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Beck is no conservative. He is a Judas Goat leading sheep to the slaughter. The Blaze collapsed under the weight of his ego and CRTV promises to do the same if their recent actions are any clue.
The radio spots show! Used to be a time when radio guys hated doing commercials. These guys love their commercials and almost dread informing the public and commenting on the news. It’s the reason I cancelled my subscription to The Blaze and unsubscribing to this podcast. Glenn I thought you were just fine with failing and being broke. Obviously not. What a disappointment you are. I used to admire you.
Since combining forces with CRTV there are way too many commercials on Glenn’s show. Initially Glenn said that we are never more than 30 seconds away from show content. Then he quickly changed that assurance to one minute. The commercials are now between 30 seconds and two minutes in length and the frequency of those ads is unbearable. I will soon stop listening.


By wdwr
It’s two hours of buy gold and mattresses and security systems and air filters and on and on and on. I’ve listened for years but I can’t take the nonstop advertisements anymore, it’s just to much
Glenn Beck show is great!! I believe they know what there talking about!! They have great guess too!! I don't like all the Ads. There used to be no Ads.!! Sometimes the Podcast host way too Sarcastic about Serious issues!!
I've been a fan since "Insider Extreme", but recently the commercials and the length of the shows due to the commercials have made it nearly unlistenable.
He buys CRTV then gets rid of its most colorful personality Gavin Mcinnes. Screw you, you old lesbian looking MF.
Really appreciate this show for both Glenn and his mates. Honest and visionary.
I have listened to Glenn for years but love his new format. I love his interviews of such a broad range of great minds. I like his introspective attitude and desire to unify people.
Glenn Beck does a great job of pointing out the facts and letting the listener decide for themselves. The Blaze news network always provides sources so you can check the validity of what is reported and so does Glenn Beck.
Love this podcast and how Glenn makes me think things out for myself!!
I have listened to the podcasts for a long time. I realy like the new interviews. Now that I have an I Pod I won't miss anything.
I’ve listened to Glenn for 11+ years. He’s a freaking HOOT and so are Stu, Pat and even Jeffy! He has never led me wrong so far. I’m VERY much a logical, research based-person. Anything that he has ever said that I found questionable.... I’ll look it up and I’ll be darned if he wasn’t right! He always says for his listeners to make their own informed decision... and I trust him for that. I refuse to listen to anything main stream since listening to him. Love you guys!
I lean conservative personally with a very libertarian bend for others. I consume a lot of content from Mercury. Well produced and thought provoking.
Premium Content!!
This is the only program I trust to get all of the important information I need and to give it honestly. Not Republican or Democrat, Just telling it how it is on both sides of the way the media was supposed to be. And entertaining to boot! Thank you Colonel Sanders!
If you value substance over what passes for “style” in the media, you need to subscribe. If you value genuine insight from a broad spectrum of perspicacious and learned individuals, you need to subscribe. If you value nothing but click bait headlines and sound bytes that reinforce your personal narrative... well, you are what is killing the culture and you need to stay away and stop infecting those around you with your anti-intellectual pathogen. Come back when you’re heart and mind are open. The long-form interview is invaluable to journalism. Sit down, shut your hole, and listen for an hour or so. Then discuss. Crazy, I know. Bravo, Glenn!
Hyperbole, irony, sickness on display.
I appreciate Glenn’s honesty. I find him to be genuine and thoughtful. Lately he has seemed to stress the importance of listening to one another and moving past our outrage culture which I appreciate greatly. I’ve been following his work for the last decade and I think his best stuff is coming out now.
Every morning at 10:30 my time I download this podcast for the day. I listen to this guy every day and I have to say I can’t get enough. Thank you Glenn Beck for inspiring me to reach for the stars, to be kinder to my fellow Americans on the left, and to challenge me on my believes! I’m 24 and I’ve been listing to you on radio and now on podcast since I was 12. Thanks for being my mentor all these years. Your the best! God, I wish I had your job. What your doing brings so much meaning to my life and others! Thanks for all that you do.
After twenty years as a Policeman, it’s pretty easy to lose hope. This young man restores it. A fine interview, some of your best work, and that’s going some. As Churchill would say, KBO.
If you like long form, interesting interviews with fascinating people this is the podcast for you. If you’ve been turned off by clips of Glenn or what people say about him, do your own homework and give this a listen. He doesn’t push a point of view or advocate. He lets the subject speak and I’ve been inspired by each episode.
Fully enjoyed the conversation. Much to learn from and reflect on. Thanks. Keep up good work.
Great show and full of fact based insights that teaches us to listen more to real conservatives.
I began listening to you on CNN, heck I trusted CNN back then. Then Glenn took his share (and then some) of the blame for our decisiveness. Glenn’s new mission on healing and finding common ground is the better path. I’m a supervisor at a substance abuse recovery center, I share this podcast with staff and clients alike. Planting seeds, that’s my new agenda. God Bless! Mark Allen
You may not always agree or like Glenn Beck, but at least he tells it like it is. I always look forward to listening to his show.
Glenn is thoughtful & passionate in his belief that a return to an originalist version of The United States Constitution is the best answer to our Country’s problems. Glenn thoughtfully examines how the geniuses who designed our Republic carefully examined what systems of government had failed previously and shows how their result was sublime. It took over 200 years for its detractors to “progressively” modify our Republic into the failure it is now. Let’s look at the bigger picture with Glenn
As an under-educated and sheepish follower of irresponsible liars, I enjoy being misled as I cling to my religion and guns in a deplorable fashion. I was thinking of moving to the Northwest and trying my hand at ANTIFA, but Glenn has held me firmly in fly-over country, and I am grateful for that (I think). 4 stars because no one deserves 5.
I will try to keep this short, as a immigrant, I have always been told that republicans, and conservatives were rich and greedy man that, doesn’t care about anyone but them self’s. After I started to really listen both sides, more and more, I started to realize that, democrats doesn’t have the people best interest in heart. Democrats care about power, and if you are in the way, you will get demonized. The way Glenn & Beck communicate, it’s very clear and easy to understand, I wish I could give 10 stars instead of 5. The Sean Spicer interview was amazing, and Bill o Reilly segments are the best as well. I love you guys interactions with each other. Please keep up the good work.
I’ve been listening to Beck for several years and he just gets better and better. Smart, fair, fun, warm, and original, he should be on anyone’s podcast list.


By Mw1341
Really enjoying the new podcasts!
I’ve been listening to Mr. Beck for a long time now, about ten years. I don’t always agree with his perspective, but I believe he does a fair job explaining. I’ve seen his opinion change over time, just as it happens with us all. He’s a very personable political commentator, so you know he says what he believes. His new weekend podcast interviews are well done.
Thanks Glenn and crew for letting me listen in on the conversation. I appreciate the balance you create keeping point on principles but keeping it light and fun. I work alone and don’t get to interact much with others so it’s good to hear your show. I will go out and vote this Tuesday! GBA.
Very enlightening. Love the humor!
I listen every day. Glenn has great insights and interesting takes.
Great insight into politics,history and life in general
Glenn’s always got an interesting take on current events
Always glad to hear a different perspective on things. The show also has me learning more things to share with friends and family.
Like others here, I don’t always agree with what these guys say. I like most of the commentary subject matter, and I find a few “by the short hairs” moments where introspection makes me a little uncomfortable. If you are honest with yourself, this is a good exercise to perform once in a while. I really like the fresh conservative libertarian paradigm with this podcast. It is very nice to NOT have to hack through all that leftist slanted pc drivel. And also listening to a discussion on subjects you will never hear the first thing about from other avenues. No leftist manipulation. So give it a try. Open minded questions and honest listening. Take off the RAH RAH team jerseys, throw off the tribal instincts, and engage the muscle between the ears.
Even though they’re all incredibly fat, they make up for it with low IQs! The brains of the outfit has always been Jeffy. Spooooons!!!!!!!!!!!
This interview is fantastic. Mr Sharpe gets the problems and has great answers.
I’ve listened to all eight episodes of Glenn’s Saturday interviews and loved them all. It’s so refreshing to disconnect from the political problem of the day and to have discussions about real ideas. My only complaint is that they’re lumped in with the daily radio show which has the political problem of the day. I would love to subscribe to the interviews only. Thanks for these amazing conversations.
I’ve listened to Glenn since 2002. Radio, tv, and then the Blaze. Full disclosure: I’m a big fan. I’m here to tell you, his Saturday podcast series is incredible! He does the most incredible interviews with people that you won’t hear from ANY other media personality — on the left, right, center or apolitical. He has an ability to break through the walls of his guests and in doing so, you get some really fascinating insights into their mindset and situation. If for no other reason, listen to Glenn for his Saturday interviews. The perspective he brings to the table is one of a kind. Don’t listen to his regular show if you think you can’t handle it, but absolutely listen to his weekly podcast. If you keep an open mind with Glenn, I think you will be greatly rewarded. Thank you for reading and God bless.
Hey Glenn. The show on the caravan is pretty over the top. Arent you like an extremely faithful person? Maybe this caravan is “Gods plan” so you should probably just get over. WWJD?
What makes Glenn one of the best interviewers is that he’s an active listener, and he asks some of the most probing questions of his guests. It seems he has an idea of where he’s going in these podcasts, buthe’s also surprised with the responses from his guests. These podcasts are always a good listen.
I have been listening for years to Glenn and learn more from his shows than anywhere else. Love the new interviews. Thank you Glenn, staff and family for always trying to improve your shows and quality of programming. Admitting when you are wrong and things aren’t working and never giving in, despite hardship. We love you and my God continue to bless you.
Have listened for years ok AM Radio, thrilled to see the show on iTunes! Thanks for the great work Glenn!
Previously I gave a 1 star rating solely based on too much clutter on the podcast channel, but that has been resolved, and now the podcast content is the focus. Additionally, with the weekend interviews that have been added, there is even better content than before. I shared one with my best friend (a liberal) and he called it "refreshing," and something he was adding to his Podcasts.