Reviews For Easy Japanese - NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN

I started learning Japanese about a month ago and I can now speak/write with friends/colleagues for casual chat. This podcast is my favorite.
Love the lessons & explanations of why certain words are used. Can't wait to get through them all.
the classes seem great, but it's no use if we can only listen to the episode of the week. please make older episodes available on mobile! :(
I was just turned on to this podcast... at episode 22. I can listen on NHK's web site to the older lessons on my computer, but I would love to be able to listen in my car おねがいします。Many thanks for the lessons you do provide. They are very informative.
This is a pretty good series with a lot of hard work and details put into it. My only request is that put up more of the previous episodes and not the current one as sometimes we might miss downloading an episode and then we've lost it.
I like the podcast, only grib is that if I miss an podcast update, there's no way to download those. Other than that everythings great. Thanks!!!
Most of it I already knew but this is great for Japanese beginners as it's very easy to follow along.
this is a great podcast and i think that if the first 4 lessons were up it would get more rateings. I've listened to the other lessons on the website and it would help to have them on the go as a podcast.. thank you