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Gibbs you’re to hard on yourself. Great show.
Good content and Zegura has great stats/info. It has started moving into mostly NFL propaganda. Beau is a bit elitist as well. Not really here for any of that.
Keep to sports
Please don’t ever change a thing about this radio show
Great football podcast but too much talk about other things like basketball
I’ve been listening since Wilhelm days and the show has potential to be the best podcast ever. Zegura is lights out, so talented and insightful. Beau really hurts the show. Please make a change. Andrew Gribble would be the perfect replacement!
The guys are great - surely an easy listen, they are effortless and always offers great insight. I appreciate the positivity and somewhat neutral stance. Feel like the show could use some more female centric guests.
Best sports team podcast out there! The guys get the best guests, and how do you not give it five stars with frequent visits from Joe Thomas, THE HOF!!! But if it wasn't for pathetic Apple products like my IPOD, maybe I would be able to subscribe to the podcast!


By Kdiser
I’ve been a daily CBD fan since the days of Vic and Nathan. Now... with Beau and Nathan, the show has never been better! Fun, entertaining, and just down right a quality pod. Perfectly balanced combinations of professionalism, quality information (if you pay attention to the scores), and witty banter. Thank you, Nathan, beau, Gibbs, and everyone else who helps put this program together. I can’t wait until the next episode! GO BROWNS!!
Daily listener for 3+ years and just want to take a moment to thank the entire shows staff for putting out such consistent content. Very grateful for your coverage of the NFL and our browns.
Love the BPA, Cleveland Browns Daily can be up when they are talking Browns and down when they get on their random extended tangents that last multiple shows ie: the annoying Jameis Winston talk. Guy doesn’t play for the Browns and yet they repeatedly ramble for multiple shows about him and how they’d sign him to 1 team or the other. I like talking NFL news and covering other teams but obsessing over a guy nobody is interested in other than fantasy owners is obnoxious.
I’m a huge Browns/Buckeye fan. I’m not a Beau fan. He brings Nathan down a bit. Too much frat bro attitude. Too many inside jokes and codes. Beau loves to tell us who his famous athlete friends are. He can’t objectively break down prospects. If they are Buckeyes they are great no matter what. I like a fun breakdown of Browns info but I miss professional takes. At least he doesn’t sound as bad as Jeff Llllloyd
Love the show! I’m a huge Browns fan (from Youngstown originally) who lives out of state now so the show helps me keep up with the team and even the Buckeyes a little bit thanks to Uncle Beau. I don’t have twitter or anything to interact on that level but CBD is a daily part of my routine so I wanted to say thanks to all the guys. Thanks for always putting out a great show and having fun with it. Go Buckeyes and go Browns!
Wish all they talked about was the Browns/NFL
What excuses will the guys on the show come up with this Monday on the same old browns loss to the worst team in nfl. Please be honest and just come right out and say it on the air”the browns have NO CHEMISTRY, paper talent yes but NO CHEMISTRY”.
I love the show. The only thing that continues to shock me is how often we get (on podcast & YouTube) that unbearable audio clipping noise that makes some shows unlistenable. It will go away for a couple episodes and then come back. I listen to dozens of podcasts and YouTube channels, some of them really amateur, and I haven’t had this issue on any of them. Please please please listen and try to make appropriate adjustments. Also, It’s not just when the show is on remote.
Each episode has 4-5 occurrences where Nathan unnecessarily yells into his mic and causes extremely irritating static. Terrible mic management causes voices to be low for some people and very loud for others (mostly Nathan).
From Florida, had my residency training in Cleveland and fell in love with the people, city and sports. Cleveland winters sent me packing back home, but love keeping in touch with CLE through this podcast. Zegura and Bishop are so easy to consume. Fun, laid back and complete homers. Keeps me feeling closer to the city I adopted. Forever a Browns fan. Let’s Go!!!
CBD has been on of my favorite podcasts for some time now. I feel like I’m hanging out with a couple of friends every time I turn it on.
The purpose of the show is to inform the viewer about the browns. The show continues to be sidetracked by Nathan focusing the conversation about himself .
Mango habanero from old smoky is the bomb
Enjoy Nathan Zegura, but I find Beau Bishop’s “insights” pretty worthless, and his fan-boy love (especially for Baker) is pretty sickening as he provides no objective analysis.
I used to be an avid, daily listener of the show in the days of Nathan and Matt. Since Beau Bishop being hired, I can’t stand this show. I literally only listen after a Browns loss just so I can listen to Beau explain how they lost after spending the entire off season with his “I can more easily see them going 13-3 than 11-5” nonsense. Beau Bishop is as fake as they come, annoying to listen to, and should never have been hired.
Really enjoy Z, Bo, and the guys. The content is extremely entertaining. But, I refuse to put more emotion and energy into this team.
I rarely miss an episode of Cleveland Browns Daily. The tone of the show, with insightful commentary, and a light-hearted humor, is a perfect fit for Browns fans. After a big win, when I want to share in the excitement. Or, after a disappointing loss, when I am not interested in the hyperbole of the national talking heads. This show helps me feel like I am with Cleveland friends. To the previous commenter about Beau Bishop. You must not wear Brown & Orange. With the obvious cornerstones & stalwarts of the program, the “Z” that stands for Zegura and Gibb-ay, Beau adds additional color, insight, and humor to CBD. Go Browns! Let’s Go!
Great podcast besides beau and the constant up & down in sound. Beau isn’t funny at all & I have no respect for anything he says. Gibby &, nick shook are far better than Beau. Listening to Beau, you can tell he clearly has no clue what he’s talking about & just irrationally hypes up browns fans, which leads to twitter blowing up whenever we lose (like week 1). I’d rather listen to Z host the show & just have guests on to comment about certain things that happened. Take away beau’s microphone so I don’t have to listen about another story involving his son.
The sound on this podcast is consistently low. I have every other podcast turned up halfway except this one. Also Z whispers all the time and will then lean into the mic and scream.
I’m a life long Browns fan and this is the Best show covering The Worlds Team. Beau is great and Nathan is the man! I’m in Phoenix Nathan let’s hit some small ball in December to celebrate the Browns win.
Look forward to the show everyday GO BROWNS 🐶


Enjoy the podcast. Like all the funny voices of the hosts but still getting pertinent Browns information.
I look forward to the podcast everyday. Nathan and Beau have amazing chemistry. A must listen for any Browns fan
...except for that wormy guy. The other two make up for it and would be fun to hang with them in a bar. Calm perspective, good insights, nice perspective and logic. And kidding about the wormy guy - just wanted to hear them fight about which one it was.
I’ve listened to CBD for probably about 6 years now. I miss Matt. I’m sick of the “Big B” and inside jokes non stop. Beau is good on the radio but seems more like he should be strictly Ohio State. The constant joking and banter gets old and it almost feels like i’m listening to the same show every day. The show could be great again if the guys stopped with the somewhat corny jokes and had a more serious show from now on. Hope this changes back because I used to LOVE CBD. Constructive criticism here. Go Browns!
I'm all for having fun but the banter with these two now is PAINFUL. just inside joke after inside joke "big B moment" 100 times a show. I live on the west coast and the browns are my team so i soak up almost anyting I can get but.. DEAR GOD.. grow up a LITTLE guys. I'm all for having fun but you sound like 15 year olds... beyond the constant stroking of each other the entire time. I'm glad you are friends and love each other but the CONSTANT juvenile banter really detracts from the professionalism. :-( GO BROWNS!


Really like the Best Podcast Available. Good to hear about the training camp each day in specifics
Love these guys! Listen every day whether walking Ms Edith or on the commute. Might I add that I live in Salem Oregon. Go Browns-LETS GO!!
Must listen for die hard Browns fans! (Skip the GOT part of an Ep if you must.) Beau has it right, “I want a U. S. Naval Academy grad” flying the ship! USNA, America’s first and best choice since 1845. Go Navy and, Go Browns! Great job honoring WWII Hero’s on the 75th anniversary of D-Day!
I’d rather see shorter segments and have them stay on topic. I’m fine with a little extra Cleveland/Ohio sports talk but going on and on about Game of Thrones each week is unnecessary. It’s called the CLEVELAND BROWNS Daily for a reason...or so I thought.
Only content left on ESPN Cleveland 850 worth listening to. Wish I could Beau, Gibbs, and Z for a full 8 hours a day instead of the classless, unlistenable ramblings and disloyalty is Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer. Nathan’s “hiatus” were some of the darkest days of my life.
Absolutely love this show! Zegura, Beau, and Gibbs are fantastic; I seriously look forward to listening to it everyday!
The show is great but a half hour about thrones is to much. It’s only a 2 hour show
Love the banter, love the guests, love the analysis. Beau and Nathan even make the offseason interesting.
Best. Podcast. Ever. Period. End of Converstaion.
Love it but...volume guys. I drive an hour each way to work Monday through Friday and download the show every day to listen to on the way home then the second half on the way to work the next day. By the time I get home and to work my ears are ringing because of the constant adjustment to the volume. Tonight I had the volume turned all the way up just so I could hear BB, the “Z that stands for Zagura” and Sir Andrew talk about the draft this Thursday. Please, can you get new mics or add boom mics in the “Dawg Bowl” so that my ears aren’t ringing or bleeding? Five stars if you can get that fixed!
If you want nothing else but Browns talk, this is your place.
This show is to be 5 star when it was Nathan Zegura and Matt Willhelm. While I like Bishop it just seems like an awkward forced chemistry between Zegura and Bishop that is uncomfortable for the listener. It’s like it’s two radio alphas competing rather than complementing each other. Also they have begun to talk about more and more non Browns and non football related topics. I don’t want to listen to a whole segment on Tiger Woods on CBD. That’s not what I tune in for. Hopefully it gets better because unfortunately as the Browns team has gotten better CBD has gone in the other direction.
Generally, it’s hard to beat the flag ship station for Cleveland Browns news! I enjoyed the hosts, the banter, and the personalities. Their access to players and Browns news is fantastic. When they venture into fashion (quarter zip pullovers) and golf -which they do way too often- I tune out. What drives me crazy about the podcast is the microphone volume. Some hosts sit near the microphone and speak loudly, or the volume on their mic is louder. Others sit back and don’t project as well, or the volume on their mic is low. Whatever the case, I’m constantly adjusting the volume on my headset to compensate for who is talking. This is volume fluctuation is especially problematic at night if I’m listening to the podcast in bed. The louder voices wake my wife and the softer voices I can’t hear. So Beau and “the Z that is Zagura”: save my marriage and fix this volume issue. I am a loyal listener who enjoys the podcast content, but hates fiddling with the volume controls. I love you guys but if I have to choose between a happy wife and your podcast, my wife wins every time. Z you just got married so help me out here!
We are two older folks that travel a lot and as we do we listen to BB and Z! Half the time we don’t get it but love their zeal for the Browns! When they get giddy about Mayfield we crack up! We turn off when the spoilers for Game of Thrones come on! Love you guys!