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I used to enjoy this podcast but I had to turn it off today as one of the "ladies" seemed to eat and talk with her mouth full. It was very annoying to listen to it and the constant clanging of china as they reached for more food? I understand "outside noises" but eating while you record is very rude. It is too bad as I have always enjoyed the knitting content of their podcast…...
Too many voices talking at once with poor sound quality. Too slow moving.
These ladies are avid knitters and readers. The content is excellent, but the sound quality could be a lot better. I like to listen on my iPad while working in the kitchen, but I can't hear them without wearing earbuds and there's an echo in the room. Sometimes they talk over each other, which is very annoying.
I think of this podcast as my online knitting group. I love the banter and I'm always getting ideas about new projects to try. These ladies are wonderful.
I was all settled with my knitting and a cup of tea, intending to enjoy this new-to-me podcast. I had to shut it down within the first few minutes, as soon as I heard a snide reference to Republicans. I am SO TIRED of nasty partisan politics and refuse to be subjected to it. I highly recommend The Knitmore Girls as a non-political knitting podcast.
These three knitters share their experiences with knitting and also talk about books they are reading. Listening to their podcast is like being with a group of my friends. Give the Ladies of the Knit a listen and enjoy! PrairiePoet
Love the podcast! Keep up the good work!
I love these ladies - so fun and lively. They have a wide variety of projects on the needles and a lot of knitting experience between them. I hope they podcast for a long time!
Listening to these ladies reminded me of my knitting in the wonderful stores in Boston. They are enjoyable!!! Keep up the podcasts.
Love hearing about yarn stores and towns from home. Grew up onsouth shore and its been awhile since i have been back. Great rapport between these friends that comes across as if they would be the best knitting group ever. Keep it up ladies ! Love it
Really enjoy this group of gals, great knitting talk and love the fact that they have many years of experience. Keep up the great work!
Listening to these gals is just like joining a virtual knitting group - friends that clearly enjoy each other and welcome sharing their conversations with you! The audio is often a bit echo-y, but the voice levels are pretty consistent which is always helpful when listening to multiple voices with earbuds!
Excellent! Very nice podcast hosted by three knowledgeable and personable knitters. Lots of interesting knitting talk. My only suggestion is to provide more background on your friendships. How did you meet? Why are you podcasting together? And remember to provide multiple explanations and descriptions of projects. Sometimes, I miss what kind of item is being discussed about and then feel a bit lost. Overall, the podcast is one of the best I've come across. Thanks very much for a wonderful podcast. I look forward to every episode especially since I'm from the Boston area.
What a great podcast!! I feel like I am at a knitting group with my friends. I live in Maine so enjoy hearing some of the local yarn stores mentioned. I like when they talk about books they have read, I am always looking for new authors. I scribble down names of patterns you have knit then check them out on ravelry. Please keep up the good work!!! I hope I get to meet these ladies at a podcaster meet and greet!
I have enjoyed the content very much, but what's with all the laughing over nothing? It's like a laughtrack on a bad sitcom. Chat, ladies, give us the goods on knitting and your witty remarks. That's plenty! Enjoyable in fact. But stop the laughing over nothing. It gets on one's nerves.
These ladies are fun to listen to. It's like sitting around with friends and chatting about yarny things. They only have 3 official episodes, but they seem to be getting into the swing of it. The sound quality has improved with each episode, though they do have a few kinks to work out. Overall, worth a listen. I'm sure they will keep improving each time they record. Thank you for a fun podcast ladies!