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This show used to be it is just DD screaming ...really disappointing, not entertaining....self absorbed. Really, just listen to the past months shows....the “star” and the producers should do just that. I am deleting from my podcast library.
Sounds like you guys are in a hotel with Skype and a windows XP laptop
Biggest homer in sports media. Loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Complete blowhard. Total clown show. Do better NFL media. This podcast will make you dumber by listening to it. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
More like pointless, drawn out debate. In 48 minutes, there was no recap of week 1 aside from Antonio Clown, and Pats and Steelers.
Finally a podcast that even my teenage sons will listen to with me....sans the ridicule. Shekisms are now frequently part of the normal conversation at our house and we are much better for it.
This podcast has grown on me. I have a good friend who has the same mannerisms and sense of humor as Shek! Although it irks many people I have grown fond of it over the years. Shek is witty and very opinionated, which is the basically the foundation of the show. Handsome Hank, Eddie Spaghetti, and Money are all well and good. I miss Emma VP!!! Willie McGinnest is an awesome guest he has on from time to time. I can do without MJD. He tries to rationalize asinine ideas and tries to make points that aren’t really points at all. The show would be better without him. Sometimes Shek has to cut him off and move on because MJD simply trying to stir an empty pot. Overall a good time! I enjoy the program!
I came to the DDFP through other podcasts where Dameshek has excelled: Adam Carolla Show, Daves of Thunder, Watercooler. Fact is, I needed more Dave.
I have been listing for years, will continue for years to come. Pre-taped shows can be a drag in the off season, but it’s summer time, relax. Love hearing about the game of football, love the game of life equally. Only request would be, more Matt Money. Though I understand he’s a very important person. Keep it up Dave!
It’s a great podcast, only problem is they treat Jared Goff like he is not a top five quarterback in the past year. Also on the point Jared Goff has been trashed for the past few months cause of the super bowl loss. But Jared Goff has no offensive line at all, if Tom Brady has the Rams offensive line in that super bowl he would have lost. Jared Goff is a pocket passer just like Brady. SO STOP TRASHING HIM LIKE SAYING. “Baker Mayfield should be higher in the Top 100 list than Jared Goff.” BAKER MAYFIELD WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR AND HE WILL NEVER BE ON THE SAME LEVEL AS JARED GOFF. Handsome Hank is awesome though.
Dave, the last podcast at rams camp was unlistenable due to people yelling in the background. Throw a noise gate on your microphones or stay in the studio.
Awesome podcast. The Shek k it’s the name of the game. Wish Jacuzzi Pete would make an appearance.
This is pretty much a Pittsburgh everything podcast. Dave does the same bits over and over so once you listen for about two months you get it. His guests are usually pretty good. Lot of skip 15 seconds to football talk. Especially do not like the food and tv talk.
The PI call against Haden was called with 3 minutes to go in first half. The new rules state in the final 2 minutes they will review PI.


Love this show! Great topics, great guests, great discussions. Listen all the time right away!!! But Maurice Jones drew is a idiot. Sorry Maurice 😕
This show is really good when Dave is with guests who call him out (money, handsome, emmavp, etc). He can be very funny but it is exhausting to hear the overused shek bits 1283732929828374838374939484748948392737393947748283874849348473983848477483 times (qbs with young replacements, anything Steelers, etc)
Good pie overall but I don’t understand why he hates to actually talk about football. Find myself turning it off with 40 minutes remaining when they talk about random tv shows and bs like that. Just talk about football. Dave has good takes and is funny. Overall pretty good but less random food/tvshow and movie takes and more football.
You & Lance did a 31 team #1 overall draft and left out the Mighty Oakland RAAIIDDEEEEERRSSSSS!!!!!!!! Very disappointing....
This is my second favorite podcast (ATN gets the top spot). The only reason it isn’t getting five stars is because Dave feels the need to talk about Game of Thrones (with spoilers) under the misguided premise that you should have watched it within 48 hours of its air date/time. I don’t mind him talking about it on a football podcast, but I shouldn’t have to AVOID a football podcast I enjoy because I didn’t watch the latest episode within Dave’s absurd timeline. Other than that, awesome show. Dave is sharp, witty, humorous, and we park our cars in the same garage on most things.
Let’s face it - Shek’s shtick gets old quick. It’s the same old takes time and again without any hint of something fresh or original. They are misinformed and or unfunny. Seriously, you can only listen to his position on MJ v Lebron (James is clearly superior because everyone guarding Jordan had day jobs and was under 6 feet tall), quarterbacks (Rodgers, Big Ben, Bradshaw and Mallet are top 4 all time) and fruit (loves the honey crisp and hates pomegranates) so many times before tuning out. Most damning is his proactive condemnation of anyone who is decried as “holier than thou” prior to going off on some tired, omniscient take on politics, society or the arts. I realize that the show is supposed to be funny with football as the vehicle to deliver the humor but it’s not funny and the football knowledge is seriously lacking. The only reason I listen to show on occasion is the incredibly strong supporting cast of Money, Hank and Emma. I would give Dave some credit for assembling this fine cast but you also have to consider the serious missteps with MJD, Ike, Cynthia Freuland and Eddie Spaghetti, all of whom are unlistenable. If you’re looking for a funny and informed football podcast with fresh material, check out Around the NFL.


By Bohnzo
Hey.. Big Fan
Shek keeps saying that if the patriots hadn’t gotten a first round bye that they would have been on the road 3 straight weeks. That is wrong, they would have still won the AFC East and hosted a home game for WC weekend. They would have been the 3 seed and visited the Texans in divisional round, and then beaten the chiefs in the AFC title game. Point number 2, without the “Miami miracle”, they would have been the #1 seed. Very selective memory you seem to have. Also, more happens in the league than the Steelers
Love the Shek! Both on DDFP and ACS (Good Sports!) The DDFP has one of the best theme songs in all of the Pod universe - Football David! And there are quality regular guests like Money, MJD, and Derek Carr's Brother. And let us not forget the studio fixture that is Handsome Hank - a poor man's Nigel from Kornheiser to be sure - but love to hear that cross-pond accent talking AMERICAN football. Just beware of the Pittsburgh bias. It overwhelms at times. Hey I love Pittsburgh - not the Steelers, not the Penguins, not the Panthers (the Pirates are okay) - but the city is magnificent. I went to school there and adore the place, get back whenever I can. Yet I wonder why Dave is in LA when it is obvious he would rather be licking every inch of Forbes Ave, so greatly does he gesticulate to that town. Listen at your own risk if you have an aversion to whines about Steeler games gone by.
Theses guys are so annoying!!! They talk over each other the entire show and argue about theoretical things or things that happened 10 years ago. 1st and last time I will listen to this one
Tried to listen to the show and football knowledge aside it was pretty tough to stomach this show. Dave is vet argumentative and doesn’t allow his guest to talk. There were many opinions that I wanted to hear from his guest and he keeps interrupting and yelling over his guest. If he can get over this aspect the I would enjoy this podcast. Your guest have wonderful opinions and whether you believe in them or not take a step back and let them speak. MJD was a perfect example, giving wonderful onsite on the game and behind the scenes and he steps on his consistently. I don’t know kinda have to listen because there are not many shows out there that are updated.
You talk too much, Dave you’re full of yourself and you always pick the opposite opinions of the experts and then don’t stand by it. Get a real podcast like Dan Hanzus and Co. over at Around the NFL where they give real insight on the great but violent game of football. And don’t be afraid to root on the Steelers it’s fine if you’re biased like that everyone is
Wasn't awaare of Shek before he showed up on PMT's pod. Guy is great, good content. Love when the yinzer accent comes out. Anyone who loves football should listen to this.
I like Dave and Hank, but I'm so sick of MJD and the millenial kids he has on. Update: Gave this another shot. MJD is such a bore, I can't listen until Dave gets a different buddy on there.
There’s a reason people hate ND and their fans, tainted an otherwise decent podcast. Oh and while we’re at it, just stop with the baseball. If I wanted the most boring sport interrupting the football talk I’d turn on ESPN not listen to a football podcast.
This show has become MJD just disagreeing with everything Dave says and just trying to prove he’s right all the time. It’s not fun to listen to at all anymore. Dave isn’t even the main focus of the show, it’s just MJD telling Dave he’s wrong THE WHOLE TIME. Jesus Christ


At least Ike is finally off the show…
Shek is great and so is the stable of guests
Really enjoy Dameshek as a host no matter what he’s talking about... but football is the best... he keeps me coming back only wish I can come on one time that’s how good he is
Why is it you have a problem with anything and everything Indianapolis Colts. Listen to your last five podcasts. Did a student at IU, who was a Colts fan, embarrass you? Your the same with the Ravens, must be a deep rooted connection. Anyway, the more you concentrate on these deep rooted obsessions, the more a good show will suffer.
Once in a while Dave begrudgingly talks about football.
Great mix of football, fun, and guests. Pretty good show considering Sheks handicap of being a Steelers fan
Over the years, Dameshek’s pod has had the chance to grow into what it is today- the best football oriented podcast out there. The off-season pods are great, the in-season pods are great, it’s all fantastic. I love the cast of characters from Handsome Hank and Matt “Money” Smith, to former players like AJ Hawk and Ross Tucker. This pod has it all and everything about the DDFP is charming. Been listening since day one. Thanks for a great pod guys!
DD Said Eagles are the best dynasty because Chris Long is a social justice warrior. I’m an Eagles fan, and support Equality, but this soft LA politicizing of football is what’s going to bring an end to the league. Watch. New leagues will be hyper patriotic, and the NFL will be a fraction of its size in 5 years. Nice work, Dave. You’re a Jerk! Blasters to you sir!


Alright someone please ask Dave to move on after 40mins of big Ben talk. He is a great QB no one was stating otherwise. I think he took his criticism personally. Definition of a "Homer"? Don't mind hosts being a fan of a team. Just not 40 mins of meaningless arguing. And where is MJD?!
I love this show but can’t stand how often he has to make things about the Steelers. The first 45 minutes of todays podcasts was literally an argument about Ben Roethlisberger. That’s ridiculous, I get it’s the off-season but come on.
I finally subscribed Bummer I waited so long. Hilarious show!


kind of annoying?
She’s is cutting out the noise!!!
I really tried to give this podcast a chance. I listened to 3 episodes and I just couldn’t take anymore. My biggest issue is that Dave Dameshek yells and talks over everybody else on the podcast. No one else can make a point because the minute someone starts talking, he would interrupt and talk over them. I liked the others that were on the podcast but I couldn’t take Dave’s yelling so for that reason, this podcast was terrible for me.
How about the Dave Dameshek Pittsburgh Sports Program?
Simply the best.
An awesome and hilarious podcast!! I love how the show brings in players from the NFL and people who work for NFL network...
Hey Dave, My name is Levi and I just wanted to say that I love your podcast and I enjoy listening to it. You guys are funny and you guys make me laugh. I just wanted to know when you guys are to chop off one of your fingers for the Rams making the playoffs
Dave, you bring me joy! Thanks so much for this and Good Sports on ACS!