Reviews For D.J.DOUBLE.O

I've been listening to DJ Double O for almost two years now and it has been non stop hit after antoher. I love this dude. He is every bit consistent with his music choices. You never hear the most poplar song in every mix with him. He mixes it up for you surprise after another. Every mix is like my favorite over next the one. He is one of the best I've ever heard from a DJ. I really appreciate him sharing his talent. One thing I must say about him, with his mixes he starts is how he ends it . Love that. Some DJ's jump from disco to new house to tracks to new house again (just all over the place) becomes boring. Wtih Double O he takes you on this high and brings you down very gently at end. I can't say...I've had a bad mix or I was a whole two years. That's amazing for a DJ! I'm not just saying that...he's cold! listen for yourself. I'm sure you will say the samething.