Reviews For Steve Jobs at the D: All Things Digital Conference (Video)


Steve GOD the mist genius human ever lived in our universe. Love you forever! Viviani Lopes! Thank you for changing the world, with your intelligence. We love you! 🙏🏽❤️😘
Nothing to say about his genius activities
You realize Steve was basically a person who could easily understand the everyman. He took products ,and built them around people. He did not sell people to certain products. One of the best innovators of our times.
These videos truly revealed what a visionary genius Steve Job is, thanks for sharing them with us on iTunes.
At 2 GB ...this is ridiculous quality of video. And to top it...the description specifically mentions "high quality"😒😕
Great source of inspiration
...but no longer. These are a brilliant record of a true visionary. Looking back now, it's a shame how trivial the questions were in the 2010 session, when Jobs's health was clearly on the decline. They wasted his time with things like the Flash issues, and did not get to a few big picture issues that will stand the test of time until later in the session.
It's worth learning a few things from Steve.
Great job in posting these for all to see! Truly is a must watch, very inspiring and great for those who hope to innovate the future!
Steve, you will forever have a place in history and in my heart ...... We are going to miss you, very much ...... Wishing your family, friends, fans and all at Apple the very best and eternity for you, peace ...... Wonderful stuff - Would rate 10 Stars if I could ..... Love ya Steve, love ya!
as Steve would say......and one more thing. iTunes keep this coming. I was a "late bloomer" in the world of Steve Jobs. Downloaded the audiobook and listened to it 3 times, and I will probably listen to it again, and again. Just think of where would could possibly be if he had lived another 5 or 10 years...........may he always RIP........


By Rich383
Influential but he did it through being a bad person to the people around him and that's not something that should be encouraged.
Steve jobs was the most influential person in PC and post PC era. Truly, a great visionary and inspiring leader. Love you Steve!!!
You were fantastic dude .The new innovations for apple too..i miss you dude..
Thanks for making this available, Steve and Bill are great, the interviewers are not
I was just going to watch part of the first blog - I didn't stop until done. This was a wonderful bit of insight to Apple with the Bill and Steve episode just great.
He had great passion for his work.
What-A-Man! Chiils & Thrills, A True Genius.
Excellent. I have a high speed connection, but I'm sure that there are many people who won't be able to see these because of the multiple GB file sizes. The large file sizes don't seem to match the quality and resolution of the footage given what H.264 is capable of (I'm guessing that you're encoding a lot of the noise in the fuzzy old videos). Can you please re-encode these and/or make available lower resolution versions so that more people can enjoy them? Thank you.
Cult of personality worshipers
These videos are a melancholy reminder that a force of nature was lost with Steve. A wonderful tribute to his vigor, sensibility and intelligence. And a sad reminder of the toll his illness had upon him. More than his biography, these videos are an insight into the man who was so defined by his creations. You can see the joy and reverence in him that in turn was experienced and shared by us.
Left a big emptiness in our world. Great videos to remember him by.
Thank you for posting these.
Thanks for sharing All things D.
Watching all the precious memories at D's reminds me of Steve speech at Stanford University, how we can only connect the dots backward by looking back in time... Every D's conference with Steve is like a technological milestone, how mankind have been push forward by Steve... We will miss you greatly, it's a better world because of you, thank you for everything.
Hope to see more videos of steve's interviews…
What a great memory this is. We miss you Steve.
Attention tim cook. Please make a commercial of the "crazy ones" again and with pictures of Steve jobs and narrated by Steve jobs. This will not hurt your company or stock. It is in remembrance of him and people who do not know him will google and see what he did for the tech world. I can't believe none of u guys did this.
Watch. Listen. Learn. It's a rare thing that we can replay and revisit with historic figures and change makers like Steve, who have been catalysts for an entire revolution and generations of possibility. Where would my career and direction be without Steve? More important…where will it go now that he's gone? Miss & thank you, Steve.
What a genius!
Thank you for making these available to download for free. Steve you are greatly missed, there will never be another. RIP Steve, your the best.
I'll follow alll about this awesome man!! Thanks for ever Steve!
I've been able to find almost every WWDC event and most other special events that Steve had done, some in fairly low quality, but hey, so long as it's passable, I am able to enjoy every last one. Thanks to Walt Mossberg and the WSJ for making these available in such high a quality with the more recents events obviously having a greater chance of being of excellent quality. I just started my third year as a lover of (almost) anything Apple, which still makes me a newcomer as far as my own treasure trove of 14 years worth of "Steve content" is concerned (1997-2011). AllThingsD covers the period of 2003-2010. And then there are the early days… Judging by Steve's drive and determination, we would have probably enjoyed another quarter century worth of Steve's genius, as I doubt that he would have ever retired. To me, it's so incredibly sad and infuriating that all the technology in the world could not beat back the microscopic cells in his body that caused his untimely demise. God Speed Steve Jobs.
استیو ما دوستت داریم ! ( از یادمان نرفتی )
Thank you.
Thanks for releasing this as a podcast. We all love Steve.
Informative and inspiring. The quality of these podcasts is wonderful. Thanks to All Things Digital for making it possible for us to remember, and honor, a truly brilliant man.


Wow it's 1AM in the morning I didn't flip my even for a second. Steve its very inspiration to watch you talking and industry is going to miss you a lot :-(. Extraordinary interview.
Steve, Thanks for changing my life from the first day I used a macintosh. These video are priceless, it's great to have them so accessible on iTunes. Thanks!
Having admired Steve for 20 years, I miss him. I miss the excitement. So thank you, Walt, for giving us the next best thing…
Thank you apple and all things D. RIP Steve.
For those who wish to dive more into Steve's mindsets and views, these videos are an excellent source of information. Thanks for everything you gave us Steve.
Thanks all things d
Wow - these are absolutely priceless. Thank you for making these available. These interviews are part of history that we can keep for future generations. Miss SJ a lot. What a man, what a vision and what a unique personality. The best part is that he had so many failures in life - but at the end he learnt from all of them. He left us at his best and with a company that has so much more to offer and is much larger than Microsoft and Google put together. Thanks Steve for everything you have done - we love you. You have made a dent in the Universe. RIP.
Thank you!