The Chris Downey Podcast

Reviews For The Chris Downey Podcast

Love this podcast - so entertaining to hear about what could have been. I feel like I'm listening in on a writer's room and learning how each different story develops.
This podcast is a hoot! The truth about writers: often when they are in a room trying to complete a job they have, they create an entirely different project they will never sell. Each Downey Files episode is the story about how one of those crazy projects might come to exist. Maybe writers should work together more often on projects if this is what they can create (or maybe not...)
I think it's interesting to 'see' this process; very entertaining and informative for writers & non-writers alike. I just wish the sound was better since there's often an issue with the mic picking up the guests' voices. Even using noise-canceling headphones & volume cranked up, I can't listen to the podcasts on the train because the ambient noise drowns out half of the conversation. If that could be corrected, I could give this podcast 5 stars.
This podcast is hilarious but also extremely useful for aspiring writers. It helps understand the process of writing and how bad ideas can become gems or the inception of superior ideas later on. A must listen.
Jim has some notes. He's on the satellite.