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Worth a listen.
This group of babbling idiots are casual F1 fans at best. It’s obvious they know very little about the teams and the sport as a whole. Hearing them try to fumble over the new Fastest Lap point was excruciating. Roughly 90% of the discussion is way off topic and they audio levels are nauseating to deal with.


Enjoyed the 2019 preseason show. But, for the love of god, don’t eat on mic! That shouldn’t need to be said, but unfortunately in this case is does....
Can’t stop laughing while I listen to this show between each race. A much needed lighter side to f1 by some hilarious guys. They know what they’re talking about even though they sometimes make it sound like they don’t even know the slow guys
You guys are hilarious, you strike a funny balance between being old incurable F1 fans and at the same time not taking it too seriously.
I found this podcast while searching for sources of motorsport news after the departure of Speed Channel. While this does not take the place of a show like Wind Tunnel, this podcast is a very funny, politically incorrect take on the world of Formula 1.
This podcast is overrated. These three middle-aged guys barely even seem to enjoy F1; seems as though they mostly just enjoy hearing themselves speak and reminiscing about their younger days. Not funny, barely relevant.
On point, often funny and you never know if you are going to get manic or depressive Cronin. Occasional interviews really great.
They have a good balance between informative commentary and casual discourse. If you're one of the 43 people that listen to college football and F1 podcasts, these guys would be most like Shutdown Fullcast, but with actual structure to the podcast. The bad driver championship is a really good feature to the show as well. Overall they bring a really enjoyable angle to the world of F1. Hope they make the Austin race this year!
You guys do a great job with every episode! This is where I come for four F1 news. There hasn't been enough Diffy bashing yet this season though. What Agnostic Front song is used at the end of each show?
Thanks for putting the show together guys! Best F1 podcast out there.
Very entertaining, funny and about much more than just F1. Great guests well interviewed.
F1 And Done is a hilarious podcast about Formula 1 by three Boston beans who are funny and occasionally insightful. The witty banter about issues of the week, race reviews, and personalities of F1 make this an enjoyable listen. Sometimes I laugh out loud, which makes it a bit tough when listening in bed while my wife is sleeping! There have been some awesome interviews recently with folks such as Mario Andretti, Scott Speed and Alexander Rossi. These are great. Funny sections such as the “Bad Driver Championship” and the “Crotchety Complaint” make for a titillating listen. Highly recommended if you don’t mind some mild swearing. Even better if you like that sort of thing!
This podcast is great.. They have awesome guests and I really enjoy the serious discussion and the comedic bar talk all mixed together .I only have one friend to talk formula one with and since stumbling upon this it's almost like I've found a new group of guys with similar interests. I follow them on Twitter and they respond which I really like the feeling that I got some new buddies that like what I like even if they are crappy pats fans. Does this stroke your egos enough guys? Because I'm sure as hell not sending cash
The crew of the show bring their A game each episode. Fantastic interviews with guest from all fields of F1. Definitely not afraid to express their insight or opinion. It’s my must listen to show during the racing season. It should be yours as well.
I was excited to find this podcast, then I listened to it. While there are some good things (like when they actually talk about the races), the approach feels way more NASCAR than F1. They could also use a lot of help on their production value, the audio levels are all over the place. No thanks.
Love it guys...can't get enough each week. Keep it up. If you like straight talk F1 this is for you.
I enjoyed your last episode, you guys are all I can find on F1 racing. I'm new to the sport and I'm really enjoying it so far and I'm looking for more talk about the sport because there is no america racers or cars it's very hard to find stuff about it. I could do without some of the other stuff you talk about and more focus about F1 would be great.
So I started to listen to you guys about 6 months ago while walking the dogs. I look forward towards this Podcast daily. I enjoy all the conversations and different subjects. No complaints expect I WISH YOU GUYS MADE MORE! Keep up the good work, its the only thing to help me go through my daily grind at the Army.
You guys need to stick to just talking about the races, leave the politics out of it. It sounds hypocritical when Americans judge other countries/dictatorships when your government has been instrumental when it comes to installing or supporting dictatorships in the past eg Iran, Egypt.