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This is the last season for The Goodwife, so I guess AfterBuzz doesn’t feel it’s worth doing a podcast about the show anymore. :(
Shouting out obscured actor from Salem? But no props for original SNL player Judge Jane Curtain? She stole the show! Know that I did ehjoy the podcasdt, less ego than most Buzz shows I've tried.
This will be the last time I listen to this podcast. Bobby does a good job of making good comments and bringing his knowledge to the table. But Alison Law is not a good host. Bobby spent much of this episode explaining things to her including Cary's plea options. Really, and Ms. Law is an attorney? I also struggle to listen to Ms. Law's speech with poor grammar and incorrect tense peppering her comments throughout. I wish you well Ms. Law, I just do not appreciate you as a host on this podcast.
Commentator Law is extremely impressed with herself. She brings everything back to HER and her great personality characterics and tyring to make a love connection with her co-host. Thiis is a smart show and should be shown the respect of insightful commentary ABOUT THE SHOW. The latest episode was disappointing. Someone should really review her performance.
I love to laugh and hear my podcast friends have a good time. However, the laughing is so annoying for the first review of season 6. I couldn't hear what the guest was saying when Courtney was laughing.
Afterbuzz TV is the only weekly podcast covering The Good Wife. Bobby and Tara make valid, thoughtful comments during the show. A Law tends to go off topic and brings many conversations back to herself. I'm listening to the podcast to hear about the incredible storylines of the show, not the personal life of A Law. I'll be back to listen when the show returns in January.
Looking forward to the podcast every week! I really like the whole group and the insightful opinions they have.
i have loved this show since day one i am so glad you are back covering it again
I like the podcast, but recently I am wondering what happened. The promised breakdown of the podcats that were not really brokendown surrounding Will's death have never been posted and now this last epidoe 5.21 is missing too.
The two female hosts come across as crushing twelve year old girl. Must every show involve talk about how cute Carey is or how Peter needs to be forgiven? I am interested in actual thoughts related to plot development and character growth, not the continued gushing over favored characters regardless to what is happening on screen. Perhaps a third commentator who can stand In juxtaposition to the giggle sisters would help.
Huge event happened- Will dies and there was no podcast. Disappointment :(
I appreciate most of your shows but, you really dropped the ball this week on this recap. One of the biggest episodes ever and no new podcast? What is up with that?
Wish the hosts were more well read on current events and the law (ex. NSA). It would bring much more to the conversation. The hosts seem clueless on what is right and wrong in politics and the law in general. The Hosts on the Afterbuzz TV Scandal show are a better example of smart recap and leaving things for the listener/viewer to think about.


By buffyvs
I am updating my review to thank you for bringing this show back. Love this show and podcast. Thanks for being awesome!
I've been a loyal viewer since the pilot, but real life kicked in, so I fell behind. I'm going to binge-watch the last eight episodes ("The Next Month" to "We, the Juries") this week before listening to the podcast. Wish me luck! 5 stars on faith.
I love this show and I do agree with others that it gets interrupted too much. I feel like the afterbuzz needs more people in it, its sort of boring to hear just someone going over what happened.
Where r this season's podcasts?
The Good Wife is one of those shows that no one I know watches so I'm incredibly glad to be able to download this podcast, when it's available, to get an extra dose of one my absolute favorite shows on television. I only have two quibbles with this podcast. One, it's not done nearly often enough. I think, at this point, we're a couple episodes behind again and I begin to worry that this podcast is no longer being done. And, two, while I really enjoy Billy Niles and his take on the show I would love another host so Billy has someone to bounce things off of. Still, at the end of the day, a terrific podcast.
I worry about this show, it is interrupted by football so very much. I see the ratings and see also that the demographics are not that good even though it has a lot of watchers outside of the demo goals wished for by advertisers. thank you for the podcast. i love the fact that you guys are not just blind eyed fans and you do question different scenarios and say when something bothers you. I love the fact that you guys obviously love this show. This is a weekly must watch and your show is a must listen to. thanks for the spoilers and the preictions. it always gives me something to think about
Nice to hear others ideas on what is happening on my fav show. Glad she dumped Will and the took the credit. People on this show are terrible and sly. Who can trust whom? Glad I am not in their world!!