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She’s is cutting out the noise!!!
I really tried to give this podcast a chance. I listened to 3 episodes and I just couldn’t take anymore. My biggest issue is that Dave Dameshek yells and talks over everybody else on the podcast. No one else can make a point because the minute someone starts talking, he would interrupt and talk over them. I liked the others that were on the podcast but I couldn’t take Dave’s yelling so for that reason, this podcast was terrible for me.
How about the Dave Dameshek Pittsburgh Sports Program?
Simply the best.
An awesome and hilarious podcast!! I love how the show brings in players from the NFL and people who work for NFL network...
Hey Dave, My name is Levi and I just wanted to say that I love your podcast and I enjoy listening to it. You guys are funny and you guys make me laugh. I just wanted to know when you guys are to chop off one of your fingers for the Rams making the playoffs
Dave, you bring me joy! Thanks so much for this and Good Sports on ACS!
Typically an adequate football show with reliable analysis, but the host is by far the weakest link. Dameshek gets off on too many tangents and has to insert at least one Steelers’ player into all discussions. Also, why do you have fun intro songs for every single person on the show if you’re going to cut them off after two seconds because there’s “too much football to get to,” especially after Dave spends 60+ seconds setting up each intro? Either have the songs trimmed down or forego them completely. I thought the “game of life” discussions were entertaining at first, but they start to wear on the nerves after a bit. Thank you for introducing me to the Game Theory & Money podcast. I’ll stick to that (and Around the NFL) from now on.
Only podcast I listen to every episode. And it’s great all year, just slightly better during football season. Great guests, and a great host. Get it Shek!
Y'all are really entertaining and always have good chemistry with one another, but imma Bengals fan and don't appreciate dan being a homer sometimes
I could listen to this show for hours, and occasionally I get blessed with a 90 minute show, which is like overtime in football, just bonus programming!
Great show! Love you Dave
I’m pleading with you, Emma-V-P: Ban the New Yorker impressions. I’m not offended as a New Yorker, I’m offended as a fan of comedy. I’m gonna crash my car fast forwarding through Dave and Money going back and forth for minutes on end. One star demotion on an otherwise stellar product.
Being a huge fan of Around the NFL, and sad that it's only available 3x per week (I walk every day and listen to something), I gave this a try. I probably picked the worst episode to start with as Shrek decided to make fun of the ATN guys and they over do a New York bit and he even admitted during the show was over done. The British was entertaining, Cynthia was intelligent, Shrek I now hate and fast forward through during the Pick'Em when Shrek is on, and I can't even remember the name of Shrek's lacky, but he didn't do much other than agree w/ Shrek.
I’ve been listening since the beginning and will continue. I’m glad they finally started cutting the songs short. Cynthia Frelund is terrible. Get her off the show.
Love everyone on here. For the record I’m pro New York accents from Shek and Money.
I came to the DDFP because of the gravy/icing debate with Ross Tucker. Gravy is the correct answer. While I don't always agree with Dameshek (no jive, I prefer pancakes to waffles), I don't know that you'll find a more entertaining podcast. Shek may seem like just another pot-belly Jew from the banks of the three rivers, but the man really has an amazing recall of the history of the NFL. He has an uncanny ability to provide a fan's viewpoint in the face of all kinds of NFL personalities. It's no wonder he offers a launching pad for so many of their careers with NFL media.
Dave is the best, no blaster needed!


By benfl1
They’re 20 minutes into haven’t said a word about football. Then they start naming their top three college football quarterbacks😖
Great show that is informative and entertaining.
frusen glädjé!!!!!!!!
I enjoy this show. Thanks.
Dave and the crew break down what you really care about football for the average fan. As he says, "tackles the game of life" as well as the NFL. This is the ultimate NFL fans perspective as the every day man talks to players, analysts, and others from the League and beyond. I can't wait for the latest show to come into my feed. Dave asks those questions fans wants to know and discusses other conversations as also other sports, world events, and of course himself. If you want to listen to a podcast that's sounds like you're welcomed to sit at the bar or around the water cooler and discuss football, this is the podcast for you.
Have always loved Dave since I first learned of his hard-working, Everyman roots. He is glad the days of the Air McNair led Titans owned the steelers
Leave the White House out of NFL talk
I've been listening to Dave since 2012. Content is great; however, knock off the politics! By snarkely saying you aren't going to talk about the shenanigans in the White House, and then referennce a liberal comedian to get you political updates from. I don't like it. Neigh, i demand you stop it. You have a great show...don't dork it up. I have way too many options to listen too. Thank You, D. Brock
Seriously, it's an NFL football podcast. Knock it off with the game of thrones BS-ing. Make a separate podcast for that junk. The football talk is good, always enjoy Shek's sports talk.
Dave is is kick*ss podcaster and entertainer. His brand of humor may not be for everyone, but this show mixes analysis, jokes, bits, and banter to create an entertaining milkshake of a podcast. Minus one star due to the recent addition of Cynthia Frelund, who's a painful listen with her stuttery delivery, constant self-contradictions, and overly-earnest attempts at humor.
Too much daytime radio vibe. It's a shame too because they have good info but mix it in with too much typical radio sound bites and just blatant obnoxiousness. Dave talks over guests and cuts them off when they are giving good takes.
jersey talk, gravy talk and so much more!
Do we really have to listen to the nonsense nerd-out on a sports podcast!? Who thought this was a good idea?
The DDFP is a very good podcast during football season but during the spring and summer it's an absolute mess.
I found Dameshek years ago when he was going Daves of Thunder with Dave Feeney-- a great podcast if you are a fan of the Shek. The DDFP is one of the best football programs available; there is good insight, a lot of good football perspective from a lot of different sources, and it'll make you laugh. If you require every second of every minute devoted to football, maybe look elsewhere, but if you are a human who enjoys the game of life, stick around.
I'm tired of rich west coast jerks,spouting their anti Trump non sense. Good riddance
Favorite podcast Yet!!!
This show has been wildly entertaining for several seasons now. Ever expanding guest list and thought provoking content have kept me coming back. Very entertaining. UPDATE: Please refrain from devling into the Polotical end of the pool. If I wanted to listen to political talk, I wouild subscribe to a Political Podcast - frankly with reputable and credible pundits. I come to you to listen to sports, not politics. It frankly is a huge turn off. I love your show, but the political commentary makes my head hurt. Dave, you do great work. Skip the video, make it an outtakes video cast if you must. But give us podcast loyalists (and those without the time to watch) what we crave - a dedicated show.
fine show
Kind of a football podcast. Totally awesome.
The blaster
There should be a reoccurring segment dedicated to Dave discussing things that he and the rest of the guests can't stand. Excellent content 10/10
Love love love the show. Big fan of Football baby, bigger fan of brown paper bag, now I got the podcast your guests are great your insight is deep. I like how you can kibitz about football and keep your audience plugged in. Your interviews with players are deep and meaningful. This podcast covers more than just the game of football it also covers the game of life. 👍
All over the place. Never sticks to football. Talk about lots of pointless s*#^. Hr show 15 mins of spread out football.
If you're not going to discuss football, please change the name so people don't waste their time.
Hardly any football talk and all their voices are incredibly annoying. Sorry but F- grade
Awful they hardly talk about football its more of a random talk show
Better then move the sticks.
The show can be entertaining but I find that they go into non football related topics far too often and most of it is just not funny or entertaining. This upcoming opinion is probably a case of "what came fire the chicken or the egg" but Dave comes off as an Adam Carolla clone. His interviews with players are actually pretty good, best part of his podcast imo. Again it is not a bad show but Dave and the format can get rather annoying to the point that I tend to skip shows.
Dave is very fun. Lots of speculative talk and football talk. He has good opinions on lots of things and it's fun to listen to. Skip podcasts where he brings in Ike, I don't even listen to those anymore. Not as much of in depth football talk; Dave is a fan of the game not a scout or exec. It's a nice change and gives a different view on things than some of the more analytical podcasts. Recommend to those who just like to listen to guys talking about football, life, and want a good time.