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Reviews For Access Consciousness

I listen to Access podcasts everyday. I love all of you. I just became an Access Bars Facilitator. I’m so happy!! What else is possible?
Great show Andrew!!!! Love this and the new the new change. Creation 💫
It’s not Garry and Dain. And the guy who hosts it now is very annoying. Sad because I was looking foreword to the Content
I love Gary and Dain, Access Consciousnesses is amazing! How does it get better than that?
How lucky are we to get to listen to their brilliant podcasts? I learn something every time. Thank you that it's free. It's led me to buy their books too.
I really liked these guys at first. They have a lot of useful information. But they come across as a bit condescending and demeaning at times to the guests that call in. I get that they know their stuff, but there's always room for human decency. Humble yourselves, guys.
Dain and Gary are so generous on this show. With such humor and lightness they share such great tools, awareness and kindness. The guests are great! Thank you!
I love listening to Gary and Dain. They bring wealth of information and practical tools to each podcast. They are real, honest and funny. And the tools they share with people are simply life changing.
This podcast is one of the two I listen to religiously! My life always goes so much better when I listen to it, as I clear a lot of baggage! Access Consciousness classes and tools have totally transformed my life and self. Gary and Dain are totally hilarious on this show too. Highly recommend!
I love the Access Consciousness Radio Show on Voice America. I am consistantly providing and attending Access Consciousness classes and these radio shows and everything Gary and Dain have made available contributes to each other. Much gratitude to them and everyone on the Access team past present and future that make these things possible. :)
WOW…Access Consciousness Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Gary & Dain. Keep bringing it.
Intereting, exciting, verry helpful and fun!!
I really enjoy this podcast, it is constantly allowing me to open to new possibilities. Dain and Gary have such a natural way of delivering this information, in an easy to understand and friendly way. I feel like I’m hanging out with two buddies of mine as I listen to this show. If either of you are reading this, I would love to interview you on my podcast, Finding the Joy. What would it take for that to become a reality? Thank you both very much for this beautiful contribution, with love and gratitude. Kerry