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Glenn’s podcasts brings some of the best open minds together across a wide diversity to find our common ground anchored with the Bill Of Fights. Bravo Glenn!
This is by far is the best discussion on the topics of the day I've heard in a long time!
I love his weekly radio program but his Saturday podcast is even better.
Just heard this fascinating and informative interview. Glenn is one of the best interview hosts around because he knows how to listen and ask intelligent questions - - along with being well read and prepared.
This is the place that I go to hear the news in a fresh way. I can listen to this, turn on the television, listen to that-make my own decisions! This is where I like to go to know what’s happening in the world. Thank you Glenn Beck, Blaze employees you are really appreciated!
Love him on radio But now I have him anytime
Leaving Fox was the best thing for Mr. Beck. No hold barred. Just what we need in these crazy times.
Would be 5 Stars if the recording wasn’t being purposeful messed up to repent certain bits over & over in the same “show” while cutting out other bits...usually the most fascinating bits. Since I can get the FULL recording elsewhere and I am able to hear full recordings of “left wing” broadcasts I know it is someone at the podcast arm of iTunes.
Think often times Stu is the wonderful seasoning to the meat and potatoes that Glenn Beck serves up. Thank you Stu
... Making it a source I can trust. Is his opinion 100% right all the time? No -- and admittedly. This show does include opinion as well as wel laid out facts. A great opportunity for self refection.
I like that this show talks about the news of the day from both left and right perspectives. They take care not to demonize anyone. We don’t have to always agree with each other. So I appreciate hearing from different points of view. Stu is my favorite! Glenn is great too! 😉
I'm SO done with big networks, big cable talking heads, big-city "journalists", and the arrogant, narcissistic media in general. The monopoly they have had on American minds is over; that was SO last decade. 😏🙄 Wake up, media elitists; It's almost 2020, and with hindsight and deep-thinking, open-minded people like Glenn Beck at the helm, we now see right thru' you. I'm SO happy to have found a channel and a commentator that tells the TRUTH, shares both sides of the issues, and is not afraid to bring in opposing viewpoints (tho' media and low-star raters on this podcast review page will try to convince you otherwise!) Share this podcast & TheBlaze app with everyone you know! My subscription to TheBlaze is the best $10 bucks a month that I spend. I’m happy to give up a single lunch out each month to stay well-informed on a whole spectrum of topics and issues (not just politics). So worth it! 👍🏻
The truth u won’t find anywhere. It’s laid out with facts and is easily understood. If you are looking for deep truths this is it. He doesn’t just scratch the surface. He digs deep into the news and politics with a clear conscience. Not a smear podcast. Thank you
Glenn has a very thoughtful radio program.
For me, it isn’t that I’m a follower; I’m just glad to hear a voice in the wilderness that helps me realize that I’m not alone in my values and beliefs. Thanks for all you do, Glenn!
This is great way to listen when the live radio show isn’t convenient. And with the commercials edited out, the three hour show is under two hours. Some interviews need to be heard more than once too.
I listen every morning while getting ready for work. The best place to filter out all the garbage in the MSM.
I challenge anyone listening to Glenn and not agreeing with what is taught, to research the subject yourself... You will find what he teaches is true.
I have listened to this podcast for years and I’ve learned a lot from it. Give it a try!
Glenn is informative and entertaining. His team is top notch. I enjoy Pat & Stu as a broadcast team they are the perfect team. Thanks Glenn!
Regardless of your views on Glenn Beck, he always give you something to think about. I never have the time to listen to the show live on the radio, so I have started listing to the pod cast during my daily runs. I love how I can zone out and just listen without any distractions. I may not always agree with what he or the guests say, but I am always forced to think- which in my opinion is a great thing!
I just listened to the episode where Glenn interviews Robert Spenser. This is one of the best, most informative shows. Great job, Glenn Beck and team!
Although I don’t always agree with everything he says on his show, Mr. Beck and the team sincerely strive to tell the truth and the whole story. It is so refreshing to come across someone actually telling it how they see it rather than compromising their principles for ratings.
I’m a mom of toddlers so listening to the radio is not convenient. I usually will listen to this podcast while cleaning/nap time. I am enjoying the new Saturday interviews more than the regular programming, please continue those Interviews!!
These new Saturday podcasts are WELL worth a lot seen! I really love the show and your perspective on the country.
Never a dull moment, but always learn something.
Glenn’s diligences in his search for truth and his desire to teach us, is very much appreciated. I love his sense of humor, also.
Excellent interview with Rodger. He has done a lot of research on a very important subject that is revilent today and in the past.
I’ve been watching Glenn since he started on Fox News and own all of his books. I know I can trust his opinions to be fair, balanced, and without bias. If your looking for an honest, no-nonsense look at what’s going on in the world, The Blaze is the place to be!
I love The Best of format. Usually has a different perspective or all together different topics from other podcasts to which I subscribe. Best sarcasm.
I like the way Glenn makes it make sense. No fake info here!!
I like listening to your show and whether I agree with you or not I listen daily. However over the last few months your show has had technical issue as far as the audio goes and it is hard to listen to. It skips technically so badly that I that I usually end up stopping it out of frustration. I really wanted to hear the firefighter today from ground zero but twice during the interview it skipped and I could not keep up with what was going on. Please fix your audio issue.
The world needs more people like Glenn


Story of Harriet Jacobs and the discussion of current human trafficking makes me do some priority evaluation.
Pass along, listen, open your mind and heart, let it change who you are!
Hi Glenn & Stu! I prefer to listen to the entire program, but having the “Best Of” recap is great for busy days where I don’t have time to listen to all 3 hours. I used to hate it when I missed out on the program completely, but now with the shortened version I never worry about missing an important news story or a thought-challenging point of view. Keep up the great work. Us millennials are listening!
Interesting, truthful, and entertaining! I love the new "best of" show recap. I listen to the full version most days but there are sometimes I just do not have time but the "best of" allows me to get my Glenn fix in anyway.
Glenn always brings thoughtful and well-researched information to his listeners. He's a voracious reader and is very good at connecting the dots and bringing up points that others don't. He wants to truly understand an issue before reaching an opinion, and bases his opinions on priniples and values, not the popular opinion parroted by the MSM. I've been a listener for years, and have learned a lot.


Opportunistic drama queen. Lonesome Rhoads.
The podcast with Tim Ballard was excellent. What an amazing story, so inspirational.
It works great for the ride home.
Glenn Beck is on a mission to be a better man, & is inviting us to join him. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for your love of history, & for helping educate those of us who will listen & do our own research on how the healing in our nation can begin. I also thank you & Tim Ballard for letting us be a part of the modern day Underground Railroad to free slaves all over the world. I love seeing our Lord reflected in your lives.
Glenn’s latest Saturday podcast with Tim Ballard is incredible. It’s one of the best shows/podcasts Glenn has done. I’m not a diehard listener, but when he’s on the radio, I enjoy hearing his thoughts and commentary. While at times he can be a little dramatic, he is thought-provoking and kind hearted. He’s not the Glenn Beck he used to be, and it’s for the better. Life teaches us lessons, and we learn and grow from them, Glenn has done just that. It shows in his works and his passions. Keep up the great work! If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to the Sept. 8th, 2018 podcast with Tim Ballard, you won’t regret it.
Great podcast! Please give this a chance no matter which “team” you’re on, he’ll make you think. If nothing else please listen to the podcast from Sept 8, 2018 and his interview with Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad.
Thank you so much for bringing Tim Ballard and operation Underground Railroad to my attention. I just ordered his book and regularly contribute to his organization.
The podcast with Tim Ballard was incredibly touching. I just deleted Facebook and Twitter after being so tired of seeing nothing but anger and division. Listening to other broadcasters who only tear down got old quick. Operation Underground Railroad is one of the solutions Glenn promotes that has actually driven me to get involved and actually do something. I drive a lot for work and this podcast is always downloaded and ready to play.
Thank you for being brave enough to tell the truth, to stand by your principles & to set a good example ffor others to follow! This is my go to for an honest review of the events that shape our day & for an opinion that I have grown to trust and rely on. This group lead by example, they put their 'money where their mouth is' - and have suffered brutal consequences as a result. Not your ordinary group of people - very rare in our society today.
Very truthful podcast, thanks Glenn and Tim B for being His hands and feet, to save His kids from slavery. My prayer is you keep pressing on.
These are the best. I’m a listener of his program daily and love the fact I can get “the rest of the story” from these podcasts. He is one of this country’s best historians and researches everything he does but always says to do your own homework, which I do and end up learning so much more about history. I imagine the negative reviews are just more internet trolls who don’t even listen, definitely don’t know history and are so narrow minded they are incapable of looking outside their little bubbles and challenge themselves to prove him wrong.