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“You know you’re over the target when you’re taking flak” Don’t stop of the communists win! Funny how a guy who promotes a principle of non aggression is accused of promoting violence and removed from big tech
Nice show, lots of good work here.
Perfectly tailored to my specific needs..Truth,reason,and logic sprinkled with a good sense of humor.
This is the podcast I’d been looking for. Philosophy and it’s practical application. Reason, logic, evidence, it’s all here. It covers topics which matter to preserve a peaceful world.
Please disregard the review by ‘Toonz, although I simply can’t compete with their academia and intellectual prowess, I can’t assure you their review is sooooo off. The Freedomain podcast is second to none. I’ve listened for years, it’s philosophy, news, current events all in one.


By `Toonz
...unadulterated horsey poop from a white supremacist conspiracy cult kook. Dig in, idiots!
Been watching avidly since 2015 and just wanna day thanks for a great show and thanks for helping convert my girlfriend.
Stefan, thanks for debating the nonsensical Marxist. Perhaps he will sell more of his $20 books. Same as it ever was.
So much cant, so little actual content. That colleges put these people in front of students is nigh on criminal. Wars have been fought for less.
See title
A truthful, intelligent, informative podcast. Thank you Stefan.
Great podcast loaded with knowledge and current information. You will grow intellectually with this podcast.
A criminal, traitor, cheat, adulterer, liar, illiterate, scammer and geographic dimwit makes this guy go "all FAN BOY!" Gee, just the right guy to get your advice from!
Izzy is a force to be reckoned with!!!
I’m a devout Christian and love to listen to Stefan even though he is an atheist. We should love everyone despite their beliefs and there is no reason we can’t have a civil discussion no matter our viewpoints. However, I will fight communism to the death!
The attacks are coming more frequent than ever, and stronger. Stef must absolutely be doing the right thing. It’s more important than ever that likeminded folks stick together and support the institutions and staples thereof that we enjoy. Support FreeDomain, or it will inevitably go away!


By xeadne
My favorite podcast. Stephan doesn’t sugar coat or mince his words. A must for the intellectually curious.
Stefan really is concerned, he really does care, and he really wants what is best. Sticking to the truth gets you killed these days; Stefan Molyneux fearlessly tackles our nation’s toughest public issues and questions.
I can’t recommend this podcast enough!!! Definitely give it a listen if you want to learn how to utilize philosophy to become a better person. Highly instructive, interesting and entertaining.
I enjoy listening to call-ins. Stefan makes some interesting points and I’ve learned a lot about people and even things I didn’t realize about myself and the relationship I have with my parents. After listening to Stefan, I feel I am less willing to put up with things from my mom and I’ve even slowly began challenging my parents. It’s also helped me with raising my own child. I don’t agree with everything Stefan says, but he’s definitely given me stuff to think about.
He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about but most of the time doesn’t. I generally like his feelings on our overreaching government but much of his show is good ol unfounded conspiracy theories. Also could stand for him to stop telling everyone having kids solves everything.
Good podcasts but fergodsakes quit gulping into the microphone when you take a drink of water.
Only listened to one episode and agreed with several points but underwhelmed by the fact that that he didn’t remember that Manson girl had a gun a fired numerous shots after falling into pool?


I started listening years ago and the logic Stefan holds on many topics is phenomenal. I would say it’s a “breathe of fresh air” although I’m listening to the podcast. Keep it up! I’ll be sure to donate again.
Stefan has a way of breaking down what I think is a very complex subject (Philosophy) and make it easy to understand.
...way too much Billie Eilish talk.
Thank you for your invaluable contribution to society!
Has some of the most challenging conversations on the internet. Worth a listen for every adult.
Reintroducing scientific racism to a new generation. The old idea that IQ differences between people explain poverty. When I look up what the science on his claims are his arguments fall apart. His parenting advice is sound. But the right wing monologues are basically Herman Caine with a cool accent.
Stef, thank you for the thought bites. Keep em coming! Perfect for our too fast paced world. Able to share with the shortest attention spans. Super Stef!
This guy is super smart. His points are thought provoking to say the least
People should be careful when listening to this, he has been called out for cult like behavior.
Stef you are a good man doing a very difficult thing and we (your followers) are grateful for that.
Just found out Molyneux refuses to debate JF Gariepy because Molyneux is afraid. Instead, Molyneux spreads lies about JF. I’m unsubscribing to his podcast and removing him from my life.
I can’t think of anyone that has influenced my thinking more than Stefan Molyneux. Before I was exposed to Freedomain Radio, I had no framework with which to process new information. Freedomain has not only given me a moral framework to work with, but it continually challenges everything I think I know about the world. Highly, highly recommended!
Molyneux is basically a right wing SJW His Symptoms- Idiocracy Snowflakeery Closed Mindedness
If you want to know what hooked me on, it the podcast “fall of Rome.” Listen to his call ins or explanations about genes... you will be blowed away and might have to change your thinking to what will help you grow! Thank you Stefan!
Positive self improvement. Political arguements. Philosophical exploration. Parenting and relationship tips. The podcast has made a better man out of me.
Stefan’s call in shows have had a great affect on my life because he goes through hundreds of issues people are having and many of them applied to me. The best way for me to get the most out of this experience is to see how my life is similar to the caller. This is how I’ve been fixing my life slowly and I’ve become a better person because of it. Thank you Stef! Lots of work left for me to go through and it’s tough, but I see results in my life.
Keep up the amazing interviews and great work, I play these podcast for others and have had great results. thank you
Best show on philosphy I've found. Thanks Stefan.
This podcast is amazing. Stefan is my lifeboat in a sea of murky spin, and outright hypocrisy. His arguments are based on facts and logic, which have informed, and expanded my philosophical viewpoint. Highly recommend.
Stefan brings the complicated concepts of philosophy from the ages to the practical level for the unlearned. He is intellectually honest with himself and his audience, and isn’t afraid to challenge his audience and callers. There is no other show out there quite like this show. The effort and care he puts into it is superhuman. Unhampered and uncensored by sponsors or governmental funding, he is completely supported by donations. I have been listening for a year or so and have had my eyes open to my own flaws and shortcomings like dark scales falling from the eyes. Check out this podcast. With reason, evidence, and a whole lot of chutzpah, Stefan takes on the world of sophistry and untruth from his little white-walled studio using his bald headed power-brain. Absolutely love this show. Keep up the incredible work, Stefan.
Stefan Molyneux changed my life.


I started to listen to Stefan 3 years ago, I wasn’t watching news or reading newspapers at that time already because I do not understand how the MSM are so slanted! I was misinformed. Then I found Stefan via Tommy Sotomayer as I was watching Tommy cuz I think he is very funny. Then the gateway video of “the story of your enslavement” I was hooked! Within a week, I made my monthly donation, which if anyone who knows me, knows I am a tightwads with money! I do not agreed with everything Stefan say but at least he made me think about it or debate about it inside my head. To Stefan and Mike, please keep up the good work! BTW, where is the German guy that used to work for Freedomain??
Listening to this podcast has had a profound impact on my life for the positive. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough!
Not only is Stefan saving civilization, but he also has fundamentally changed my life forever.
This is simply one of the best podcasts available. If only more people would listen. Ever feel like our culture is a runaway train? Stefan is on the brake, but he needs our help.