Reviews For Movieha!

Matt and Ryan have a genuine chemistry that gives a punch of life to their podcast. It is defintiely worth checking out.
Ryan & Matt's personalities really shine through in this concise, fun show. The reviews are casual and not overly serious, but convey enough information for you to make your own decision as to whether you like it or not. Additionally, each subsequent episode is better than the last.
It's podcast that's informative, fun and it sticks pretty much on topic. The conversations are funny. Great podcast, I hope for more great podcasts in the future.


By TCF123
Seriously - I know very little about movies, so I was skeptical whether this would be worth my time. It totally was. Matt and Ryan clearly know what they are talking about, but more importantly, they are both supremely entertaining. And not in that forced "I wrote this joke an hour ago, and darn it, it's going to make the podcast" type of way. They are both legitimately funny and witty. It's definately worth checking out - and you might learn a little bit about cinema along the way.