Reviews For The Latchkey Tales: Stories from the haunted heart of San Francisco

Spot-on, reviewers! While possible inspirations or influences behind these stories range widely-- from the crisp Twilight Zone/ voice of Rod Sterling style "host", Victoriana 1895, to a new wave Chun Li (Street Fighter) & other plucky heroines most any one can root for-- the original twists Hahn relishes upon them is exciting. Each character and nuance is vividly etched, whether dryly hilarious, satirically cheeky, or poignant. The podcast form Hahn employs is sheer pleasure, close your eyes and savor...the well acted narrative and dialogue, the creepy sound effects, etc, but these stories would be stirring in a variety of forms, and definitely bear repeat listenings.
I listen to a lot of Podiobooks and this is top notch. Great story, good narration and voice acting and the sound effects are so good I have to take my headphones out just to see if they're part of the podcast or if they're real life as I live in San Francisco. I'm on Book 3 anxiously awaiting episode 5, I burned through the first two books in just a few days. NO WEEDS IN MY GARDEN! Thanks MJ keep them coming.


By Rad_CPA
Great teen fiction that appeals to adults. Very entertaining and well produced.
I loved the first story when it was called the Bellefaire Podcast back in '09, even though it was a little rough around the edges. This is a new version of the first story, and the narration is much stronger than before. Congrats to M.J. Hahn on the new improvements! I'm already done with book 2 and I'm totally hooked (again.) Looking forward to getting into Book 3!
Been a huge fan of M J from the very first episode. The stories of strange events , sometimes supernatural set in a very real setting are fantastic. Well written and M J's reading of his stories are some of the best I've ever listened to.
my favorite podcast, great characters and stories, one of the very best, try it you will like it!
These Latchkey Tales are some of the best fiction out there, and M.J. Hahn produces them with precision, and brings the characters vividly to life. He has assembled a talented voice cast and I look forward to every episode with joy when it arrives in my podcatcher!
Very entertaining, with characters you just want more, more, more of.
Great podcast
The Latchkey Tales are topnotch. By far one of the best podcasts that I have come across to date. I have no idea how these stories haven't been optioned for movies. I would also love to see these go into print - MJ, if you start a Kickstarter campaign, I'm in. While the demographic is primarily young adults, the older set (I'm 40) who likes an off-beat supernatural tale will appreciate this as well. The voice narration is really quite good, and the story is quite engaging (I couldn't wait for the next episode). Subscribe to the feed; you will not be disappointed.