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Good source of indian classical carnatic music. I like it.
Love unadulterated Polynesian music just as they do it!! Simple, rhythmic, peaceful. Thanks again for posting, David.


By nycgeo
I was pretty excited to see David Ellenbogen's radio show here on iTunes. Im a regular listener in Brooklyn, his show is from uptown Manhattan. For anyone who isn't familiar, Dave hosts live performances in the studio and does interviews with the musicians. Its a cool format and he picks some really diverse musicians to play. I recently heard an amazing show he had with Dennis McKenna, the scientific and empirical brother of intra-stellar voyager Terrence McKenna. It wasn't musical, more science-based, but it was great! Hopefully he puts that on here. 5 Stars for a great local show!
Heard about it from psychedelic salon, will be a follower of the podcast. Thanks!