National Geographic Weekend

Reviews For National Geographic Weekend

This podcast is amazing. Boyd Matson is a lot of fun as a host, and the stories and guests are beyond interesting. It is my absolute favorite podcast. I hope they continue this for years.
Great podcast. Both educational and inspiring.
It's great if you love hearing about people's adventures.
Keep up the great work on this podcast. It is really fantastic. I look forward to the release of each new episode. Listening while I run inspires me and keeps me moving. If someone can climb Everest, surely I can finish my 10K!!
If u want to get some interesting discovery facts and available informations in your life??then listen this podcast! I like his voice and broadcasting. He has a sense of humor and a lot of wits to announce the interesting wild news from the wild sides. Just listen it! I love NGO.

By Litlu
These podcast are great I hope everyone listen to them and shares them with their family A great addition to your iPod Thank you so much
I look forward to the listen each week.
Always looking forward to the next one. Keep it up. Definitely recommend this one!
This is a well put together, entertaining, educational and intriguing podcast. The diversity of the guests and topics covered is absolutely refreshing. Thanks for doing it!!!
I do my morning walks, about 3 miles, and before I realize it, I am done because I am so wrapped in Boyd's podcasts. I just wish there were more! The first 40 does not interest me.
It would be good but it's to long and it gets boring and in sexual content is too high. Not for children never again
My new favorite podcast. National Geographic has been my favorite periodical for years. This podcast is just as terrific as the magazine