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I've been in love with this podcast for the past two years. Andrea and Alex are two incredibly intelligent, well spoken and thoughtful women that shed new light on the horror movies I thought I knew. I have been introduced to so many amazing movies that I may never have found had it not been for this podcast. They dissect movies that are often dismissed by the public and expose them for the amazing works of art that they are. I love hearing their banter and value their opinions so much that I bought a movie they covered having never seen it before. That movie was Ravenous, and I was NOT dissappointed. Long live the Faulty of Horror!
I listen to several horror podcasts, and enjoy Shock Waves, The Evolution of Horror and Post Morten with Mick Garris, but The Faculty of Horror is certainly my favorite. Hosts Andrea and Alexandra are horror writers and sociologists with impressive resumes (Alex has written books about ‘90s teen horror and extreme French horror, and Andrea is executive editor of Rue Morgue Magazine), so they have a deep understanding of the genre. They really know their stuff, and they come at films from a variety of angles, blending history, culture, gender, politics, race and some philosophy into their discussions. This isn’t the, “we like Night of the Living Dead because it’s cool” type commentary you get with some podcasts. When you tune into The Faculty of Horror, you know you’re in for a really deep dive into the subtexts of the genre. I’ve seen a ton of Horror movies, but I learn something, even about the classics, with every new episode. And while the discussions can get pretty deep and serious, it’s clear the hosts are having fun. It’s not a lecture, it’s more like talking Horror with two people you’d like to have at your next movie night.
Love the content, humor and thoughtfulness.
After listening to this podcast I have developed a different appreciation of horror movies and a perspective from the femenist view. One of the only ones worth listening to most have little depth and sound like a couple or more of people just dishing on movies without real substance. wish I could go to the Salem horror feast to see these narrators live.
Only recently discovered this podcast and have been bingeing since that discovery. Listening to these two speak with great thought and joy on their preferred subject got me thinking. What am I even doing with my life? I could do something I love. I could *love* what I do. Oddly, it’s taken 40 years and a horror movie podcast that is so much more to make me realize this. I’m going back to school now. To get a degree in a thing that I love. I give some credit for the push to action to Alex and Andrea. Keep rocking, ladies. 🖤
Love the deep, feminist dives that the hosts do into horror. The Stepford Wives/Get Out episode is an excellent example, making me think about both films in a new way. Also taught me that there is something of value even in horror films I didn't really like.
Great show...absolutely LOVE the detailed breakdown of theme...as a horror fan, this is a must-listen. Thanks Andrea and Alex! BB
Great analysis of horror movies' historical context, some behind the scenes look, sociological perspective and of course bent towards feminism but it works. I highly recommend this podcast if you're into the horror genre and want a solid source to spur discussion.
Tried most horror movie PCs. This is by far the best. Smart and insightful
This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. These women are smart, funny, and have great voices and cadences. A superb combination of lurid subject matter and academia. Great angle, ladies.
I have been watching every labeled horor movie since I was 3, my first one was Romero's "Night of the Living Dead." I have always had a love of the macabre, scary, and the gorier the better. I have not deconstructed these types of movies to the point you gals do and I LOVE IT!!! I never would have thought about the times playing a strong a role for teens being slaughtered, but listening to you two make sense on alot of points. Sexism I did know also had an influence but I did not realize the director's and producer's were doing things on purpose to go along with the politcs at the time to shun our cultural society. You two are great, I love your chemistry and I love there's ladies out there as weird as I am. Keep rockin it you two!
I love these women so much. I went through so many film podcasts trying to find intelligent, insightful commentary and hit the jackpot with these two. I love both hosts so much and I have found my coven. I am obsessed with the Horror genre and struggle to get really in-depth appreciation of the art in modern culture. But this podcast nails it. I adore you both and please never leave us!!
I can't say enough good things about this podcast. The conversations are smart and accessible, and a lot of fun. I only wish this had been a real course when I was in college.
There are plenty of good horror review podcasts, but this one really stands out as one of the best! The hosts do a great job of situating films within the context of the horror genre, film production history, and the era the film’s from. Even if you’re an expert on some of these gold-star horror films, I guarantee you’ll still learn something new about your favourites that’ll make you want to re-watch them.
This is the kind of class that will make you want to do your homework the moment it is assigned. Andrea and Alex are erudite, funny and, best of all, horror fanatics. They have such respect for the genre and its fans.
A podcast worth coming back to over and over again. I really enjoy the conversation and especially the recommendations of different films/books on horror. It’s inspiring to hear two very intelligent women discuss the strange and scary stuff I’m so passionate about as well.
This podcast is fantastic. Intelligent, academic, rigorous analysis by two hosts who do their research but avoid being dry. It isn’t so much film reviews as thematic discussions, and I appreciate that. They also can be quite funny. Thoughts on horror for adults. What’s not to love? Add this to your subscription list.
One of the few well-thought and well-spoken podcasts about horror films I've ever found.
I love this podcast. Alex and Andrea are interesting and fun, but more importantly this podcast has given me new perspectives on films that I've already seen and a giant list of films to see and think about. I don't always agree with them (and they don't alway agree with each other) but their commentary is always well discussed and makes me see things in a new light.
I really enjoy Alex and Andrea's analyses of movies from a social standpoint. Granted I don't always agree with their opinions, but it is always fun to get different viewpoints. And therein would be my one complaint. How they present their progressive viewpoints as fact, rather than what it is, their opinions. I presume they surround themselves with other like-minded "progressives" so their opinions are never challenged, hence why they present everything as matter of fact. For instance Andrea's idea that zombies and zombie movies represent white racism. Zombies are animalistic, brutal and cannibals. Therefore that equates to racism against blacks? Who is the racist in that theory? The person who wrote the script with no thoughts of racism in mind or the person who equates zombies to black people? I love their feminist viewpoints, especially as a father of an eight year old girl. They often provide viewpoints that I would never consider as a man and it definitely makes me think, and I believe helps me relate to and empathize with my daughter, wife and women in general. Additionally their critical analyses of horror movies are spot, with excellent backstories, trivia, and insider info on each movie. I also find that I can relate to their early life experiences which guided them into the world of horror movies, as I suspect would be the case for most horror movie aficionados. I would definitely recommend The Faculty of Horror.
I love this podcast. I love their voices. I love their knowledge on the horror films they talk about. I enjoy being able to hear about horror in a more meaningful manner than I am used to. It is a breathe of fresh air to hear an academic, feminist approach to horror. I don't always agree and neither do they, which makes it great. Also, they are quite funny and don't censor themselves. A wonderful pair!
As a recovering PhD sociologist, Faculty of Horror is the last connection to the discipline that I refuse to sever. Alex and Andrea provide some of the most compelling cultural and social insights out there--in any genre. They remind us not only why we love (or love to hate) horror culture, but why even the stinkers say something important about the larger society that produced them. In fact, I probably get more from their conversations about films I dislike than the films I know and love. And they do all of this with wit and humor. Listen, laugh, learn--you have been warned.
Two stars for feminism (wink wink). ;)


These ladies are my heroes. Informative and funny. They’ve helped me learn how to be a feminist and that it’s ok for ladies to love horror too. So inspiring.
This podcast has all of my favorite things about academia (insightful artistic and cultural criticism from well-read, witty, opinionated women) with none of the things that I hated about it (bloviating bros, grant applications). Even the episodes about movies I’ve never seen are delightfully entertaining. Thought-provoking, incisive, and funny, this podcast makes me want to a) start a podcast with my own academic BFF and b) become BFFs with Alex and Andrea.
working my way up from episode 1, and really loving the savvy analysis + smart-assery from these two awesome hosts. basically the best film studies seminar ever
Equally entertaining and informative. Casual conversation yet engaging and from a fandom perspective. Of the many, many, horror podcasts I listen to, this one is that feels the most like fans talking the good and bad of the genre yet keeping it positive the whole time.
I just moved to a new city and have been watching more horror again movies to keep me company. Luckily I discovered Andrea and Alex around the same time. Funny, academic, and knowledgeable, this podcast has slowly become one of my favorites. Listening to Andrea and Alex is like sitting through a college lecture with your favorite professors. I can’t recommend them enough for horror fans. I really didn’t know stuff on such a high level existed. Thanks guys!
I have been listening to the Faculty of Horror for quite some time and I am always excited to see what these ladies have in store! Alex and Andrea are smart, funny, and relatable. They are so committed to their research of the horror genre and I appreciate their critical opinions and arguments even when I do not agree with them. I always learn something new when I revisit an episode. Their academic approach never feels unattainable or snobby. I also appreciate how they encourage other horror fans (especially women) to pursue their own projects within the horror community. Keep up the amazing work! 💪🏼
I have been waiting for this my whole life! I’ve always craved hearing deep analysis of horror films, and Andrea and Alex deliver! They are brilliant researchers and engaging and enthusiastic personalities. It’s always the best day when a new episode drops into my feed. Thanks for all you do!
I love horror movies so listening to these in depth podcasts are so interesting!
If you love horror and smart discussions this is a podcast for you. Each month I await for it to show up in my feed. The films that they discuss are always diverse and interesting, and the knowledge and passion for the topic that the hosts display always impresses me. Great podcast!
where have you been all my life?! this is hands down the most insightful, smart, and funny analysis of my favorite genre. I can’t recommend it enough, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen.
The first episode I listened to was Halloween vs. Black Christmas. I thought these ladies did well, but then it became political. It was overtly feminist. I finished that episode and didn’t listen for a while. I decided to give it another shot today and listened to their latest episode about witches. Within 5 minutes of this episode I turned it off. These women have every right to speak about whatever they wish on their podcast and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be able to, but I’m not going to tune into a horror podcast and listen to a feminist lecture about the patriarchy and how bad men are. I think they are great when actually talking about horror, but when every episode becomes political, it’s a turn off.
Comparable shows: to many to name Distinguishing Characteristics (DC): a) unconventional approach to subject, b) uncommon 'casting,' c) genre specific focus, d) program format, e) Canadian 😊 Why DCs Matters: a) love LOVE ❤️ the sociological and historical approach to gaining listener buy-in and understanding. It is common in other shows for them to simply expound on the their own experience. It is slightly less common for the reviewer to describe the movie relative to current events. TFOH strives to describe the mood and tenor of the world in which the movie had been made, AND to also review performance and production quality. b) I'm sure there are more all female casted review programs (Culture Gabfest comes to mind as a close facsimile), but I have not found them. I don't want to reduce the program to gender politics and it deserves better, but there is something unique to this show that is not present in the vast majority of male dominated alternatives. A sort of refreshing compassion and general lack of the male 'posturing' I think I see in shows like WHM.
There’s a lot of thoughtful horror analysis to be found in print and online but not much in the podcast feed. Andrea & Alex deliver! They provide deep cuts! Historical, social, cultural, and philosophical context for films. They speak from a fan perspective that keeps one both intellectually and emotionally invested in what they have to say. I’m always excited to rewatch the films I’ve seen after listening to them. I also discover new horror I’ve overlooked. So good!
Provides a simulatenously relaxed and informed perspective on the genre.
What a treasure trove this podcast is! I couldn’t help but binge episodes when I first found Faculty o’ Horror - and I wholeheartedly recommend this practice. As a fellow female horror fan it is so refreshing to hear their wonderful juxtaposition of academic assessment and casual chatting; I feel like I could totally hang out with Alex and Andrea and not feel too intimidated by their intellectual and general fabulousness. Thank you!
I can’t say enough how great this podcast is! It’s smart and funny and, as I said in the title, it made me rethink every horror movie I’ve ever watched. I had no idea about the hidden depths of the horror genre but this podcast has converted me.


I used to love this podcast but I’ve realized that these ladies aren’t really showing their expertise in the genre. Almost every movie they talk about is a mainstream movie. They very rarely talk about and indie horror movies. If you are going to constantly remind viewers of all of your degrees, books you’ve written, speshul snowflake events you’ve been invited to then you should probably expand your discussion into the indie horror genre.
Intelligent conversation that makes me think deeply about the horror movies I watch. Really opened my eyes. So refreshing to have a podcast about horror movies that isn't hosted by a bunch of bro's one-upping each other. Alex and Andrea have great chemistry and balance the intellectual conversation with fun and wit. I attended their live show in Salem, MA in October 2017, it was awesome!
Intelligent analysis. Great choices of movies. One of the best podcasts on horror movies. Recommend to every serious fan of horror.
Alex and Andrea really take great care into a thorough analysis for their movies, whether it be big movies or smaller cult films, these two can easily make thought provoking entertainment as they have for the past several years with ease, and would gladly encourage everyone to try to take a deeper look behind the veil of these great or notso great horror movies
I watch specific movies just so I have more of these episodes to listen to! Feminist horror fans look no further.


These ladies are the best! Love their analysis. I have to say, I was a little perturbed by the last show's comment equating racists co-opting american history x to kids connecting to the nihilism of fight club and boxing each other, I think they are massively different, but that's what you're gonna get here--opinions--and that's what I love 99% of the time which is good enough ffs :)
I like these two chicks they talk about horror movies in an intelligent manner and without sounding pretentious or pompous and also cracking some jokes at the appropriate times. They also use sound clips from the horror movies which is a really nice touch and also makes you feel.... more engrossed? Amused? All good things.
Finally a podcast which takes horror films seriously without losing a sense of fun about them. Well-researched and insightful.
Andrea and Alex are both unique, sincere, thoughtful hosts, bringing new insights to the movies they discuss. It feels like an oasis. I'm a stay-at-home mom and horror writer so getting to listen to these smart women talking about one of my dearest topics is such a boost and means so much. I'm greedy and wish it was out more often, but they're too busy being awesome on other projects, too, so I get it. Feels like total Christmas Morning every time an episode comes out. Keep up the great work!
Required listening for female and feminist horror fans. The ONLY horror podcast made by women. So refreshing and insightful.