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I have never listened to the moth so I can't compare. I love this podcast. The contributors are not professional speakers, they are just people sharing stories from their lives. Some are entertaining, some are heart wrenching and others can be a bit rambling. I love all the stories because they are real and sometimes relatable.
I understand the difference between this podcast and The Moth, and the difference is what I don't like about it. Most of these stories are not really stories. Almost without exception, they just trail off because they have no point. It's impossible to tell why the speakers feel compelled to share these things. They're the people I would avoid at parties because they just want to talk about themselves, and they're bad at it. They giggle a lot and interrupt themselves and give extraneous, boring, irrelevant details. It's fine if you don't mind that, but I mind because there are way better storytelling podcasts available. If you like The Moth, skip True Story.
These are amateur story tellers telling entertaining stories from their lives. These aren't professional storytellers, but the stories are great. It feels like sitting around a campfire telling stories with friends. The podcast is edited well to make it easy to listen to and very enjoyable.
I definitely recommend! If you love listening to stories, you will love this!
But sometimes the stories can be a bust.
As we use true story for learning language and listen to native speakers ,i really love your channel, but there is the noise of a guys who are listening to the story and laugh or should that prevent us listen to the story clearly, i think it is better that let us have a clear voice of who is telling the story without environment and audience voices
Stories are not that interesting. Storytellers are not that good.
Every night I listen to this podcast, before I go to sleep I listen one or two stories; the stories are very interesting because they make me imagine the situation, and I can feel the feelings of the person who is narrating the story
True Story is one of my favorite podcasts. I also like the variety of stories told.
I have listened to every episode. I love the "homely for the holidays" episode. I have shared it and laughed with family and friends. I enjoy these stories!
I know there's a lot of ridicule here about how a majority of the speakers aren't profoundly articulate or have their thoughts together, but I think the "on the spottedness" is what makes these stories feel so real, and what adds to their entertainment value. I've only discovered this podcast today and I've been listening to them for hours! Thank you for an awesome way to experience art. - Liz
While the stories are short and to the point, one gets the sense that these are real people telling real stories.
I love the stories, the variety and how quick they are. Fun to binge-listen to. Hope all listeners enjoy!!
The stories are okay, but there is only one per podcast. I just listened to a six minute story that was okay. Before that, I had to listen to a three minute commercial about the game that they made. Add stories to each podcast or cut the commercials down after the first 15 times you run it, but there is a lot of build up for very short stories and only one per podcast.
They could really use editors or at least a depth of better material to choose from. A few of the episodes are great! But so many are filled with such rambling "likes" and "ums" and giggles that it's not fun to listen to. Cool idea but the execution can be off putting by how unprofessional and inexperienced the storytellers are.
So relaxing and get feel good stories
Great to just hear regular people telling true stories. Not too doctored up or rehearsed sounding.
I want to give this a better rating, but often times as I'm listening I cringe as the shy awkward storytellers tell their stories that are not funny (but they uncomfortably giggle nonstop throughout), and then the story ends and I've yet to see the point of the story (not interesting OR funny) this last one was a doozy (about middle school and the "sewage spring") So bad. Nothing story worthy there! I'm missing something clearly. Maybe you need to be under 20 to enjoy (I'm 37yo female)
I've been a great fan of The Moth podcast for many years, and still am, but one show a week is not enough for me. This is the first podcast I have found that is just as good and satisfies my desire to hear true stories of others lives, whether it is happy or sad, pointless or meaningful, just as long as they are well told and keep my attention. I love this podcast.
Soooo good I absolutely love it. I also listen to This American Life but actually prefer this to listen to on a day to day basis since they are such a nice length. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm loving this podcast. Excited to have a new one I love in the mix!
The first hand accounts of stories are always the best. And these stories usually don't end up the way I think they will. Entertaining to listen to other peoples perspectives during the stories.
I listen to so many podcasts, the list is endless! By far, "true stories" is one of my favorites..! The stories are entertaining, some with great humor, and after each one podcast I feel like I've walked in that persons shoe for a little bit. They're short, usually around 10 minutes each. Anyway, I really like it. Keep it up, I couldn't ask for more.
I really like that there are no commercials and it starts right away with the stories. I also listen to Moth but get a little frustrated with all the commercials.
An fun and authentic storytelling podcast - certainly worth subscribing to! :)
I love good story tellers. They do not have to be polished, but they must be compelling. I have only listened to a handful but I'm already so irritated that I dropped everything to write about my disappointment here.
I really want to love this podcast. Some stories are entertaining, however the performers are unpolished and often come off incredibly pompous and aloof. They have never heard anything funnier than their own story.
Like most people, I too was interested in podcasts like these due to the moth, snap judgment, and this American life. But this podcast stands out and on it's own for being that raw form of story telling. The storytellers are able to share there stories in a more intimate setting amongst their friends, which allows the true emotion of the story come to light. There is also something special about the fact that some of the people who are sharing their experiences may be nervous about speaking or telling these very personal details and emotions. I recommend this podcast anyone! Great job, please keep them coming!
This kind of podcast is what I was looking for when I originally subscribed to the Moth and Snap Judgment. What people need to understand is that on those other podcasts, you are dealing with *professional* story tellers whose job it is to dress up stories and tell them with a neat beginning, middle, and end to entertain an audience. They are professional entertainers who might work with editors and then travel the country to tell people in theaters about their misadventures. It ends up feeling like a play. I have been to live events including the Moth, and this podcast is so much better. The stories in this podcast are real, raw, and immensely relatable. These are ordinary people telling a story about their lives that are clearly not dressed up in any way. These are the kinds of stories you listen to when you want to know more about the human experience. I have listened to about 10 episodes now, and each story, even if it lacks a clear direction or a moral, is fascinating. These are intimate stories about growing up or dealing with the boorish realities of life. They don't feel like an entertainer is telling them, but rather a friend that has decided it is time to share something with you. So in response to the criticisms that this isn't like the Moth: no, it isn't. This isn't a podcast where Malcolm Gladwell will tell some over-animated, unbelievable, over-the-top-story that feels (at least to me) manufactured to evoke a certain emotion at a certain point in the story. And I'm glad it's not. These are raw stories where you often have mixed feelings about what is happening in them, and the endings aren't necessarily happy or complete. But they always make you a little more understanding of the experiences others have had, and allow you to step back to consider what this enterprise we are all engaged in is. If anything, some of these stories may hit too close to home for some people. While there is definitely a place for professional entertainers, I am glad this podcast fills the large gap that otherwise remains. This is one of my top three podcast/radio shows of all time. Well done.
While well-produced, and in theory a reasonable concept, where True Story falls short is in the actual storytelling itself. I've listened to three episodes now and in each of them I have been quite frustrated with the speaker to the point that I see no reason to keep going with this series. One had so many "uhhs" and "ums" it was practically unlistenable, and coupled with meandering, slow delivery it was even more frustrating. Each story also seemed to suffer the same problem – the endings. While occasionally amusing, the stories I heard all left me asking, "...And?" Yes, you could get clever and say a point of the story isn't the point of the story... but don't waste our time as an audience. Even if this was casual dinner conversation, it would still be baffling why someone would take so long to say so little. To be clear, I do not want to demean the abilities or efforts of the producers of this series. I'm sure they're good people, and I think it's fantastic that they are putting in the effort to make this and share it. But for this podcast to grow it needs to tighten up and produce better content (or at least cull the weaker material). At this stage, it just seems self-indulgent.


I really enjoy these stories they have a real life point of view. I wish there were more
This is the best podcast, In love the stories. My favorite is Traveling By Foot, I laughed, rewind, and laughed again. Awesome, keep the stories comming please......
Makes the worst Moth storyteller sound like a genus. Stories that have no point told by people who have never heard a story told in thier life. Listened to six or seven stories, kept hoping for a hidden gem but they just went from bad to worse.
The stories are not compelling and I have yet to make it through a single one.
Like really... No Really. I go like and then my friend goes like and then I go like then... what was I talking about?
Some of the stories are interesting, but for god sakes, stop saying Um and Like! Much less curated than the Moth, but will do if you can't wait until the new Moth comes out.
I could not make it through 'Nesting'...I did my best to give this Podcast a fighting chance, but that episode made me want to set myself on fire. Please do us all a favor and leave your stories in your Trapper Keepers, or set them on fire :)
Doesn't compare to The Moth at all. Some stories are entertaining, but for the most part the story tellers lack the articulation and ability to not ramble on, that The Moth podcast offers. Good idea, but perhaps choose only well spoken, professional speakers in the future.
Some of these stories are fun, interesting and insightful. However, the storytelling is often lacking. It seems like the storytellers are often unprepared. It sounds like people are just hanging out at "an undisclosed location in San Francisco" and want to tell crazy stories to each other. But sometimes the stories are rambling, with unnecessary or irrelevant tangents. Sometimes the laughter is awkward and excessive, which ends up being distracting. I also think that it detracts from the storytelling when the storyteller breaks off and laughs at his/her own jokes and funny bits. Finally, sometimes it seems like the story barely fit the theme. It might have been a good fit, but the way the story was told did not bring it back to the theme at hand. Storytelling is a lot more than just standing up and telling people what happened. There's much more to the performance of storytelling. And True Story lacks that part.
Can't wait for more!
I cant get enough of this
I need more!!!
I like that there is no extra commentary like other story telling podcasts, it's straight to the point. The down side is some of the storytellers are terrible! The "um's", "and's" and nervous giggles really take away from the story it's self.
I LOVE the Moth but what is up with them only releasing 1 story a week?! IT'S NOT ENOUGH!! I've been searching iTunes Podcasts for a while and finally found this one and YAY!! ANOTHER AWESOME STORY TELLING VENUE! Thank you!!!! LOVE IT!!! Definitely a 5 star rating and I really really hope you give us more than only 1 a week!! Please!
An eclectic mix of true stories, riveting, hilarious, eye-opening. Highly recommended for fans of The Moth in New York City or Porchlight in San Francisco.
For those who listen to the Moth's podcast, or have heard their events reproduced in segments on This American Life, we know how entertaining and affecting a well-told, no-notes live story can be. True Story events offer the same kind of experience, with tales that range from serious to lighthearted, dramatic to hilarious. Every single one is amazing and worth listening to. Awesome podcast.