History of Children's Literature

Reviews For History of Children's Literature

This course covers a broad history for the subject. Beginning with ancient myths and creation stories, the lectures bring up some interesting points in tying modern and ancient storytelling techniques. Very well worth listening to.
Thoroughly enjoyed this course, bought one of the books referenced in the course to further my own study (townsend's written for children), and plan to listen to a few classes again! ---Thanks for the great course!
Thanks to the professor for making his class available.
I very much enjoy Beagley's lectures and always look forward to the next one. He puts Children's Literature in its historical and societal context and allows me to view old reads with new eyes. I look forward to one day sharing the great books he discusses with my own children, and I am confident that I am now able to choose intelligent and relevant reading material with and for them. I've listened to all of his courses currently available on ITunes and am greatful for having something fun and fascinating to listen to.
Beagley gives meaning to a genre of literature that is too often neglected. He speaks fluently and intelligently as he enchants the listener by revisiting all but lost's stories adding an abundance of detail that the typical adult overlooks.
Au contraire! Quite interesting!
Hahahahah it's so boring