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Great guests and topics, but that’s worthless when the audio quality is low. I can barely hear James and Per through Bluetooth in my car, or headphones at my desk. Time to upgrade the equipment guys!
I started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago by a friend recommendation. Topics are good and I like the humor. But, the sound is so low! Your way of talking and narrating are already very monotone, it makes it very hard to listen to anything sometime; specially when I'm in the metro. Even with full volume is hard to get all you say.
Great podcast by Per and James! Appreciated the story mapping information in episode 140. Thank you!
I really have enjoyed listening to this podcast on my way to work each day. I'm new to the field and this has proven both useful and humorous!
Love the humor and the laid back vibe of this informative and insightful podcast. I cite this as a source and recommend to my design and tech colleagues.
James and Per work very well together to create a humorous yet thoughtful conversation around User Experience Design. Their episodes have variety and are consistently published every other week. I love the bits of Swedish culture that surface from time to time. Keep up the great work you guys!