a bit. All the guys and gal have interesting stuff to say especially love the donkey bits that Tim came up with. I often find myself disagreeing with you guys, because I like the show more that the books, but hey what are you gonna do. Also what Happened to Mike Dao?
I'm just looking for a show that will intelligently recap each episode and maybe dive into a little background or history of the people/concepts being discussed. I made it through 14 minutes and that was about enough for me. For the first like 8 minutes they talk about how much people hated the first version of their S1E1 show and then read some reviews. When they actually do start, you better hope you have a thorough knowledge of this world or you'll think everyone's name is "guy". Instead using the characters names it's "this guy", "that guy", and "the noble guy". They go on to speculate why "noble guy" (Ser Waymar Royce) could have been sent to the wall, guessing he must have done something bad. I think someone does finally mention it's because he could be the youngest, but it's drowned out by the rest of the cast throwing around increasingly silly theories. This was our first intro to the Nights Watch and I guess I was hoping for more. I wanted them to tell me that the youngest nobles would join for the chance to make something of themselves. I wanted them to educate me about how they could move up the ranks and gain the leadership/respect only typically given to their big bros. I wanted to hear that taking the black was once considered an honorable path to take, and that the north still considers it to be so (aka why baby bro Royce is there). I don't know man, am I asking for too much? I like to listen to these shows while doing other activities. I remembered "that guy" (Will) but I had to google "noble guy" (Waymar). I'm getting premonitions of finding myself elbow deep in dish water, cursing my faulty memory as I'm given 1/3 of the whole story. That's no way to live your life man. P.S. Props to the lady for saying that the wall is 700ft high. This podcast seems to take on a central theme of being unprepared so it's cool that she remembered it on the fly.
Ever get the feeling that the podcast you are listening to are just people sat around mics reading a script? That's the problem with 90% of podcasts these days. They just aren't genuine! They are constricted by notes and bullet points. This podcast though...this is something different! This is a bunch of friends sat about talking about Thrones the same way me and my friends do! That's what makes it enjoyable; the fact that it is real talk with real people. Really, extremely entertaining! 10/10. Would 'cast again.
You're the test around, nothing's ever going to keep you down. I love these guys.