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It's happening again
He said what had to be said. He gave the full council if God, not some dumbed down version. He preach Gods almighty power, love, mercy and wrath. He didn't have any blood on his hands when he stood before the King of Kings. He preached holiness, the narrow gate, saints of Hebrews, true compassion for the lost and found Christ everywhere in the bible. He said "we just don't know God". He was one of the first to expose false conversions and he really grieved over it. He was a modern day real man of God who continually preached of the miracle of us becoming new creatures in Christ. He had great influence on Paul Washer and Charles Stanley.
I wish there were more men like this. Men who believe the bible to be the living Word of God and not just a suggestion book to help you grow a social club we call the church. There is life changing power in God's Word and that power is made alive in His church the church.
Preachers: Listen to this guy for a while; he demonstrates what most of us lack: conviction. I do wish this came in audio only as I hardly ever have time to "watch". Most people listen to podcasts on the go/ in the car.
Incredible straight forward no nonsense preaching. God raise up people like this today!!
The unction of the Holy Spirit