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Guys!!! Fix the skipping on the audio stream! Love Glenn Beck, hate the audio stream. At least once a week there will be an episode where the audio skips around and today’s was about the worst I’ve heard! (7/10/18) The last hour of the episode skipped back in time 4 times and randomly jumped ahead a few times, making it hard to follow the show. Let’s step it up in the editing department.
The one show I hate to miss. My local radio station decided to drop the last hour of Beck. I now have a way to listen to the last hour even if it is a day late. Very informative and entertaining. If one listens with an open mind they might learn a few things.
Beck covers history, culture, government and politics in an honest way and has the best guests.
The problem is back!!! It seems to only be the second half of the show but the skipping forward and backwards is happening again. Can you please look in to this. Other than that the show is great like always. Thanks again!!!
Everyone, regardless of their viewpoints, should be listening to the Glenn Beck podcast. He provides insightful information and well-rounded looks at today’s world.
I like listening to Glenn. He makes great points. His content makes me laugh and is informative. The only issue I have with Glenn is that he doesn’t mention God sometimes when he should. He’ll use terms such as “a greater power” or something like that. He never mentions Jesus at all. I don’t know, maybe that’s a Mormon thing. Sometimes it offends me when he does that. It’s like he goes around it so he doesn’t offend other listeners. I just wonder what he believes.
Disappointed in the misinformation being disseminated by Ben.
Glenn is an honest conservative that truly wants to see America look back to its roots for direction. Love the show, and Glenn’s passion.
I tend to be up and down on this program. Having Bill OReilly is a plus. Having people like Mark Sanford on is a minus. He talks about the Trump presidency being like Hitler. I didn’t vote for Trump. Walker was my favorite. But what a stretch for Mark Sanford describing the Trump presidency as a coming danger like Hitler’s rise in Germany. I know he said he isn’t calling Trump a Hitler but that is a dodge. He does think that. That is why he brought it up when he talked about Trump and the problem is you didn’t even challenge him on his stupid premise. He was a fool for saying that and you were an enabler by not challenging it. Whether you don’t like Trump or not you shouldn’t be over the top with ridiculous comments like conditions are ripe for Hitler. Dishonest discussion like that turns off the populous to your arguments.
As someone else posted, I too have problems when playing this podcast. And like them, it’s the only podcast I have trouble with. I usually have to download episodes for them to play properly.
This podcast never plays for me and it’s the ONLY one I have an issue with. I love Glenn Beck so I’m kind of disappointed
Does anyone have problems with this podcast playing? This is the only podcast that can’t listen to
Really enjoy this show
Guys, on May 30 you posted each hour as soon as it concluded. That was AMAZING!! Please do that daily if you can!!
The podcast is great and delivers every time. The perspectives brought to the table are insightful and necessary to break down the issues of the day. The time dedicated to what is being discussed during each episode provides the listener a space to gain a reasonable covenant with the presenter that what they are hearing is the truth. Download this podcast today and your life will be all the better for it!
It wasn’t a ‘stupid’ wedding. It was a day of love broadcast to many nations and many people. I have enjoyed listening to The Glenn Beck Program, but i am offended in my Christian heart by that comment. It was totally unnecessary. This is my first comment about a podcast. I am a 77 year old lady from Alabama. Check yourself.
Beck got me to start paying attention to all the false news and biased agendas. He is the most unbiased speaker I have heard in a long time. I was watching CNN and considered liberal a few years ago but realized how I being misled after listening to Beck.
The truth is in every show. Glenn is refreshing and inspiring beyond words.
Great show, don’t always agree with Glen’s view on everything. But appreciate the perspective he gives. The news he shares is great because it’s things you will not hear anywhere else.
Sometimes I have to fast-forward through Glenn’s soliloquies, but the rest of his show is quite thought provoking and hits the mark on my take of the current state of our country. I love that the new picture shows Glenn as “all knowing” and Stu as “all caring”.
One of my favorite pod casts. Everyday is a different type of show. Some are light hearted and funny other days he is very serious and heartfelt. I listen every day
In a world where we don’t know what to believe and who to trust in the news media, Glenn Beck shows that truth is the way and it matters. His words are passionate and honest and he proves to be trustworthy. He brings up important topics and perspectives that other news medias just don’t do. The podcast is also funny and informative. It makes me feel connected to the world outside of my social bubble. Whenever someone says to “question with boldness...” it’s a good indication that you can trust what he says. This is a must listen to podcast if you want to know the truth.
Never forget this man backed Hillary Clinton.
Keep reason fixed firmly in her seat! Don’t be silenced!
Mr. Beck is, pretty much, a serious thinker. I am not a religious person, but, the politics of it all, I find he's usually dead-on!!! Me? A firm believer in OUR founding and OUR Constitution! Liberty & Freedom at ALL cost! 🇺🇸
In addition to that between his show and the blaze you learn stuff you’ll hear NOWHERE ELSE.
Glenn Beck is nothing like what the media spins him as. He genuinely cares about the American people and is doing his part to find common ground with all that will listen. He challenges both sides of issues especially those that claim to be on his side. The podcast will make you laugh, think, and realize that we are the only ones that will change anything.
Why are some episodes not available? For instance, March 22.
Glenn always covers the news you can use to make a difference for freedom, truth, and compassion. If you want to be an evil, scary dude, this show is not for you, and might just be your worst enemy. If however you want to shape the world to be a freer, less tyrannical place, and want to be better prepared for what is coming, this show is not to be missed.
Love this show! I thank Glen/ The Blaze for finding the truth on all the topics the main stream media tends to skim over. Glen inspires me to read many more books a year. Thank you for enlightening me! Only concern... I have a lot of trouble streaming podcast while all other podcast work fine... not sure what the deal is.
This show is blatantly exploiting the fears and naïveté of emotionally vulnerable people. I don’t think the people who write and produce this show are deluded in any way. They are intentionally lying to people in order to sell an ideology that is deliberately intended to excite and divide.
Have good reviews any more. Their audiences are a bunch of out of touch throwbacks who don’t use much social media and anyone who does knows how bias and narrow-minded they are, although, in fairness, Beck at least acknowledges everybody's right to be different. However the likes of Bill O’Reilly are just disgusting bloviators who are not worthy of anything but disdain and dismissal. The days of John Wayne macho bluster are gone and the likes Beck and Riley should join him in irrelevancy.
I have been listening for 6+ years. This show is great if you are looking for a different perspective on current events, brushing up on history, and learning something new.
I love Glenn’s point of view and the content but I always get the “episode unavailable to play.” Hopefully they can fix this.
I love how glenn stays humble and is trying to not divide us as a nation but be reasonable with other viewpoints. It helps keep me centered
He’s not for “everyone” but I know how to filter not only his content, passion style and his “edge”. He’s a “must listen to” voice in a noisy and confusing news/current events world. Big respect to Glen.
The past few podcasts Glenn has had a bad mic and his audiobook keeps cutting out! Please fix that! It makes it really hard to listen.
Looking for a view that is outside of politics but focuses on what matter with a little humor, this podcast is for you.
Glenn is getting a little crazy. All he does it go after emotional shallow people and give bizarre and false information about Ai and the economy. I can’t bare to listen anymore. He might as well just give Bill O’Reilly his show. He’s on more than anyone. I just can’t do this show anymore. I’m out
I love this show. I have gotten so much out of it over the last few years. The content is usually very important and always unique. It is entertaining, but much more so informative and thought provoking on a wide variety of topics. However, this is the only podcast that I have ever had difficulty downloading and/or streaming. I understand it is a three hour broadcast and is uploaded every day. But it consistently either will not download or will not stream. And now the past two days episodes have completely disappeared after both failing to play. Is this an issue on the Blaze’s end? Hard to imagine given the great work that they do. But possible. Is this an issue on Apple’s end? I don’t know. I’m not going to speculate, but I have my suspicions as to why this content would not be deemed a high priority for ensuring that it is available consistently. I hope somebody who needs to know reads this and looks into the issue. I know that there are other ways to listen. This happens to be the most convenient for me. At least it has been.


It's like watching a slow motion car wreck. The man needs help
Long time listener. Glenn has had ebbs and flows in his popularity, but you never doubt his honesty with his audience. He goes down the rabbit hole on topics that no one else will touch. Love his analysis.
Always plays the bs both sides and never take accountability, one day a tea party patriot next a classic liberal next a libertarian next classic constitutional no your a republican and trump is Republican Party you helped create
Glen’s choice to give the Thomas Payne of my generation, Ben Shapiro, free range of his studio was the best Christmas present of 2017!! 2 hours of Shapiro 2 days in a row is winning on another level. Great choice Beck. Your stock is rising along with Trump’s. Boom 21% Corporate Tax. Merry Christmas America!! Now defund the UN so we don’t have to cut spending as much as Democrats want us to propose as it is politically unpalatable!
This is what fake news looks like


Glenn is conservative but not fanatical. And I enjoy his diverse subject matter. Not all politics. And of course his voice. I listen to just about everyday.
No issues! He keeps informed on the Government!
I have listened to Glenn Beck for over 10 years and have listened through at least 3 significant format changes. While I continue to listen, I’m not in love with the new iteration. That being said, Glenn is entertaining and not nearly as tribal as some of his peers in the broadcast industry. Those who have the most negative things to say are most likely of the far left variety who would oppose anything said by someone that they perceive to be an ideological opponent.