Any Questions? and Any Answers?

Reviews For Any Questions? and Any Answers?

Chris Mason seems like he’s more interested in getting us a good 30 second soundbite out of the guests that he is in answering the questions. I think after listening to this show for a while probably to keep my interest you need to switch to a more balanced presenter. One who can keep the discussion moving by focusing on the most important points behind the question rather than taking his own ideas and injecting them in appropriately into the discussion.
An engaging and interesting way to keep up with the week’s main issues and headlines in a civilized question and debate format with a live audience. This is one of the many weekly highlights on BBC Radio 4.
The podcast itself is great I wish we had something like this in the US. However, last week they posted the same podcast twice and never posted any answers. The feed has this error a lot. If they can correct these problems I'll give it a 5.
Very informative and entertaining. One truly gets a sense of the political perspectives that are felt across England. As an American I appreciate the wide range of opinions from the informed guests. I tune in every week knowing when done I will have a greater understanding of England and of the world.