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Thank you for sharing your women in ministry sermon with the world. Thank you for hiring your new female pastor. As a woman in ministry myself we need the voices of men who support women, not because we are women but because we are human beings-beloved children of God.


By Kalah V
Thank you for sharing your sermon on women in ministry! It was deeply impactful and I am going to explore the additional resources you provided.
One of my favorite podcasts. Well done. Keep up the great work Shane.
Shane and his incredible guests are shining the brightest of lights on what it means to be a Christian in our current culture. Bold, truthful, and relatable are just a few words I'd use to describe the time you'll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Shane - keep up the great work!
Shane is very likeable. He's got a gentle spirit about him and a refreshing honesty without the brutal, dogmatic approach often found in those who are theologicallyl minded and heavily invested in the Scriptures. Check out Unbelievable? and Ask NT Wright Anything as well, for some great perspectives.
This podcast helps keep me connected to the authors/theologians/scholars/pastors I should be listening to and reading.
Shane is a fabulous interviewer -- I look forward to every podcast. I discovered the podcast about a year ago when I was looking for interviews with NT Wright and have gone back to listen to almost every episode. Shane has introduced me to so many new authors, and has helped me fill my bookshelves with dozens of life-giving books.
I have enjoyed the broad spectrum of guests and perspectives but soon came to feel that every guest was a friend because I rarely heard any pushback or disagreement from Shane. Surely he can’t agree with every guest and perspective shared, can he? I had to stop listening because it began to feel like a fan club more than a place where truth is honestly sought out.
I got hooked in when I listened to my pastor (Jordan Seng) on your show. I love every episode. Thank you for your hard work.
Shane asks the best questions and is amazingly intuitive with his guests. I recommend to anyone.
Brings thoughtful insight to current topics where faith and culture meet. Makes theology relevant and timely without resorting to academic jargon
This podcast is an amazing resource for all church leaders, authors and thinkers. I look forward to the in depth theological conversations and authentic insight that is packed into each episode. Thank you Shane for this incredible work!
Shane does a great job with his interview questions. He also does a good job of allowing the people he is interviewing to express themselves without undo interruptions or taking over the conversation. The interview with Curt Thompson was especially meaningful to me. Thanks!
I appreciate Shane's interview method and style as well as his work to ask smart questions that result in the expression of great wisdom and experience. I so appreciate these episodes. Great work!
Just listened to the May 2017 podcast featuring Tish Harrison Warren and Jonathan Warren on women in ministry. Great time of exploring exegetically and historically this important topic of the church.
These days are hard. Shane's voice is a calm and needed voice of kindness, openness, and reason that is often lacking from the types of discussion he is willing to have.
If unfounded opinion and speculation are what you want, than perhaps you will find entertainment in this podcast. It may be entertaining, but it will likely not be informational. Information, those things based on fact or experience, is absent.
Seminary Dropout is a refreshingly honest and thoughtful conversation. Each episode offers new perspectives and questions without feeling "over the head." Episodes feel timely and needed - whether within my own life or Chistian culture in general. Thanks, Shane!
Shane features a variety of guests and tackles tough topics head on. As a black woman who thinks about race and church a lot but rarely finds people who are open to talk about it in deep and thoughtful ways, I've been relieved to hear Shane address these issues head on.
If you have listened to a lot of Christian podcasts like me, you have noticed a divide. There are podcasts that are helpful and deep but intensely dry. Then there are the podcasts which are funny and engaging, but usually poorly produced and unfocused. This podcast is a perfect balance. The production quality is fantastic, each show is engaging and funny but stays on topic, and the topics are helpful to the modern Christian mind. Thank you Shane!
So, I am not a seminary drop out, I did in fact finish my M Div. I have worked with marginalized communities my whole life, even during my 9 years as an ordained clergy. I am, however, and ordained ministry dropout. I returned to my work before ordination, in the mental health industry. I appreciate your open reviews of Christian works and authors. I listen while traveling on my work between impoverished communities and to state agencies trying to seek support for all God's people. I love your questions in the greater work of God's people. I could say many things about your work, and yet I will limit my comments to this, "Thank you." In listening to you I keep my mind better focused on the bigger picture; that the truth in the world is more gray in the real world than black and white. Many seek black and white, but it escapes them, and then they question their world view, and forget faith does not exist without questions. So thank you for lifting these questions within our Christian community. Respectfully, Rev Jerry M Gilmer, M. Div, MA, LPC
As a person of color who is passionate about God's heart for the unjust social conditions of our nation I have felt isolated in the intersection of social justice and evangelicalism. In this podcast I have found COMMUNITY! I am so thankful to Shane for inviting some of the most incredible theological minds of our time and especially that he has elected to interview people who's experiences and appearances are not his own. THIS is what it is for us to demonstrate value in the diversity of the body of Christ. Not as an unwanted necessity to remain politically correct, but as a conviction to experience the fullness of the heart of God. Praise be to God for this small space of the universe that is honoring him and his creation in such a way.
This is one of my favorite podcast! Well done, balanced and very relevant.
I love this podcast. The style is conversational, and I love the fearlessness in the topics addressed. So good to get differing, thoughtful perspectives.
I really enjoy the podcast. I would hope that Shane would challenge some of the positions/ideas his guests present. This could be done respectfully as a way to probe the validity of, and explain, the guest’s position. It doesn’t have to be a debate.
This is my favorite podcast. The content of this cast does a masterful job of blending both ancient Christian turths with revevent application in today's world. I've often found myself challenged and made uncomfortable while listening - in a most excellent way! I recommend this podcast to anyone looking to exand their spiritual horizons beyond their own local communities and churches.


I just did this to be rater 199 since there are surely a few waiting in the wings to be number "200." Also I love and appreciate Shane.
Love the recent emphasis on diverse voices.
The perfect balance of deconstruction and orthodoxy!
Love this podcast! It's my #1 go-to podcast each week.
I listen to many podcasts and sermons each week. But I gotta say, thank you Shane for providing my favorite podcast ever! I often get tired of listening to the same podcasts week after week, so I unsubscribe. But this one has such a special place with me. I love how he brings in guests from all over the spectrum. He brings in super nerds, unstudied people, musicians, authors, pastors, libertarians, marginalized people, mega church goes on! And he doesn't talk too much. But even if he did, I wouldn't care! Haha. It's good cause I'm a middle class white dude from the Bay Area (which is pretty diverse). But it is really nice to be stretched in ways that I am not always stretched.
Listening to this podcast for about a year now has made me a more thoughtful and well-rounded Christian. I've read at least 6 books based on the interviews, and come across many ideas that helped me think in fresh ways. Nothing cynical or slick/commercial about Shane Blackshear's tone. He is always well-prepared, and his style/tone is thoughtful without ever becoming cold or academic. I eagerly await each new episode.
A friend recommended this to me and I can't be more thankful. I've enjoyed the exposure to new (to me) ways of thinking about our life with God and how to live more fully into who Jesus called us to be. Thanks, Shane!
I've only listened to two installments so far and they have both been so, so good. I wanted to hear listen to Brian Zahnd because I knew of him during his Word of Faith tenure and then recently his association with Simply Jesus. Then the episode with Jonathan Martin, which I didn't know I NEEDED to hear, but I did. Thank you!
I love this podcast! The guests are so diverse and I've learned to much and have been challenged to research further on a bunch of other topics. I first found Seminary Dropout because of a guest that I was already familiar with, but have enjoyed Shane's interviewing technique and converstaions with many of the people I hadn't ben exposed to before just as much!
Been listening since episode many different voices I've learned from and been encouraged by through this podcast. Thanks Shane!
As a pastor who hopes to never stop growing I am so glad I have found this podcast. I truly enjoy the wide range of voices that get interviewed as well as the books that are discussed. My only problem is after just one week of binge listening my “to read list” has grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you for this insightful podcast!
Very helpful podcast in the process of deconstructing and reconstructing my faith and how I read the Bible. Many interviews have also been very relevant to my grappling with my identity as follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mama. Sarah Bessey #104 and Shane Claiborne #006 were the first episodes I listened to and still stick in my mind. I love to listen to Shane's latest interviews while my two toddlers nap in the middle of the day. Thanks Shane!
I love the interviews Shane has. He asks tough questions that aren't usually asked of people. The guests on his show are phenomenal!
Seriously the topics discussed in this episode expressed things I couldn't explain. My shame fueled church experiences nearly caused me to lose my faith entirely. I'm so glad I gave this podcast a listen, and look forward to more insightful interviews.
Wide range of guests, and wide-ranging conversations. It doesn't seem to be intentionally edgy, more like edgy becasue it's interesting, authentic conversations with people who share a commitment to that all too rare kind of christian faith that's not in service to a different agenda.
Seminary Dropout fills a much needed hole in the internet: A place for inspiring stories and meaningful dialogue on what is happening in the church and our world. Come for the guests—everyone from NT Wright to Jen Hatmaker—and stay for Shane’s top-notch interviewing skills.
I would trust Shane with my life…ok so maybe that is coming off a little strong, but I would at least say that you can trust that you will fall in love with his podcast “Seminary Dropout”. I remember how impressed I was by the quality and content from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better!
Great for Christians interested in their faith academically
If there's one thing I really appreciate about this podcast, it's that it doesn't place itself on the "right" or "left", offering a swath of perspectives that rest within the beautiful diversity of the Body of Christ. Shane asks great questions that always cut to the heart of the matter and his guests aren't afraid to speak into the great chaos and messiness of life. I consistently walk away hopeful for the future of the Church!
The breadth of topics and thinkers alone is enough to warrant a listen, but it's Shane's humility and thoughtfulness as an interviewer that makes Seminary Dropout a profound platform for diverse theological ideas and thoughtful, objective discussions. I have been challenged by many of his guests and the ideas they bring to the table. So many times I forsake listening to music in my car or at work to hear the latest episode.


I loved episode 111! I just started a few weeks ago. This is a must listen!
This podcast has really impacted my faith in the best possible way. Seminary Dropout has helped me see that following Jesus has many different facets. Great podcast with really cool guests that are relevant and interesting. Shane is a really great host and interviewer. I love to listen as many of the guests I am familiar with and many that I am not but glad to have now found them because of Seminary Dropout. Give it a listen if you want to grow in Christ.