The All Things Teen Mom Podcast!

Reviews For The All Things Teen Mom Podcast!

The mother daughter hosts are just plain bad when it comes to recapping shows and breaking down things properly. The teen mom news daily has turned from a daily nugget to being put out whenever the mood strikes or it’s something they wanna cover.
Replace the hosts please. They never have any facts. Never remember half the episode or any teen mom History. I listen to several after buzz podcasts, this is by far the worst. Update - the audio is horrific I can’t hear the episode!
I love how these hosts are by and large not judgemental. They take such an honest look at this show. I don't always agree with what they say, but I know that they are being totally honest in their analysis. Really appreciate that.
Love the podcast but OMG the audio was sooooooooo bad this week
I love the mother/daughter dynamic and really enjoy their “down to earth” synopsis. Keep it coming. The worst is the obnoxious ads but I know they can’t help that.
This podcasts isn’t funny nor entertaining. I’m a fan of the other Buzzfeed podcasts but this one is a disappointment.
These hosts were terrible!
The mom and daughter can be funny but they are all over the place. It doesn’t seem like they take their job too seriously. I listen to a lot of afterbuzz shows and this one doesn’t compare to the others... any “news and gossip” is typically something any one of us would know about and I feel like I know the story better than they do. They never upload the podcast the night of or morning after. Again they seem nice and funny but this aftershow needs more engaged and responsible hosts.


I feel maybe she should actually know what’s going on with teen mom. Sometimes she doesn’t even know the names of the cast. This last episode she continued to make unfunny jokes about the cast names.
I love listening to this mom and daughter duo! They seem to be genuinely good friends and I love the different perspectives
She cannot speak complete sentences. AWFUL! Um so I don’t knot So effing disjoint!! Since you always say “let me know what you all think “ - well, okay then! Does Mackenzie ever listen back on her podcasts to hear how she comes across??


How did these 2 get a podcast about teen mom but they don’t know anything about it?
Mckenzie and leigh have zero energy. How can you hire someone that knows nothing about a show thats been on for 10 years! You cant expect someone to discuss a reality show and critique people they know nothing about! Also all they do is summarize the episode. So Boring! People want you to go beyond that. I saw the episode and know what happened🙄
The girls seem very nice, but one host doesn’t know the show, and the other one has to describe all of the history. I also find myself rolling my eyes or arguing back (especially this last episode). Trying to keep listening to see if it gets better but might just give up on it for now.
I am sorry but this podcast is just not very fun to listen to. The ladies are very nice but not well prepared. There is too much dead air time while they check their notes. One host apparently doesn’t always watch the show. Then the other one asks her opinion of something and she either hadn’t seen it or doesn’t recall. Boring!
This podcast was a huge disappointment from beginning to end. The main host just sounds unprepared. The other person is mostly clueless about the show in general. I actually hoped it would get better as it went so I kept listening. Found out it did not. I really wanted to like this but it was impossible.
How is the co host not a complete fan or aware of the show made no sense why she’s even a part of the podcast when she’s not knowledgeable of the topic.
I really used to love this podcast but the new co-host (who I find very sweet and pleasant) doesn’t really seem to know teen mom at all and basically repeats what the main host says and doesn’t have any opinions. She also is extremely monotone and causes dead air. Main host rocks and they just need to find her at least one good co host
I absolutely love listening 👂🏽 to you guys
I’ve tried ever week to push through and listen to this podcast and god bless your mom but I just don’t think this is a podcast she should be co hosting. I’d rather listen to those 4 girls cackle
Please get some host that know the show and some background of the mom’s on the show. This podcast is hard to listen to
So this is not the best podcast. They don’t seem to be all that knowledgeable about the show. This last episode had what sounded like an older lady, I think her name was Lee Thane, and she didn’t seem to be all that familiar with the show. The main host kept giving her references of things that had happened in prior seasons. It just seems to me that if you’re going to do a podcast about a show, then you should have hosts that actually watch the show.
This is not the best podcast out there, but at least they're talking. I change my review from 1 star to 3stars.
Stop saying “out of pocket”.
You don’t ever give us info on how to watch the show on YouTube or how to join the live chat
Listening gets me through my workday


Love the show, but kind of bummed that on this recent episode the other girls were absent and they definitely contribute to the show in a huge way. Definitely, lost it’s quality this time around and even shortened the actual podcast, which is just disappointing and unfulfilling.
I LOVE the show! You guys really touch on everything in the show per episode and I agree with what you guys say. Question: Are you guys gonna be having a show for any other teen mom show ex: teen mom of or teen mom 2? Would love to hear what you guys think about those. Much love Teresa
I want to like this show but the sound quality is making my ears bleed. I find this to be the case with lots of the afterbuzz tv shows, they have hosts calling in and it’s like I’m listening to a recording of someone talking on speaker phone on a cheap phone. It needs to be fixed ASAP
All of the giggling and talking over each other has to stop. It’s so annoying to listen to a bunch of girls give advice and mom shame. None of you have kids, stop judging how these people parent.
Are you guys going to be doing teen mom2
Um, hi! Love the podcast! Where is the latest episode? Now you're TWO behind!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to Ed's recap of Teen Mom! His take on each episode is always dead on! Every week I am BLOWN AWAY with Ed's compassion and how he is able to empathize for these girls and their situations.He gets that most of these girls come from broken homes and he truly is able to put himself in their shoes doesn't come from a place of judgement. I just wish he did more after-shows. I think he should have his own weekly podcast of hot topics and life topics!
It's a good podcast,but needs to be updated.
I live the show teen mom