Red Man Laughing

Reviews For Red Man Laughing

Wow! So Coool! My brain is on fire to have discovered this podcast. How do I help?
Seriously. Very thought provoking. So shut up and listen.
This podcast not only uncovers the unwholesome premise of Settler Colonialism on the colonised and the colonisers but also points a way forwards to indigenous ways. Many esteemed guests sharing wisdom and knowledge to educate settler culture and empower indigenous culture. And still room for a good chuckle.
Keep it coming Mahone. Nish pride!
Insightful, passionate, and funny. Red Man Laughing engages the reality of soverign nations that is so often ignored by the mainstream in North America. Go Ryan McMahon!
Although Minnesotan and non-Indigenous, I find Red Man Laughing , with its focus on Canadian tribes, their history and their current living situation, to be very thoughtful, honest and informative. Ryan McMahon is funny, but the subject matter is often very serious. Good presentation.
What a generous offering to all those committed to finding their way out of colonization... kind thanks to you!
One Ryan McMahon podcast just isn't enough.
Thank you so much for creating and continuing this podcast, and to all of those who have participated in it. It’s been an *incredible* source for learning, with such insightful, honest, and wise interviews from people coming from so many different territories, histories, perspectives, and generations — and I haven’t even finished a whole season yet! I have recommended this to so many people — thank you for all you do!!
Stumbled across this podcast; good stuff indeed!!
love this podcast. definitely worth listening to.
hilarious and heartfelt, Ryan takes the listener through his own process as well as introduces amazing guests. There has not been one episode that I haven't enjoyed.
Ryan nails it with a comedic approach to serious matters. The conversations with well respected guests helps the discussion balance on seriousness and comedy. If you’re looking for a smart comedic approach to issues affecting Indigenous/Native people than subscribe. If you’re looking for someone keeping it real (do the kids still say that?) and an hour of straight fun, subscribe.
Keep up the good work
I'm living over here in Europe, in my own ethnic aboriginal land (white people), but Canadian born and raised. This show inspires something in me to want to return and do something for that land called Canada that I had planned to leave forever.
We need more voices out there. Passing your podcast knowledge was awesome. I just got mine started. Thanks for all you do!
Omg this podcast tho!!!!!!!
I love this pod cast! It has everything - humor wisdom and excellent interviews from our most important tribal leaders and elders! Ahhhh Siiiiiiit!
This is an exceptional podcast. Ryan talks about all the important concepts that our young people should be talking about - decolonization, self-determination all the old struggles. The music and the guests are REAL no BS gives you a lot to think about
The interviews are great - very educational and the music is daaaaa shiiiiiitttt!
Great job Ryan. Always insightful and spot on. Keep the podcasts coming for those of us in the lower 48 who can't make it up to Canada eh!