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I have really enjoyed the Roll On episodes, they provide deep, thoughtful and positive analysis on today’s current events. Thank You for taking this risk and pivoting to include Roll On along with the regular guest inverview Pod Casts.
I’ve listened to Rich and been a fan from the beginning; frankly, I started skipping some episodes as they were repetitive. His partnering with Adam for Roll On episodes has rejuvenated my interest in the podcast - they make a great team, providing insightful, informed, meaningful conversation on issues that affect all aspects of our health and well-being, both physical and psychological.
Long time listener but the new Roll On miniseries are my favorite episodes. I could listen to Rich and Adam banter on for hours. I appreciate the honesty and willingness to converse about difficult topics. It’s refreshing and inspiring. Keep them coming!!!
I’ve been listening to rich since day 1 and quickly became hooked. This podcast is by far one of the best ones out there because he doesn’t stick to a specific narrative and continues to speak to truth about being as helpful as possible to better people’s lives. Every conversation he has brings in a different point a view and shines a new light on topics that are incredibly important and necessary. Rich has changed my life in more ways than one. I credit this podcast to changing the way I think and operate as a human being. Long story short I left a career that was sucking me dry and opened me up to a life that is now full of joy, purpose and fulfillment. This podcast is the first one I share with others and can’t speak enough praise about it. Thank you so very much for being you and being someone that stands proudly as the “lighthouse” you always speak to. The world is certainly a better place because of you. 🙏🏻
Thank you for pivoting to some politics. It is so important to be in touch with reality.
Been listening off and on from the start. I really like some of the new show formats. This show is starting to evolve and take some risk. I personally will always be a fan of the health, fitness, and nutrition interviews. I would like to suggest some audience write-in QA shows once a month or so.
I initially came to the podcast for the great guests and advice about diet and exercise. But, have now found myself really enjoying the roll on rants. Keep it up. Long time listener, first time reviewer.👍
I have listened since the beginning. I love the interviews of old...with athletes, coaches, and health experts. Lately the episodes are too political.
I subscribed to this podcast and initially really enjoyed it for the most part. David Goggins and all the athletes are inspiring. With that said, the podcast has become political and I didn’t subscribe to hear politics. There’s enough of that elsewhere. Mass generalizations and judgments turned me off. Officially unsubscribed.
I love the way your podcast has pivoted. You're obviously still following your higher self. I think about Julie teaching you that years and years ago. :)
Although every episode isn’t necessarily for me, there is a tremendous amount of fulfilling content in this podcast. The episodes I do connect with really seem to get me thinking in ways I might not have otherwise. Rich’s book, Finding Ultra, is really good as well and was instrumental in my recovery from alcohol addiction.
Going to have to unsubscribe with one more political interview- the division of the country comes from your unsubstantiated opinions on your platform.
It’s hard to escape the constant chiding from political sides. I used to love this show. It still has wonderful moments but, it’s getting more political.
Your authenticity and vulnerability in the conversations you have are what make this so great. Thank you for all the work that goes into this!
Dear Rich, Julie and crew, You have deeply touched my life and the lives of so many of my patients. I am living a more peaceful, awake and impactful life (still a work in progress) because of the insights I have gained listening (and running) to your podcast. I routinely prescribe episodes of your podcast for my patients! With gratitude, Samantha Siegel, MD
Rich Roll saved my life. From being active to veganism to Guru Singh, Rich never fails to motivate and inspire in the most eloquent ways possible. The influence this podcast has had on my life could never be put into words. Peace and Plants
Easily my favorite podcast. Listening to rich and his guests are my therapy sessions every week. This podcast keeps me thinking, keeps me listening and keeps me doing.
In Episode 553, a listener asked a question about alcohol. Rich has no qualifications to answer these questions other than his personal story. He should make this clear at the outset, so the listener doesn’t get the idea he’s some sort of coach, advisor, etc. In fact it’s dangerous to listeners that Rich answers these types of questions. Instead, Rich gladly answers questions that are best directed to trained professionals. Rich chided the same listener for perhaps having alcohol abuse problems, while being in health
I’m always left feeling motivated and inspired. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to feel uplifted! Rich Roll interviews so many great minds and his questions and dialogue is poignant and full of purpose and intention.
There’s many episodes on this podcast that I have gotten extreme value from. However when it starts to get political I can no longer listen! The athlete stories are my favorite!
I really like listening to Julia, she’s so knowledgeable and has me thinking 🤔
Loved #550 with Michael Gervais..I loved how honest Rich is about what’s going on in the world. He walks a great line without being too preachy. I love what he shared about his daughters. I can totally relate with my own. But what cracks me up every the end of his podcast.. he whispers... ” Peace and Plants”....if he weren’t such a genuinely great guy, you might think it’s creepy.


Rich Roll was a huge inspiration to me. After reading his book I started training for a marathon and adopted a vegan lifestyle. I looked forward to his podcasts, but since covid/protests/2020 election season it’s just not the same anymore. I don’t listen to his podcasts for that. It seems that he can’t get away from injecting political speech into every podcast now, whatever the subject. So sadly, I unsubscribed. Maybe one day the Rich Roll podcast will return to what it use to be.
I started listening a 2 years back by accident, when I decided I wanted only to put positive content into my life while I was trying to change my lifestyle. Not being your typical demographic. Being a 55 year old Long Island house wife, just staring a walk/jog program to avoid medication from my Dr.. Your podcast is motivating and mind opening at the same time. You have introduced me to so many deep thinkers and Ideas that would of never crossed my path. I spread the good news I hear on your podcasts to everyone I know. Your take what you need and leave the rest approach makes the podcast very relatable and human. The highlight of my day is my hour out in nature listening the podcast. Keep doing what you are doing it is changing lives. Thank You.
Several months ago you woke up to the fact that women are excluded. Today you mention LeBron James, Matthew McConnaughy, and Ethan Hawke. No women. I see a Erin Brockovich is a guest but in general you don’t plug women's work. Why may that be? There aren’t any worthwhile podcasts by women maybe? There aren’t any women working to get the vote out? And of course there is Oprah in the self help arena but she’s frequently ridiculed (not on your show of course). I love your show...I’m just sayin.
I’ve listened to Rich since he began this podcast. I read Finding Ultra twice. Lately he’s been allowing some questionable sponsors (mushroom coffee)? endorsing “superfoods” and not sticking to the objective science. I still listen but RRP its not core media for me they way it was a few years ago. Not giving up, maybe he’ll get back on the path.
To be honest loving the “ROLL ON” more than regular show, and I’ve listened since first episode in Hawaii, but tapered off. As far as minimalist running, you tried it already ( mentioned in Finding Ultra) but I felt you we not patient en to have an effect. DONT run in five fingers, they limit your toes movement. That was the mistake I did back in 2011. Run in sandals, try; Luna sandals, that’s all I run in on trails, even in your area, Malibu Creek State park. They give the freedom of toe movement. I’m 55 and have been doing this now for about 10 years and will never go back to shoes. I never even herd of that dude you mentioned running barefoot, only because this has been going on for a long time, nothing new, just not payed attention to since maximist shoes started trending. Good luck and be patient.
Rich Roll brings thoughtful knowledge to the forefront ever so eloquently. He has amazing guests and inspiring content. I Can not say enough good things about the podcast.
I haven’t seen it but Rich Roll sounds like Rock Roll
I have listened to most of 3 episodes and found lots of talking that was articulate but went no where and added no value to my life. It was more like eavesdropping of the host’s life. While he is well spoken & thoughtful, I feel it focused on the guest & host but not on content that would help someone shape views, connect dots, or facilitate real change. Just relatable chatter. I prefer to learn something but this podcast might be a good fit for someone just looking for intelligent company.
Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Towards the end you two discussed the youngsters coming up. I think both of you should design a social/well-being program for charter schools. How to begin each morning; how to end each day; the importance of song/ singing; teach the importance of correct breathing, etc. Charter schools have more freedom to develop and pursue broader mission plans.
Rich Roll is an incredible human. He lives his word. And his intelligence and passion for critical thinking and improving quality of life for anyone and everyone is only matched by his phenomenal guests and their enlightening, entertaining, fascinating conversations. This show has enriched my life in every way, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’m so grateful for Rich Roll and the Rich Roll Podcast!
The Rich Roll podcast is fantastic! 🌼
I’m definitely a RRpc fan but I just listen to episodes that interest me, not every one. That said I LOVE every Roll On. Adam is a great addition. The informed multiple topics are wonderful. Keep it up. More would be very welcome. ✨🙌🏼💛
Wonderful guests, thoughtful dialogue, active listening. So engaging. Thank you, Rich!!
Dr. B is amazing and as he always does, Rich made this one of his best ever. Dr B’s “Finer Fueled” is a must read!!!
I’ve listened to this podcast for a long time and figured it’s about time to leave a review! Rich Roll does an amazing job interviewing guests, he clearly prepares well and does his research on each person. The conversations flow so naturally and he truly dives deep with each person. Always leaves me with something to think about! I’d recommend this podcast for pretty much anyone, Rich Roll has covered so many different topics, I’m sure there’s a episode that’ll peak your interest! Thank you for your work RR!
Rich Roll walks the talk and spreads the love!
Absolutely love this podcast and the deep dives that result in genuine interviews. Love listening to these during my training runs!
This podcast is fertile ground, sink your toes in and grow. If you need help improving the way you eat, exercise, or connect with other people this podcast does it all. The conversations are long because the interviews go deep, and Rich Roll is a truly great interviewer. He is always prepared with perspectives and questions you won’t hear anywhere else. I have been listening to the Rich Roll Podcast for many years and the consistent quality and inspiration has impacted every area of my life for the better. Once again I am at a very challenging moment in my life, and listening to Rich Roll is inspiring me to pick myself up and put in the work to live my best life. If I could only listen to one podcast this is the one.
Please come back, Rich. We miss you.
It’s a good podcast. The conversations are authentic. Facing and overcoming difficulties will always be relevant and therefore your podcast is evergreen. Thank you rich for sharing your story and inviting us to hear others share theirs. So to answer your question at the end of almost podcast, “I think we did it”, you’ve challenged me, called me out, given me hope, inspired me and I’m sure countless others. So yes rich, you did it. Thank you brother.
Complete leftist view of today’s world. I was looking forward to learning more how to better myself and day to day. Got through about 15 minutes before turned off.
The RRP has changed my life in many ways. Rich you’re a wonderful, kind, patience, inquisitive host and have inspired me so much during my 20s. Unfortunately, lately the vibes have changed. It’s no longer the place I go to feel sunnier inside and reconnect with the beauty and abundance of the world. It’s now too serious! Feels overproduced. Rich, you’ve been such a positive male voice in my life. Keep doing you and I’ll keep listening.
Rich, his guests, his interview skills, the broad range of topics and even the production of the episodes - all top notch. In a world oversaturated with podcasts, his always rates at the top.
This was one my favorite podcasts but it has become a leftist take on life. I used to love all the long form interviews of athletes, celebrities and others, and especially enjoyed the stories of folks who pulled themselves out of a pit to realize new success in life. It was all so wonderful and inspiring, and Rich was a gifted interviewer who always seemed so real and beautifully human. Now? It’s like Rich is more interested in convincing his listeners that he’s woke. I’m open to all political points of view but unless your life view is extreme leftist liberal this one is going to be difficult to enjoy. I’m done with it for awhile but I may check back down the road to see if it gets better. Sad to go.
The episodes from 3/20 on have just been hard to listen to. It’s like Rich is trying too hard. Too much talk about the podcast itself. I have been unable to finish one in months. The genuine nature of the podcast has eroded. Instead of interesting dialogue with a guest there is too much self-exposing with Rich always trying to express himself in some piffy trend setting way(virtue signaling, woke...etc). Too much self absorption- note the constant brand logo changes, set changes, show music etc etc. I keep trying because I used to love this podcast, but it is not getting better. Stick to health, Veganism, spirituality, sleep, exercising, meditation. Lectures on society’s ills are boring. Just like the program- don’t lecture- tell your story. Let the guests tell their story. The last great guest you had was Shane Parrish and his podcasts stick to his formula. He’s not branching out past his capabilities. I’m not saying you can’t do this but slow your roll- pun intended. Now we have the Rich Roll coffee table book and a subscription model on the way. All in the spirit of trying to connect with my listeners in a different way? Call it what it is. Soul crushing capitalism. Count me out.