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This is a “don’t miss” podcast for me each week. I derive great pleasure from hearing film nerds properly nerd out and generally make spot-on observations. The variety of voices here makes this one of the best sources for pop culture conversation I’ve come across. This is important and I do care!
*****Update**** Still spectacular with the electric boogaloo cast change. Ify can get it. Finally, a smart, hilarious podcast that feels more like someone sharing something they love than criticizing what you enjoy. It’s fun and a joy to listen to.
*****Update**** Still spectacular with the electric boogaloo cast change. Ify can get it. Finally, a smart, hilarious podcast that feels more like someone sharing something they love than criticizing what you enjoy. It’s fun and a joy to listen to.
I discovered this podcast while listening to another Max Fun treasure, “Reading Glasses”. There are so many movie podcasts available, but there are few that separate themselves from being “one of”, and stand as “the one”. If you are a movie nerd, the diverse voices on this show will leave you agreeing and arguing with your own commentary on your morning commute. Certainly one to support and subscribe to. -Rob


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Dear Sassy and Astute review squad: Wanted to send some love your way for this tight 60 minute gem. Always fresh and thoughtful, Ricky's depature has left the show in just as capable and entertaining hands. IDIDIC has to be the best news segment in the podcast game. A second helping of WSY? Yes pleeze! Alonso, you have a good radio voice. Ify you have comedy game. Drea always has me seeing with new perspective. April RIP your fantastic F-Bombs.
This podcast is a friendly reminder why I love movies. It’s so reassuring to hear such a diverse group of people go in depth about film like I do with my family and friends. It’s perfect to listen to when there’s traffic, when I’m opening up at work, and when I’m stumped on writing. Plus these guys make me laugh and smile.
after max fun cancelled my beloved pop rocket, my feed has been a little less colorful so please don't cancel this. I NEED THIS PODCAST! i miss you ricky and april, but i'm not at all disappointed in the new regulars on the panel. your reviews of movies are so accurate! drea i love you.
The cast is always on point and as someone who doesn’t have much time to run to the theater I appreciate their very intelligent commentary on movies! Also one of my favorite reoccurring moments is when Ify mentions video game related things and the cohosts are stumped. - from Magnus
Who Shot Ya is my weekly guide to what I should be watching each week! The hosts are a wealth of knowledge and I feel like I’m back in my favorite film studies course mixed with my terrible movie club of friends from college. Keep up the fabulous work, your discussions and opinions give me something to look forward to every Friday. Love from Florida, Angela
I have loved the show for awhile and am excited by Ify joining the crew as host. I’d love to hear some full conversations on Anime!
Is this podcast important, and should you care? Yes.
Hey guys, I’m Mica from Brazil. I really enjoy the podcast and I have a great time listening to it. I love “is this important? Do you care?” As a non-English native, I can understand almost everything you say because everybody speaks clearly and it helps me to improve my English. Sorry about my English. Keep doing the great work!
Thank y’all so much for providing a podcast that is fun *and* inclusive! Shout-out to Ricky for starting this great podcast, it had filled the hole left by the old “Wham Bam Pow,” and I am delighted with Iffy’s addition. Alonso, Drea, & April are such a great, solid group who balance humor & thoughtfulness, & the guests they bring in are always great. (We miss you, Inkoo!) like the best podcasts, I feel like I’m listening to my friends. 🧡
I always look forward to the new episode of Who Shot Ya? and I'm never disappointed. The conversations are fun and fresh, the opinions are all over the place, and I love it. They don't sound like robots, they aren't parroting back the same thoughts, and they're brutally honest. I'm convinced that Drea Clark and I are best friend soul mates with telepathic capabilities, the woman says a lot of the things I say when I talk about a film or show. Alonso and April are such gems and joys! I want to be a fly on the wall of their studio, I love this show that much! Great job, Fam!
WSY is dope as hell. Listening to switchblade sisters, I heard an ad for this pod and the rest is history. Your back catalog was a lot of fun and Max Fun is a great platform for some awesome content. Ricky will be missed; Drea and Alonso are holding down the house in style. Also the guest hosts have been simply delightful! Love Love Love Love Love
I’ll credit April Wolfe with bringing me to this show, but everyone else here is also great! Always a diverse group with plenty of knowledge and good taste to go around. They’ve got their fingers all over the pulses of moviegoers.
Love the show! Ta da! I do really love the show though. It makes me laugh quietly in my cube at work almost every week. Gotta keep the laughter respectfully quiet because I’m in Minnesota. Love Drea’s MN mentions! Keep it up!
Hell Yeah! I listen to a glut of movie podcasts but Who Shot Ya is the only one I immediately consume every week as soon as it’s in my feed. The reason? I love the variety of view points of course but it’s the group’s positivity (even Inkoo) that keeps me coming back. Growing up as a Texas Art-house kid in the 90’s, I totally identify with Alonso’s tastes, but I also love hearing April rail against superhero movies while sticking up for genre films, as well as Drea’s insights into festival programming. This is truly a wholesome film podcast!
My producer told me to keep this review BRIEF (lol)! As a new listener, adding this podcast to my weekly routine has been a delight. The hosts have great chemistry and keep the show moving at a fun pace. I look forward each week to the friendly banter, insightful commentary, and throwbacks to cinema gems like Saving Private Benjamin. Keep up the good work!
Listen to WSY feels like sitting down with your funniest, smartest, coolest friends to talk about the movies you’ve been thinking about all week. April, Drea, Inkoo (RIP RICKY I MISS YOU!) and every guest are make a diverse and brilliant panel - and Alonso? As a bear who loves movies myself, I feel seen! If you love movies, you need “Who Shot Ya?”!
Hello crew! Just wanted to drop 5 stars your way. I’ve been a fan of Alonso’s work since seeing him on the Rotten Tomatoes show back in the day. Not only did he inspire me to up my glasses game, but he was also one of the first reviewers whom I felt was providing a perspective I had not past considered as a cis/white/straight male aka the fertilizer for much evil in this world. Having consumed this podcast like a good banana bread, and hearing the love for A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (a TOO GOOD film), I consider the people on this show an essential voice towards progress not just for myself but for all entertainment. The more voices such as these we can find and consider, the better our art and world will be. Keep up the rage, and stay GOOD Thomas
While I will miss Ricky, what’s good Ricky, this podcast will always be a highpoint in my week. I learn so much about film in general from the lovely hosts and enjoy hearing the new opinions from the guest hosts. Alonzo will always be my go to when I’m wanting a Christmas fix, April is a wealth of knowledge and simple words of wisdom (it’s not what happens, it’s how you get there), and Drea has become my favorite for her brilliant insight and amazing staff picks! Thank you so much for the amazing content, love you all!
Simply put, I wanted to show my support for the remaining team members, guests and the rotating host. The Force is strong! Keep up the good work
What’s good with me? This podcast!
I will dearly miss Ricky bringing to the show what I've been referring to as the Unofficial Wu-Tang Minute, but it's great to hear the other hosts truckin on and keeping the spirit. I don't have much time to go and see movies, but thanks to this podcast I can have conversations and sound like I know things! The hosts trade back and forth thoughtful commentary, lavishings of love and deepest dunkings on each other like it's the easiest thing in the world. It's a giggly, intelligent joy every week. And Drea, if you're reading or hearing this, I love you.
I’m smiling as I write this review because I just listened to an episode where the question of if black people listen to this podcast was asked. Yes we do and here I am! And yes, your black card can be revoked if you haven’t seen staples in the black cinaspace such as The Color Purple, Purple Rain, Coming to America and Love and Basketball. I enjoy the weekly discussions and it makes me wish that I had a real community of movie nerds in my hometown to discuss why Gloria Swanson was robbed of her Oscar for Sunset Boulevard....Grace Kelly could never! Who Shot Ya is the highlight of my week!
As a disabled queer trans woman and movie lover, I have been overjoyed each week to hear this diverse panel talk about film with their unique perspectives and knowledge. But I gotta ask... BAM! -Who Shot Ya? Was it the talented and charming Ricky Carmona, who was the enthusiastic host until mysteriously skipping town? Was it the jolly Alonso Duralde, driven mad (as I am) by the death of 90s radical queer cinema and always looking for more red to deck the halls? Was it the bloodthirsty April Wolfe, whose taste in film I often share, and love of cats I always share? Could it have been Drea (Clark) the dope rhyme say-a, beacuse you got in her way(-a)? Was it one of the great guests? Nah. It was Inkoo Kang. Inkoo shot you. I'm still a fan, tho - I hope she's back on the pod soon. BAM!
Cinephiles old and new rejoice- here’s your new favorite group of people! The banter is the stuff of dreams, the opinions are sharp and well-founded, and the discussions are nothing short of wonderful. Ricky is like my old friend, Alonso is like the older brother I want to impress. April is quick witted and so so fun to listen to, and my personal favorite, DREA THE DOPE RHYME SAYER, is the funniest person I’ve ever heard. Keep doing what y’all do - you make my week every time you post!
April likes cats and I appreciate that.
Y’all are flat-out wrong about “Us,” but I’m still dropping this 5-star review because you guys are the highlight of my work week. Thanks for making my bus commute home laugh out loud funny each Friday.
I loved Alonzo from What the Flick on TYT and another rad podcast, Pop Rocket, so this was naturally up my alley. Rickey and April are a delight as well and their takes on movies as well as infusing relevant pop culture references is great! It's a fun pod that's an easy listen as well. ❤️💙💛


By cmdm
podcast about movies...smart, insightful and sometimes funny...
I love listening to the cast talk about movies new and old. Listening to them has opened up the range of movies that I will check out even if I don’t always agree with their reviews. This podcast always makes my day better after a stressful day at work, so thanks for that!
I’ve been withholding my review of WSY for about a year. I don’t have the words to explain how much this podcast means to me. It usually drops when I’m getting off work on Friday — the light at the end of the tunnel. Ricky, April and Alonso brighten my week, every week. The guests are also amazing.
What else can I say: I'm a straight white male who's not even that into movies, but this is a must-listen podcast for me every week. Ricky, Alonso, April, Drea, Inkoo, and the rest of the crew are more honest and open than people objectively should be, but it sure makes for a good show!
I even watched “cloud atlas” just because I love Ricky so much!
Ricky, April and Alonso, our hosts on the reg, have a genuine chemistry with eachother and every guest/co-host they welcome as well. These wackos like to have fun while talking critically about film, so refreshing!. You won't find any ciné-bro upstaging here - everyone respects eachothers varying opinions which makes it very civil, again, something rare to find in our world where macho dudes constantly think their opinions on cinema is the be-all of end-all of film critiscism. I always end up putting movies on my to-watch list at the end of every episode. Thank you for the good times - and April is usually right about everything :)
For some reason my review disappeared. I love the hosts of this podcast. Diverse backgrounds! thoughtful and funny analysis. I’m excited to listen to them each week. And great guest hosts! Recommended!!!
I listen to this show during my 22 mile long runs training for marathons. Since WSY began I have dropped about 12 minutes off my Marathon PR and lost 20 lbs. If science has taught us anything the only reasonable conclusion is: Who Shot Ya’s diverse and inclusive critique on Cinema makes you a better athlete. Furthermore, this conclusion appears to hold up despite some of RC’s whack opinions on great movies and musicals. All in all, listen to Who Shot Ya and your life will be changed.
How am I just know discovering this podcast? It’s so smart and also hilarious. Thank you for being one of the only film podcasts that isn’t just white dudes telling me my film opinions are wrong.




By jdr_42
In every episode of this podcast I learn something and I laugh out loud and get weird looks from my coworkers. I don’t know what more you could want.
I love this podcast. The hosts offer a range of voices about films and introduce me to new movies I need to watch. Keep up the good work!
Wanted you to know your podcast got me through the holidays and because of you I was ABSOLUTELY that obnoxious girl saying “oh! That came up on my podcast the other day...” and I am not ashamed. I’m out here spreading the good word about the hilarious, brilliant, yet totally accessible Who Shot Ya and wish more conversations about film (and basically anything else) could be as honest and lovingly brutal as you all are with each other and your guests. Thank you!