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Was a fun podcast when it first started but it eventually died.
I listen to every episode as these guys talk about horror movies while I crunch code. While being funny and very entertaining, they give a lot of great info on upcoming movies, netflix streams and rereleased movies. I have found at least a dozen new "favorite" horror films that I would have never heard of if not for these guys.
Been a horror fan since before I could remember (I pulled an all-nighter watching a "Friday the 13th" marathon in preschool. The first movie I remember seeing in theaters was "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nighmare" about a month after I turned 7 lol. I have very clear memories of watching "Tales from the Crypt" on HBO with my family around those same years, back when it was new. I'm guessing I'm about the same age as Chad and James, as we share pretty much all the interests in horror lol.
The funniest podcast around. Even if you don't appreciate horror you can appreciate humor. These guys are great!
Out of all the podcasts that I listen to this is by far the best on for horror news. It took me a few episodes to get used to listening to drunk men, but after that I was hooked. Worth the download!
I love listening to this podcast. The first podcast review I wrote was five seconds ago for a lame excuse for a horror podcast called Better Off Undead. It's so painfully obvious that those guys aren't horror fans and are only using the podcast as a vehicle for selling product. 40oz of Horror is a podcast done by real fans of the genre. Chad, James, Brandon, and Jake are all guys I could share a beer with, talking about great films and how the king of slashers is Jason Voorhees!
If you are a horror fan and you feel there is something missing in your life, I'll be the first one to tell you its Chad, James and the crew! I just wish I had enough money to purchase all the films they talk about on their show. Their insight into everything horror is refreshing and fun. Overall a great listen! Keep it up 40oz.!!
Give these guys a listen in fact subscribe, you won't regret it!
As a horror fan I am always searching far and wide for an awesome horror perspective! THIS IS THE SHOW! I have always wanted to host a horror podcast but I'm stuck doing a comedy pod, these cats are down to earth and know their horror flicks! I love boozing and listening to these dudes! Worth every second! -Alex, @hanginoutcast
Just a great podcast! While the drunkards are very informative, they also are very entertaining. I would recommend this to anyone who loves horror.
Chad and James dish out this amazing podcast detailing the latest news of horror film and television. This must listen podcast features many likings of all horror fans including blood, guts, gore, and brew! Listen for some news, listen for some reviews, listen for some laughs. This all over fantastic podcast is a must subscribe for any fan of cinema, especially horror fans!
I started listening to the podcast a while back and absolutely love it! Great conversations on bad and amazing movies....and beer. :)


Don't have to listen to a few and have them "grow on you." Awesome show after first listen. Hillarious dudes and very informative. They know their stuff. Occassional burps throughout podcast add a little comedy and character.
Chad and James are the best horror duo on the web. Their vast knowledge of the genre is incredible. If you get a chance, check out the Power Hour episode. It is pure drunken horror hilarity.
Attention all horror movie fans, you need to listen to 40oz of horror! It's the best horror movie podcast available. Please drink responsibly!
Chad and James are the real deal. Their vast horror knowledge along with their love for beer makes for a hilarious combination. I have been looking for a podcast like this for a long time! The production value is also far superior to other podcasts in the genre. Keep the episodes coming, guys!