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Thank you for shining a light on those in positions of power, who are working overtime to keep us in the dark with their lies, and omission of truth. Also thank you for considering that our NON HUMAN BEING brothers and sisters are also deserving of freedom, and free of violence, from us. I assume t you are vegan for ethical, among other reasons. Thank you Gary.
Gary is a true original, speaks the truth and changed my life for the better!
Started listening 2yrs ago and my first podcast ever was an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Made a anti-vacc'r out of me, and re-enforced my long held belief that no vaccine is "Safe". But more important was in learning that a new friend was actually a Paid Troll and worked for the Quackbuster/Watch web-sites. Thanks Gary. If anything, I've learned how to spot a troll and their phony arguments in the name of "Science". They are Paid Trolls and nothing else.
I downloaded an episode thinking this may be a podcast dealing with progressive topics. What I got was a pseudoscientific rant against vaccines. With no less than Andrew Wakefield and some homeopath. These people should be prosecuted for leading to the deaths of children whose parents have been duped into forgoing life saving vaccines.
Gary and his guest never fail to bring true insight and progressive solutions to the many issues we face today. Best radio show out there!