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Another great addition to his series of books I found it captivating narration was great and like all great stories I was sad to get to the end thanks!!
This series keeps getting better and better! A must listen if you are a science fiction fan!!
Based on the first few chapters, I didn't think I would like the book. After listening to quite a few episodes, I realized I was very wrong. The story is not what I expected and makes you think. Overall it was a great book and I can't wait for the next one.
Like his previous story, the superb "Homesick," Mr. Joseph’s "Web of Life" is rich with wild-yet-somehow-believable science, thrilling adventure, and most of all thoroughly developed characters whose ethics, morals, beliefs and relationships are challenged to the breaking point in terrifyingly distant realms of outer space. The writing is compelling, well-paced and does not rely on cliché. The author’s narration is clear, animated, and successful in that it never pulls you out of the story. As with the best science fiction, Web of Life’s imaginatively out-there advances in science serve as a context in which to explore extremes of human experience and to raise difficult questions about humanity. Mr. Joseph’s characters are so tangible and three dimensional that it’s easy to forget they are fictional. So when they encounter this story’s unprecedented difficulties it is at times genuinely moving and truly heartbreaking. Paul J. Joseph is creating some of the best fiction available in podcast now. Listen to his "Marker Stone" and "Homesick" for the full experience and to check out his characters’ previous adventures together.
What a wild ride! This story had a way of making me feel both anxious and excited about space exploration at the same time. I also enjoyed the way the author developed and explored so many of the characters. The pilot's struggle was particularly intriguing toward the end. I found myself trying to imagine being in his shoes but mostly relieved that I will never be in such a dilemma. I would be interested to hear more about the science behind some of the concepts such as the fold and advanced weaponry. Thank's to Paul J. Joseph for another great adventure and I can't wait for the next!
5 stars great voice easy to follow there is no trying to figure out how did I get here did I miss something.
Wow I have never been the first to leave a review. well so far I must say the book is awesome, I love the other two books Paul J. Joseph has created, I know its been along road for the writer but I am glad we get to enjoy his firut. the book so far is a great space adventure that I can't stop listen to. thanks Paul, its me the guy who emailed you about a few weeks back, congrats again on the family and God bless.