French for Beginners

Reviews For French for Beginners

I love listening to this podcast while on long bike rides. The story line keeps me interested and the lessons are relatable and helpful. The progressive nature of slowly adding more and more French dialog happens very naturally. It has really helped me with my vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s a great tool!
For everyone wanting the supplemental material—Just google “news and slow French beginner” and it will come up. It’s on an outdated webpage on but it’s there. You’re welcome
I listen every day while I work. I wish the link to the website was functional so I could study the lesson plans, but it’s not.
I have really mixed feelings about this podcast...the lessons are nice, but the student characters are so incredibly obnoxious that I almost stopped listening. Michelle is a vapid twit who is obsessed with her weight and has a very shallow, stereotypical view of life in France and Kevin sounds like a spoiled kid with a bad attitude. I only keep listening because Valerie and her no nonsense comebacks are fairly entertaining.
Easy to remember! I don’t get the criticisms... thanks for the great work!
This is a really cute way to learn French. Especially for beginners. Bring it back!!! The acting is JUST FINE!! its supposed to be easier to hear in an english accent. Especially for beginners!!
Michelle's character is so poorly written/acted and her accent is so atrocious that it only serves as an example of what NOT to sound like. I think this entire series is sub-par (compared to the Italian version) for what it is and should be re-written re-cast and redone - I expect more from this brand. I went through it for the content but the annoying voices and dumb writing and poor examples ruined the experience and made me less excited about this particular podcast. Learning should be fun - not patronizing and annoying.
Not a good way to learn the most beautiful language on earth The French speaker speaks beautifully and is much easier to understand, but far from enough.
The sexist and insensitive language is cringeworthy at best (episode 2 describes someone as “retarded”). It’s like it was written in the 1980s. If you can grit your teeth through all that, it’s a very effective program.
Like everyone else, it would be nice to know what the website is and where to find the flash cards.


I simply love this podcast! So sad its got to an end :(
Lessons are weirdly sexist
It's one thing when the speaker/actress is a native and speaks extremely slow. However it's another thing when the speaker isn't a native and have a very distinguished English accent and speaks slow. I can't understand half the things she's saying because of that. I prefer learning from natives...
I learned maybe one word for each podcast that I listened to. The acting was hokey and a ridiculous premise to teaching the language. The “Low Fat Croissant” episode, for example, had more on the “student’s” stupid juice cleanse that she was on than anything else. It literally was 15 minutes about the woman’s stupid diet and nearly nothing about learning French. Save your time and your ears.


So helpful!! I love this!
I love this podcast but I can't find the website address to study the course. Can someone please share that website address with me?
An extremely effective resource! I enjoy listening to and practicing the exercises when I'm taking longing drives.
Where can I obtain the flash cards referred to in the lessons?