Guys With Pencils

Reviews For Guys With Pencils

As a fully heterosexual male, I love these guys. Their deep soothing voices make me want to crawl through my ipod earbuds and join them in their podcast recordings.
These guys do a great job putting this podcast together! They always have awesome guests, make you laugh, and even teach you a thing or two about a thing or two. Look forward to it every week!
Great content for artists or fans of art for that matter, very informative w/extremely interesting interviews with well known artists.
I just started listening 2 days ago and I'm alread burning through thier archive and loving it. The appeal may be a bit limited to those interested in graphics, comics, animation, or video games, but for those interested in such things (especially those breaking into the business) this podcast is definetly worth a try. The two hosts work well together and provide a unique perspective on the industry that is much appreciated.
great podcast for people who like to laugh at art, drawing, & the lessons of life. keep up the stellar work boys
Adam and Andrew are great guys, their content is consistently funny, and they mention Batman in every episode. What's not to like?