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Tom and Dan were funny and passionate even if it was mainly entertainment. The new show is not funny, passionate or entertaining. Thank you
Since the front office took this podcast over from Tom and Dan, it’s been horrible. Was almost tolerable to listen to when McKenzie was a member, but now that she has left to work with the Magic, the 2 current hosts are incredibly boring. If you need help with sleeping, listen!! If you want to listen to what this show was once like, search for “A Corporate Time” on Thursday’s to hear Tom, Dan, and Tom’s new version of what this show once was.
Was a great podcast with Tom and Dan. Now it is so boring. I still love City but not this podcast.
Use to listen to this all the time when Tom and Dan hosted the show. It was fun when they were on even if the analysis was not very in-depth. Since bringing the show in house with the new hosts it has become hard to listen to. It seems like every week all they try to do is play spin doctors about any possible negative thing from a game or with the club. Trying to convince the listener that a loss wasn’t that bad or explain why it’s not as bad as it might seem. I understand they work for the club but the overwhelming bias and trying to convince anyone listening that it’s not as bad as it looks gets really annoying to listen to all the time. I usually try to listen to it and never can make it through and just end up turning it off. Doubt I will try listening to it anymore. Seems to be the same thing with them trying to spin everything into a positive light.
I'm a huge fan of Pride and of City, and I enjoy the information I get from this podcast. The problem for me is that the club does a lot of talking about parity amongst the two Orlando City Soccer Club teams, but this is a podcast put out by the club for the two teams, and the split on the podcast this week was 37 minutes talking City, 7 minutes talking Pride; two weeks ago, it was 38 minutes City and 4 minutes Pride. I'd like to hear as much enthusiasm and time given to Orlando Pride as is given to Orlando City.
These people don't know soccer. It's not their fault, someone put the social media guy on a podcast taking about off the ball runs. I think it's pretty funny but I will not be listening any longer. And the editing of the podcast is rough


By eggolus
My favorite out of the 3 OCSC casts l listen to. Funny af. Everyone that’s talking thrash is a spoiled stuck up b* and probably cause accidents on I-4. Good jobs my dudes.
Took a little break from the podcast in the off-season, came back to bland new hosts. The original guys got me pumped. It's a chore to get through it anymore. Still the best source for OC News in podcast form
Update: although I miss tom and dan and their perspective, I like the closer more accurate perspective of the team that these three bring. I spend my week waiting to hear Soccercast and Tom and Dan’s perspective of the previous match and the next match are always educated information from a fan perspective. Wish I could have your Podcast intro as my ring tone… Minus the verbiage. :) great work guys! Keep it up!
The new hosts toe the company line and the dynamics are completely off. Dan toe’d the same line before, Traxler wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, and No one could understand Tom’ mumble mouth. Now there is no differentiating the hosts.
Guys and a girl being dudes, being ‘casters. Crispy stuff
These new Hosts have me feelin some type of way!
Not the same without Tom and Dan .Its now slower paced and lower energy . I don’t think I’ll be listening anymore.
Take a successful show thats been broadcast quality, funny, and informative for like 5 years or so..remove the hosts that made it popular..insert unlikable college kids with no experience and you have Soccer Cast volume 2. They start with "we work for the team" so you think you're going to get something more, what you actually get is 27 minutes of mustache talk and a terribly boring uber story. If you're going to claim right out of the gate that you're the better choice as hosts you should at least try to sound good and not like some basement podcasting teenagers. And the sound quality, ugh. Goodbye OG SoccerCast.
I miss Tom & Dan already. Podcast feels too bland now.
Tom and Dan were way better....
The most direct and up to date information for anything concerning Orlando City, Pride, and OCB Soccer. A must listen for any OCSC Fan!
Too juvenile for my tastes and not enough serious Orlando City talk
The original OC podcast, very funny.
Here's a fun game: choose ANY episode, go to ANY part of the episode, and listen for two minutes. If they don't rave and talk about how GREAAAT someone is, you win. Huge OC fan but can't even listen to this podcast anymore.
Like the title states it's the best sports podcast out there. It's funny and knowledgeable at the same time. I immediately listen to every new episode the second it is released!
This show lacks any actual direction. They manage to get guests like Phil Rawlins and they barely let the man speak!! Every interview they are too intent of voicing their own opinion than getting input of answers from the guest. Either that or they are endlessly laughing at each other's jokes. News hosts with this kind of access could be great!
Love the hosts. Love the interviews. Love Orlando City!
For all the years; these guys do a amazing good on news and coverage for Orlando City. If you are a fan of us, listen to this.
I like soccer now.
If you are interested in soccer at all, you'll appreciate this show because of the insider perspective, as these guys get access to literally everyone within the organization and get interviews and views from everyone involved. It is funny and entertaining, so get on it.
I love Orlando City SC and plan to watch every game this season. This podcast is hosted by two genuinely funny guys who 1) know nothing about soccer, and 2) are employees of the team. The podcast is more or less a 30 minute infomercial. Listening to it is like eating cotton candy--nothing wrong with cotton candy, but it's disappointing as a meal. I'm hoping some real soccer journalists and/or analysts start an independent podcast focused on OCSC, something with quality content that I can listen to all season long.
Tom and Dan hemorrhage interviewing talent.
I really like the podcast! It would be great if it was weekly. i notice that there is a big delay from Dec. to Feb. Again I look forward to hearing the next podcast!
If you like a mixture of comedy, extensive knowledge of futbol, and exclusive interviews then this podcast is for you. 5 and 1/2 stars!!!
I'm a big fan of Soccer (or is it Football???) following the World Cup and this one really kills it. It also helps it's a local show. Great job!
Lots of info about the team, it is great!
Great podcast!!
Listening to this podcast has gotten me into watching the sport of soccer. It's great to hear all of the people at OCS and their personalities, it's really great to put a story to the people making the games happen. If you want to know more about this team and have a laugh along the way give this a listen.
'Nuff said.
I love this show! I live out of state and this is my main source of OCSC news. The 2 hosts, Daniel and Thomas, are very funny and clean cut. They almost always have the head coach on giving inside info on the team and the player profiles are entertaining and fun! A definite for all Lions fans!
I don't play soccer. I don't watch soccer. I don't even especially care about soccer. But I do care about the future of Orlando and I really enjoy the energy that comes from the Orlando City soccer team and this podcast. So, take a listen. If I knew anything about soccer, I'd probably even rate it higher.
Great show, for soccer fans and fans of Tom and Dan. snoots
This podcast has really opened my eyes to the world of professional soccer.
this show is a must for Orlando City fans. very professional and fun and informed. Go City!
Great show from Dan and Tom, I look forward to each episode. It's amazing to think this is only the teams third season.
Played Soccer for 9 years. Favorite sport. Two favorites in one. Notastalker# :)
DD and Tom do a great job of connecting you to Orlando City on a personal level creating that feeling of you being more than just a supporter of a GREAT!! team, this soccercast is a great foundation to something that will only go up from here once we are in the MLS, with the in depth player profiles they offer and the one on one conversations with Mr. Heath and Mr.Rollins about past and future matches and the club Happenings it helps not only the seasoned soccer supporter but it helps the ones who are fairly new to the sport and just draws you in and most importantly it helps to past the time during the week until our next match…keep up the great work guys and wish you nothing but the best in your future with this team...
Anything with DD and Tom is golden
You an Orlando City Soccer fan??? This podcast is for you. See you at the game!
It's great to play on the drive in from Deland to get the whole family worked up for the game. Hands up for Dan and Tom! or did I get that backwards.
Great podcast Go City!!
The dynamic of the show is just perfect. It's relevant, packed with information and trivia, and oftentimes freaking hilarious. The end.
Soccercast is a great way to peek behind the curtain of a professional sports team and to learn more about the game, the team and their's and the fan's quest for MLS status!