Survival Medicine

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Practical and well grounded information. Being prepared for emergencies isn’t just for the zombie apocalypse. Doc and Amy do a good job of putting everything into layman’s terms and make knowledge accessible for everyone.
Its good
As an herbalist and prepper I was so excited to find this podcast. I tried a few episodes and was disappointed to find that it's mostly banter about their own lives with only a few minutes of useful information per show. Bummer!
Some of this info is not readily available to the laymen with expert opinion. Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy are true Patriots for teaching us what many would be too afraid or arrogant to put out.
I've tried a half dozen random episodes, and find the useful nuggets would fit in about 10-15 minutes. The first 20 is always banter between Doc Bones and Nurse Amy, attempts to sell their books and training, last 10+ are attempts to sell whatever the interviewee is offering with lots of selling in between. Time is too valuable to listen to the same pitches over and over again.