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I thoroughly enjoy this podcast.....while i was in university I had a lecturer who made us dissect words to understand the origins and this podcast does that but in a friendly and logical and sometimes funny way. Worth listening to so that you don't make a fool of yourself using incorrect words at the right time [or wrong time].
I really enjoy the short format. Very insightful.


By keeleed
A little slower/longer episodes would be great
I really want to like this and I do BUT it would be far more effective with visuals. Students k - 12, especially those with learning differences, need the visual along with the auditory lesson. A simple power point presentation would do. Good voice and examples. Ending music is just the right touch to cement the lesson.
Insightful, interesting, fun and brief. Loving it!
it's really great ^-^
Found you in the dark. You gave me a giant spark. Can you explain to me the root of lark?
I like it, keep them coming!!
Good stuff. I like the bite sized length.
First time listener. I liked it