Reviews For Anarchast

Mind expanding and always worth the investment of time.
So appreciate the information you put out there. I admire your passion and boldness for helping people see what is really going on in the US government and in the world. You have an intriguing voice and keep it interesting for the auditory. I respect you because you support each individual’s autonomy above all else. Thank you for changing the world for the better with this podcast!
I came seeking an informative anarchist podcast; what I found was capitalist propaganda masquerading as anarchism. Would not recommend to a friend.
Jeff Berwick is always entertaining and his guests always provide very interesting food for thought. Do you believe in human freedom? If so, Anarchast is for you.
Whats the first thing you do when you abolish all hierarchies? Instate hierarchies — i guess? Anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron, anarchy being the cessation of all forms of hierarchy and concentrated power, and capitalism is the ownership of property that others labour while the owner dictates what they make, how they make it, how much they make etc. Anarchy and capitalism can never coincide, this podcast should appropriately be named “feudalcast”
Don’t listen to the bad reviews Jeff is a revolutionary in the true sense of the inner and outer worlds. Always finding new ways to improve himself and sharing it with the world. A true hero of mine!!
So cool to wake up and listen to a misogynist douche bright and early. Lame, and so not revolutionary. Patriarchal supremacy a free society does not make.
I’m pretty sure this guy just said in the episode I was listening to that nuclear weapons weren’t real, flat earth theory reigns supreme, and Einstein’s theory of relativity was a hoax.... I’m well aware of fear mongering tactics by the deep state... this is why anarchists of any degree are laughed at and ridiculed. But what do I know.
Not consistent with anarchist values. Read Emma Goldman, Murray Bookchin, Jacques Ellul, and Peter Kropotkin.
The Anarchast has introduced me to so many new people who are work towards a non-violent and voluntary world. Love it!!
I love this podcast. Listen to it weekly while at work. I can relate to it very much. Highly informative of new ways to beat the state and general discussion of anarchism and voluntaryist ideologies. I wish I could rate it higher.
If your going to Have your guests bash religion I believe you should have a guest one who can explain the rationality between anarchism and religion
The Ken OKeefe was the best podcast ever! He nails it and isn;t afraid to say anything.
For anyone who's worried about the current state of the world, this is a great show to listen to. As I became a libertarian, my view of the world decline as I saw the government as this big scary monster. Anarchast gives the opposite impression and shows just how much is improving from a libertarian perspective.
This is a great podcast for anarcho-capitalists like myself and those who are interested in the topic. Great guests. However, I could do with less conspiracy theory stuff.
It's so refreshing to listen to casual discussion about marginal political ideas.
I'm a small business man and am so glad there is Jeff Berwicks voice on the Internet. School was like being sent to a cage for me as well. I didn't graduate from high school, married to young, and was basically an out of control young adult. But in spite of this I still managed to start a small business from nothing (with no government help) . So now I've created jobs for a dozen families and all I do is struggle with regulating agencies and the IRS. Now I'm trying to decide if I should ride this business into the ground as long as I can, or auction it off while I can still get something for the machinery. I do feel a responsibility for my employees, but I don't think they care as much about me. I'll figure something out cause that's what us freedom loving job creators do.
Anarchocapitalism IS real anarchy. How do you support so-called anarcho-communism without the power of the state itself? LONG LIVE FREEDOM!
These An-Caps are not anarchist at all. Anarchists don't worry that the police aren't keeping order. Listen to Audio Anarchy instead. The problem with calling this anarchism is that there is an actually existing anarchist tradition/theory. If folks want to learn more about what you are talking about they are not going to find it searching "anarchy", they should search "libertarianism" or Ayn Rand. Why do you want to use a word/theory that is quite antithetical to your project? Seriously, why aren't you calling this Libertarian?
Some people who identify themselves as anarchists seem extremely uninformed when they espouse an ideology in which they hold to socialist teachings and communistic philosophy which by there very nature require a ruling elite to enforce utilitarian "equality" among the masses. Neither of those forms of society can be intermingled with true anarchy. Capitalism i.e. True capitalism not the corpratist Democracy we have now is completely fulfilled in anarchy, such as true anarchy is fulfilled in real capitalism. Real Capitalism is not about power it is about free trade between two or more peoples without the interference of the Government. In an anarcho-capitalist society there is no government imposing rules and regulation upon individuals in regards to what they can or can not do with the product of there labor (if you farm a peice of land you have full right to that crop, not society) and it is a society which fully embraces peoples rights to choose their own actions in regards to there personal lives (you have the right to own yourself nobody else can own you) and to choose their associations, in forms of their friendships and even the businesses in which they will voluntarily provide their labor to in exchange for hard goods (money). Anarchy can not and never will be fulfilled by anarcho-syndicalists or anarcho-communists because they will always need a group of people to enforce equality and in essence suppress a minorities of peoples freedoms in order for better conformity within societies version of the norm. This in turn would lead to an oligarchy and in essence would lead to propping up of a dictator... But i digress back to the topic of this review. This is a great podcast, very well informed. If you want to know about true anarchy and liberty this is the podcast to listen to.