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You helped my closeted lgbt christian bee🐝🐝


I met this guy years ago in Peoria.
Truly appreciate Tres biblical understand of this. The scriptures are helpful. Follow this episode with the dysfunctional family episode for great learning.
I started listening to this podcast around May when I had a spiritual awakening. I can say that it has definitely strengthen my relationship with myself and God since then!
Tres is a very unselfish person to share his knowledge of counseling with world. Tres obviously cares that his fellow human succeed in all avenues and stages of life. There are few like him in this grab all get all give little world. Thanks Tres for your unding devotion to helping others my hats off to you Sir.
Oh my goodness sweet friends, if you want to know about the reality of complex issues such as narcissism, this podcast where he is trying to break down what it is is completely, 100% wrong. Narcissism is rampant in the church. I would say within the church there are more narcissists than not , and incredible amounts of multi-generational narcissistic abuse. Narcissism is very covert and sneaky because a lot of times a narcissist is not the typical pop culture view, they are not all flashy and gorgeous and super into themselves, but rather narcissism is rooted in apathy, self-loathing, and un-dealt-with multi generational abuse. The gentleman on this podcast speaks about how we are not supposed to be into ourselves. But unfortunately, the only way that you can overcome narcissistic abuse or help to overcome being a narcissist or suffering with narcissistic personality disorder is to truly learn how to love yourself and stop being rooted in shame about your entire being. I cannot tell you how wrong this podcast is. It’s absolutely infuriating and makes a mockery of something which drastically affects most American families. When you start to realize that God is within you, you start to realize how ridiculous it is to diminish yourself.
Thank you so very much for this episode. It has been an enormous blessing in helping me deal with a long time difficult family member. Love your pod casts! Very thankful for you and your ministry.


By SamW907
I stumbled upon this podcast and listed to 1 episode ‘Responding to a Narcissist’ & was blown away at how spot on Tres was. His style was very straightforward, knowledgeable, and easy to listen to. I will definitely be listening to more!!
This pod cast I recently found. I counsel often and though I don’t have “an official “ degree, using Gods Word, wisdom, experience and pod casts like this is a great tool to bring hope and wisdom to a desperate society and Church. Thank you so much!
Love LOVE this podcast. I’m currently in school to become a Christian family & marriage counselor and am finding SO much richness of info. here for my personal life and to file away for present and future use in giving hope to others. Thank you!
I've listened to a few episodes and can already tell this is a podcast that I will listen to every episode. They are short and to the point, entertaining and seem to contain a lot of good advice, looking forward to more episodes! Thanks!
Great podcasts dude, keep them up. They're very helpful! :)
Found this podcast by searching for Christian Positive Thinking. LOVE the simple menu. Made it easy to find what I needed. And there is an episode for every subject!! So grateful I found this!! Going to be sharing a lot!!
I am from west Phoenix but live and work overseas. Really enjoy the podcast: practical, honest, and gracious!
Dude you rule, looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts!