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This podcast's political, religious, and views on lifestyle are constantly in your face, and lacks intelligent content about the game we want to hear about.
This Podcast is obviously getting buried by other play oriented podcasts. There will always be more players than DM's so I think podcasts where people are playing the game have higher ratings than this one regardless of content. Don't cheat yourself, this gem has it all! Freindly banter by knowledgable hosts and geusts. Rock solid story ideas that aren't dwelled upon to long and fun ideas of all sorts that are enthusiasticly approached and honest reveiws of Pathfinder products. -H7
Excellent hosts, informative interviews, and hilarious segment transitions!
This is *the* podcast for Pathfinder afiicianados. I absolutley hate podcasts that ramble on for more than an hour. Lately Know Direction has been going for 2 hours, give or take.However, it is the smoothest 2 hours of podcast I have ever listened to. I never realize how long I've actually been listening. Ryan and Perram have a great chemistry and general rapport with the audience that makes the time fly by. Great interviews. Insightful commentary and reviews. Guys I'd love to hang with.
Great guys doing a great podcast. News and reviews for the Pathfinder RPG. And lately even an outlet for breaking news!