Reviews For Hooniverse

I used to really enjoy this podcast but it seems a little dull lately and Chris is almost unbearable as a co-host always has some remark or “joke” about everything
Great podcaster with excelent guests. Tells stories that most automotive journalists would keep behind the curtain. If you are a fan of CarCast, Smoking Tire, Spikes Car Radio... you will love this.
Jeff appears to be honest and sincere. His cohost Chris unfortunately makes this an unbearable podcast to listen to on a regular basis.
I come blood
Wanna be gear-heads that will be good one day. Soon as they figure out what they don’t know.
I love the show, but recently the content has been “so-so” and more recently the sound quality is downright unbearable. I understand this isn’t a professionally done show with a budget, but woof, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some better recording/editing equipment.
Oh man, 2 podcasts this week! Making my Friday much better!
Listen to the show every week love all the truck and SUV stuff that you talk about. After listening to the hoontruck is back in action! And watching your videos on the Colorado I'm really enjoying your channel. There is a company in Washington that makes a twin turbo kit for the 1.8l diesel option in the Colorado which really improves drivability and gives the truck enough power ! If I ever got a diesel Colorado that'd be the first thing I'd do I know he's trying to make it a California legal system as well. Check it out the company is SDP (screaming diesel performance)
I think the automotive knowledge that is here is great. They are able to review cars and relay the information well. The listener Q&A each week is decent. However it would be nice if there was show prep and they cared about the listener. What podcaster who cares eats ice chunks during the show, drinks, eats, send Twitter replies during the show. If you need to do that mute the mic and edit some. Repeatedly making fun of listeners who complain about this further alienates them. If you don't care enough about the listener I am not I care to provide you with 300 hours of my time per year.
I do like this team, but can't go all the way with rating. PLEASE change the music intro.
Love this show specially when he reads the mean comments.
Nice hats! Keep up the good work!
Great podcast, too quiet. Maxed out the volume and can still barely hear it.
Jeff, does a fantastic job with this week in and week out. I can relate with him on so many levels that I feel like I'm listening to one of my buddies. Great show fella, keep on truckin'.
Starting to listen to this before other new podcasts. Always enjoy listening. Even when it's just Jeff he keeps it moving like a pro.
Host likes to spew his politics his politics to much. It's a car podcast! He needs to stick to what he knows.
I really enjoy the Hooneverse shows and the website. Keep up the great work guys. Can't wait for next weeks Vette review.
Great guests, insightful regulars, and fun random tangents.


Five out of five snuffybags for this wonderful podcast. I rarely give five whole gunts but when I do, you best give a listen. Cheers!
My favorite swear.
Would be better without Chris. He's pretty annoying if I'm brutally honest.
Look forward to each episode
I’ve been listening to Hooniverse for over a year now and I like how Chris and Jeff contrast each other. Chris is really the voice of reason and Jeff is quirky with his jokes. Really recommend this podcast to anyone who loves cars and loves talking about them.
Quality automotive real talk.
Wait, I can write my own reviews?! What should I say here, this is a great chance to provide lots of insight into what we do. Let me see. Hmm. SEA MAN! …dammit. I’m not good at this.
Great podcast, love hearing about Jeff's projects and his travels. Need more Rick on the podcast and his zo6.
I'm just here so I don't get fired.
First time rating any podcast b/c the episode on the CX-3 was good. I’d be willing to be the Fiesta is based off the 2, not the other way around. Keep up the good work!
Something funny
Great podcast keeping you up to date with the latest in car news (for cars that you actually care about). Great along with The Smoking Tire.
Top 3 podcast for sure
Hooniverse is always good for an hour of talking about cars, mods, and automotive journalism. There's also a bunch of dumb jokes and beer talk to break up the bland parts.
Wonderful weekly car talk and reviews. Interesting guests, including regular guest Gale Banks.
If you like carcast and the smoking tire you will love this too
Great podcast
Excellent Car podcast, they really have their own niche!
I truly enjoy listening to the Hooniverse podcast. These guys are a lot of fun to listen to, and they're very funny, as well as providing some decent information on occasion. It's not just cars though, Jeff gives great beer advice, Blake's new job at the Petersen provides great anecdotes for him to tell and Chris is the guy with the smarts behind the show!
Right behind the smoking tire comes Jeff and Blake, a top 3 for gear heads


Moar Zatch Crapman.....many MOAR oneliners
I love listening to these guys’ ramblings about cars (and each other). They're (sometimes) (reasonably) (well) informed and funny, and occasionally even exceptionally so! The main hosts are Jeff and Blake, though Chris Hayes often steps in (especially if one is absent). A few friends of the podcast are regulars, and the guests are always fun and awesome. Full disclosure: I know Blake quite well, and was one Halloween asked if my costume was "fat Jeff Glucker", which was immediately followed by "wait, no Jeff Glucker is fat Jeff Glucker". I still haven't met Jeff, though I aspire to have the honor some day.
Car guys that sometimes get drunk and of course talk about cars and if anyone likes The Smoking Tire they will like these people
Great podcast with awesome car related discussion.
Killing it guys, keep it up!
Love the Hooniverse Podcast and as a fan I was excited that they invited me out to be part of the show.
Good job, Jeff. Good job, Brake Zygote Wrong. Chris... Okay.