Reviews For Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across Amy’s podcast, but I was an instant consumer of her wisdom. I began binging her episodes and shared them with my business partner, only to find that she had been following Amy for over 10 years! From there I signed up for one of her signature courses and have been flying high ever since. Her podcasts have given a jolt of motivation to inject so much more value into my business.
I’ve been listening to Amy for about 5 years and I never tire of her high-quality, organized teaching! Like a best friend (who happens to run a successful business), she guides me through this world of online business as I’m making dinner, walking my dog… she’s my happy place. :)
Amy Porterfield has been my favorite resource for growing my online business. She is warm, engaging and so knowledgeable. Hands down the best
I have been bingeing Amy’s podcasts and do not miss an episode! I find all her content so impactful and inspiring. Definitely worth every minute 😁🙏🏻 xoxo Amy B.
I’ve been listening to Amy’s podcast for 6+ months now and I’ve found it to be beyond helpful, insightful, and her array of amazing guests have also led me to them so I can consume the helpful info they have to share as well. Great host, great guests, and great insight for someone like me who is just trying to figure out how to market my business.
I just listened to the podcast with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and it was jam packed with great information and inspiration to get going. Amy, I love when you share personal stories of your journey, it helps us know that it’s not easy but it’s also super doable! And since I’m in the health and wellness industry while trying to be an entrepreneur, this message was so helpful to remind me what’s important, to take care of myself first, so I can rock my business! Thank you for all that you share!
I’m a recent DCA student, and have been diving deep into all of Amy’s knowledge. She truly is a business expert and gives the most valuable information and insights that I can implement on the spot. Thank you, Amy!
I did not know who Amy was just a few short weeks back and now I am on a fast track of learning SO much from her! The prolific and inspiring insights and experiential knowledge that she shares in every episode is a blessing indeed! What I appreciate about Amy the most is her authenticity and her generosity of spirit. I LOVED episode 614 where Amy brings us behind the curtain to share her learnings most recently in pivoting a major launch. Amy talks about how she is processing this BIG new learning on her adventure as a successful female entrepreneur. I also think it’s interesting how she is holding what she learned as a mistake when I am experiencing it as witnessing conscious leadership in action. Amy is literally practicing the art of leadership and being willing to make the hard decision of changing course. Also a significant factor was protecting the wellbeing and engagement of her team. That is the kind of leadership I want to emulate. That is the kind of leadership to celebrate…when a leader prioritizes their people over profit!!! That my dear Amy is no mistake. That is exampleship!
I have learned SO much helpful information from this podcast! As an example, I just listen to episode 611 and tried one of the techniques Amy suggested for using AI. It saved me probably a days worth of work. Amazing! I always feel like my time is well spent listening to episodes of this podcast. Many thanks Amy for your work and sharing in this way.
At the encouragement of my daughter Brittany I purchased the book two weeks notice. I’m currently reading it and looking forward to beginning my journey to freedom.
When I started reading Amy’s book Two Weeks Notice in February 2023, I decided to go back to episode one of OMME and listen to them ALL. Here’s my review: Amy’s intro states her intention of providing “simple, actionable, step-by-step strategies” to help listeners “create a business that makes an impact and a life you love.” Amy does that and so much more. Through the OMME podcast, Amy not only offers practical help, but also models what she teaches, shares lessons learned and personal struggles, introduces her students to other experts and their resources, and provides inspiration and encouragement. Here are some of my favorite episodes: 259 Seven Secrets to Talking About Your Product Like A Pro 308 with Jennifer Allwood - Courage: Your Gateway Drug to Confidence 331 with student Andrea Olson- Go Diaper Free 6 Figures & 5 Babies: How She Did It With Only 3 Hours a Day 363 with Jamie Kern Lima - How to Silence Your Inner Critic & Commit to Success 405 with Susie Moore - Overcome Overwhelm & Secrets to Being Your Own PR Rep 439 9 Things I’d Do if I Started My Business All Over Again 464 with Ian Morgan Cron - What Your Enneagram Results Really Mean About You As An Entrepreneur 556 with Donald Miller - How to Take Your Small Business to Multi-million Dollar Success 569 Embracing the Cringe: The Cultural Movement That’s All About Owning The Most Awkward Parts of Yourself 603 with Nicole Burke - Use Your Smartphone To Boost Your Digital Course Sales If you’re “an ambitious entrepreneur or one in the making” I highly recommend checking out Amy Porterfield’s resources. Listen to the OMME podcast, subscribe to her email list, follow her on social, download the freebies she offers, attend any webinar she offers - all for FREE! Her book Two Weeks Notice and bootcamps are very low cost high value options. Start building your email list! Buy her List Builders Society course for help with that. Learn to create digital courses with her Digital Course Academy (DCA). Worth every penny! Thank you Amy and Team Porterfield!
Amy’s episodes not only help create new ideas but she gives you the step-by-step recipes for success too. This show lives up to its name!
I appreciate how relatable Amy is, she is exceptional at breaking everything down into simple pieces that make it believable for me that I could achieve success too if I follow the steps and put in the work. Thank you Amy for being a guiding light.
I absolutely love Amy’s podcast. I listen to on my way to my 9-5. She is so relatable. When I think I have nothing to offer she assures me that I do. She will give you the best information to get an email and course started.
Nicole Burke if Gardenary has convinced me to try using more video on IG. She made it seem possible!!! Thanks for all you do for your loyal audience ⭐️
Loved this episode with Nicole Burke of Gardenary. She gave me a whole new way of thinking about using short videos!!! Love your podcast and all your insights. Thanks for sharing all these ideas.
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I love your marketing podcast! Your tips on email mailing lists were practical, well researched, and fun to listen to! I'm a Co-founder of Level Up Creators, where we help creators build profitable and purpose-driven businesses around their areas of expertise. I’m always grateful to run across other leaders in the Creator Economy – there are so many creators who benefit from your advice! I’m looking forward to diving into more of your episodes in the future. Thanks again for creating such an awesome podcast!
Fabulous, easy to follow plan based on monthly income goal. Additional information about 3 types of online courses very helpful. Followed up with Episode 240, Digital Course Types. Thank you Amy!
You helped me unlock my own dreams of being a business owner and I am forever grateful.
Amy is so generous with the amount of information and education that she is willing to share. No matter where you are in your business, or if you’re just dipping your toe in the water, you will come away learning so much more than you could imagine...and gaining the confidence to move forward in whatever direction that makes sense to you. Highly recommend!
I am a licensed clinical therapist getting ready to launch a website that will not only market my services but also offer additional services like peer groups, courses, life coaching, and podcasts and the tools you are sharing are the ones I am listening to and studying to help me succeed! I heard about you through Gabby and so grateful I did!
I love listening to OMME because of the practical tips that have been tested, proven, and are applicable to my business. There is a wealth of valuable content here for all the different seasons you’re in that you can refer to for each step of your online business journey. The biggest challenge that she addresses through her personal stories is how to manage your mindset. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your valuable experiences!
“Doing things you've never done before is exactly what entrepreneurship is all about!" And how you referenced 100 podcast interviews that you did...and the first 15 were hectic, you felt shaky. Just what I needed to here!
Amy does a GREAT job breaking it down for us non-marketers. Can’t wait to implement her strategies!
I listen to this podcast religiously! Always great info.
I Amy Porterfield gives away how to steps that other people ask us to pay for. She is so generous, her information and PDFs and spreadsheets are incredibly practical for the budding online course creator and online entrepreneur.
Amy consistently brings amazing content every week. You can tell that she pours her all into each episode and guest. Love this podcast
My first time listening to Amy and I loved this episode. It made me feel better about myself, and was so relatable especially because I’m super sensitive too.
Amy’s podcast always provides endless inspo! I love how simply she delivers strategic, actionable steps for business growth that seems at first overwhelming but then she beautifully breaks it down, tells a relatable story, gives support & guidance in such a personal way. These episodes are filled with new and advanced ways to run an online business, and every episode has so much business & personal inspiration!
Great advice…always get great nuggets of info. I’ve become a regular listener and always look forward to episodes when they come out
…from a DCA student and Momentum member. Your consistent courage to lean into your vulnerability with your whole heart and your willingness to transform your generosity of spirit into meaningful, impactful actions are two of your biggest superpowers. This timing of this episode about allyship as a business owner could not have been more powerful - not because of Pride - but because we, the LGBTQ community, are in the fight of our lives, and we're losing some major battles.....but with allies like you we have hope to win the war.
Most episodes feel like such a waste of time and it’s the same type of stuff repeated over and over, without any tactical tips
This is my all time favorite podcast. I’ve been listening since 2019 and I’ve learned so much from Amy. She is so good at teaching and communicating her message. She’s authentic, passionate, and knows her audience. I can’t say enough good things about her podcast and the products she offers!
I love Amy’s approach & how she breaks everything down. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned entrepreneur you’ll find value in this show.
An outstanding and powerful podcast. Packed full of guidance and actionable steps.
I’m listening for a while now and really enjoy the gems I find, however the sales pitches, “commercial breaks” annoy me more and more. I sometimes think the fishing for compliments are unnecessary and the self centered thinking of Amy could be solved in one of her coaching sessions. I understand telling stories but it’s kind of the same story all the time. Please focus on the business advice, because that is your super power. Thank you
So helpful. I would have never thought of a course if it weren’t for your show. Thank you
I won’t repeat what everyone else has said about the podcast, it’s pretty good and for a glutted niche (self-help; entrepreneurship) she is not an amateur disguised as a guru (marie forleo) or annoyingly chipper. HOWEVER her content is chock full of snuck-in affiliate referrals (where she gets a commission if we buy) and that undercuts her credibility and puts me on guard.
Amy offers common sense advice with doable action steps. Her upbeat personality draws people in and gives them the confidence that they can achieve their goals simply by following her advice. I go to her podcast and a couple others for practical tips on how to be my best!
I am so thankful for all the helpful advice that Amy gives every single week!
I love Amy’s style of sharing her easy to follow ideas and instructions. She really cares
Great stuff from a new voice hope the narrative never gets old.
I began listening to Amy’s podcast fervently after her guest appearance on Jasmine Star’s podcast. Amy is welcoming, describing terms to bring those without the business background up to speed but doesn’t compromise the value of the information. She speaks to empower, declaring her faith in her listeners ability while challenging them to seek, learn, and investigate.
I’ve been a marketer for decades. When I stumbled upon Amy, I didn’t expect to learn so much. But this is now my go-to podcast. Whether she’s talking strategy or sharing an inspiring experience in her own business, it’s always applicable and gives me ideas for my business, and my clients. Amy is so conversational and personable, you can’t help but love her. You do such a good job, Amy + Team Porterfield!
I’m a student in Amy’s courses and love listening to her podcast to deepen and expand my knowledge. I love how to pertains to so many different aspects of being a business owner— everything from mindset to strategy. A must-listen for online marketers and course creators!
Filled with so many useful tips. Can’t wait to listen to more.
I have only listened to a few of Amy’s podcasts and now I keep coming back. I love her positive enthusiastic can-do personality. I’m listening and learning. The highlight for me on this episode is the idea that the experience while doing the content is just as important.
Love Amy and her book. She is motivating and inspirational. My small piece of constructive criticism is not to use pet names towards her audience- I literally cringe hearing her refer to us as “my sweet friend” and things like that. It feels inauthentic- which I don’t think she is.