Reviews For SkeinAfterSkein

Michele and Eve are just a hoot to listen to. I also appreciate that they include crochet in the podcast. There are tons of knitting podcasts but very few include crochet. If you like knitting, crochet, or sewing and irreverant humor, you will enjoy this podcast.
I really enjoy listening to you both! Since I can't hang out with you in person, I'll just keep listening. Great podcast, you make me LOL! Jadee
These ladies are all about keeping it real. They don't profess to be experts on knitting, crocheting, or sewing like some other podcasters. They are real women with a real love of crafts. The reviews of the knitting magazines and books are very helpful. They may seem like they are all over the place with their format, but that's where the magic of the show begins. They may go on a rant about a book, confide to each other about something happening in their lives, and...then they jump in with both feet on talking about what they are working on. They are relatable and very genuine. They are definitely the friends you keep in your pocket (i.e. load on your mp3 player for easy transport).
This is a relaxed podcast, lots of funny stories and laughter, but it's not all aside chatter! I've found the yarn and magazine reviews to be very informative. Also, a variety of yarn is featured, lower and higher priced, and different patterns as well. I always have a great time!
I was invited to join you on raverly and then I realized you had a podcast I have downloaded all the episodes and I am so impressed with you two ladies, I can't wait for the next episodes Great Friggin Job (wink) Hellrazor
I like knitting podcasts that actually talk about knitting, rather than advertise contests, describe their children, name drop all the famous knitters they know personally or other superfluous topics. This podcast does talk about knitting and yarn and all the good stuff. Plus they are fun and have interesting voices.
This is such a fantastic addition to the knitting podcast line-up. There's a lot of laughter and fun but it is still a podcast full of inspiring ideas and helpful tips with a welcome real-world perspective. Keep it up ladies -- you are such a breath of fresh air. (HillbillyGirl on Ravelry)
Chock full of knitting talk and other assorted fun. Skein After Skein is now on my short list of must listen to podcasts!
The reality show of knitting and crochet. And a mean girls mention. Doesn't get better than this.
Congrats on your first episode. I look forward to many more!