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VOW network are the only wrestling podcasts that ever truly feel like they care/present pro wrestling in all facets (in-ring, business aspects, etc). It’s the best, well worth your time (especially the Flagship).
It's tough to find non-sensationalized content coming from unstuffy and fresh angles these days, but somehow VoW keeps giving us wave after wave of exactly that.
There isn’t a bad show on this network. The best part about these shows are when Joe Lanza goes on crazy rants on the VOW Flagship. Can’t be beat
Given that Super J has its own feed, there’s no reason to subscribe to this. Wrestling Omakase is especially insufferable.
I am an avid listener of wrestling information of all forms and podcasts are the most convenient, best opportunity to keep up with the art I love. Thank you to the VOW crew for the high quality sound, real presentation and on time weekly visits.
I can’t recommend “Music of the Mat” (amazing in depth analysis of pro wrestling theme music) and “Super J Cast” (fantastic NJPW talk, as well as crisps) enough. They are my 2 favorite podcasts right now. “5 Star Match Game” is unbelievably fun for wrestling nerds...err enthusiasts like myself - please do more!! And so many other podcasts out there. Something for everyone’s tastes and a great way to get introduced into a new area of pro wrestling and expand your horizons.
The flagship podcast is one of the best wrestling focused podcasts out there. I have been a listener since late 2013 and I will say this is a great podcast for all the "hardcores" out there. And when I mean "hardcores" I mean "hardcores". When it comes to wrestling they cover it all. From unmasking Ants to The Great Power Uti to "finger play". Not only do you learn about wrestling on this podcast but you learn about the "birds and the bees" and how to propery pronounce names like Will O'Spray, Jack Gallager and Pokeyman Go. It is just a fantastic podcast with two great guys , Rich and Joe. If this podcast was a tinder pic, you would definitely swipe right. So keep up the great work gentleman! Stay sassy Rich and keep eating that Cookie Puss Joe. Chappin! Chappin!
I absolutely love the diversity and quality of podcasts that Voices of Wrestling provides. Whether it's the flagship, STR, or the Purocast, every week I'm hooked and always trying my best to keep up with the different shows. The thing that separates VOW from other wrestling podcasts and networks is the consitent quality and entertainment value. There aren't podcasts that are 50% goofy listeners calling in with cringeworthy comments. They are radio shows packed with knowledge and humor. Couldn't recommend more.
I love this network, the flagship and open the voice gate are 2 pods I never skip. Quality!
F iTunes for taking the VOW Podcast Network down. Nothing a true lashing from internationally acclaimed podcaster as heard on the BBC Joe Lanza couldn't fix, though. The VOW Podcast Network features some of the best and most unique wrestling podcasts today. You have the flagship VoW podcast featuring Joe Lanza and Rich Kraetsch that covers the world of wrestling like no one else can. Shake Them Ropes covers the WWE, and Music of the Mat is a great new podcast jsut finding its way. Plus, other podcasts talk about Dragon Gate, Brit Wrestling and Japan. Give them a try, you won't regret it.
Thanks for getting your act together, iTunes. My podcast sanctuary from forced memes, southern accents, and Internet busking. Wary of Lanza's straw men army, though...
iTunes UNJUSTLY deleting VoW has topped the lack of Lanza Unfiltered episodes of the biggest travesty in podcasting history. Great to have the number 1 wrestling podcast back.
This is the Okada vs Omega of wrestling podcast
Look forward to the flagship every week, perfect for all the driving to work that I do. Burning Spirits, Purocast, the list goes on and on for all the great podcasts under the network. Great to have you back on iTunes.
Very fun podcast and network providing great banter.
Glad to have you back on the iTunes gimmick.
I missed my one-stop for all news around a variety of areas in professional wrestling. Welcome back, VOW!
Great podcasts that isn't a surprise if you follow their website. Keep up the good work and continue to jump those hurdles iTunes keeps throwing in front of you...had to use TuneIn which I didn't want to but refuse to miss my VOW. Glad you're back!
The only podcast for real shooters like myself
First off, having Voices of Wrestling (VOW) off of iTunes for about a week (felt like months) left me empty as I struggled to get my fill on what's going on in the world of pro wrestling. Friday, February 10th, 2017, I'm bombarded with VOW podcast episodes and I'm leaping for joy. This is the best podcast network for wrestling fans of British Wrestling, NJPW, WWE, Indie Wrestling, and other promotions out there! Listen and enjoy!
If there's a big story/show, they'll cover it regardless of promotion. Great breakdowns and analysis for promotions small and big. Highly recommend.
I found Voices of Wrestling in January 2016 after throwing myself into New Japan Pro Wrestling after Wrestle Kingdom 10 and have been hooked since. The Flagship every Friday with Rich & Joe Lanza (Chappin' Chappin') and The Purocast with Damon & Colin were instrumental in guiding me through the NJPW waters. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get a grasp on all things New Japan Pro Wrestling.
Way too much negativity. All they do is whine. If you like listening to a pair of neck-bearded mouth breathers complain for THREE F*CKING HOURS, then this is the podcast for you. I get that wrestling is a subjective artform, but there's a consensus on some things. There's just way too many contrary opinions and dumb "hot takes" for any reasonable wrestling fan to take this podcast seriously. Absolute garbage.
The flagship show does a great job of covering many different promotions. As a big fan of New Japan, I like the fact that they devout a good deal of time to them. Joe and Rich's enthusiasm for Dragon Gate has made me a big fan of that promotion too.
Great podcast
This is probably one the most diverse wrestling podcast.
I got to say These guys are good. They cover every side of wrestling whether that is WWE, Lucha Underground, Japan, England and others through the main and other podcasts you'll get here it is a must have podcasts if you are a wrestling fan. And yes you'll be smarter for it as well!
These guys really nail it. A concise mix of recaps & analysis with plenty of humor thrown in. They often shine a light on subtleties of Lucha Underground I missed or didn't notice. Not just fanboys either, they hurl plenty of criticism where warranted. I believe the shows come out on Wednesday, recapping the previous week, which makes it the perfect listen before digesting the new LU episode. Looking forward to having this excellent companion to the show for years to come.
VOW is the best overall package in wrestling podcasts. The flagship show is my favorite wrestling podcast out there. Highly recommend this network, as well as the VOW website.
Great Knowledgeable Hosts!
Frequent listener of wrestling podcasts and I just listened to one because I ran out of my normal shows. This is great and I subscribed right away after listening to one.
Joe Lanza and Rich Kraetz do an outstanding job on the flagship show. I listen every week and consider them to be "friends I've never met." I also very much enjoy Jeff Hawkins on "Shake Them Ropes." Everything else on the network is rather amateurish and repetitive, but I can't let that stand in the way of a 5-star review. My BIGGEST complaint however, is that whenever a new episode of Shake Them Ropes debuts, every single previous episode downloads as well. That's really annoying—to the point where I had to unsubscribe on iTunes. But I still come back for the main show every single for week.
Hands down the best wrestling podcast on the web! From the main flagship show that covers everything from the WWE to all the major Japanese promotions. To shake them ropes which is by far the best WWE centric podcast, I could not recommend this enough!
I love Voices of Wrestling! I don't even watch Japanese wrestling, but these guys make me care about the shows and the wrestlers! Their views are always interesting and they have a great sense of humor. Keep up the great work, guys!
I love the VOW podcasts. Each series has its own point and is different from the others. Keep it up
good stuff. wanted to support them by writing a review... been listening for a few months. Joe Lanza is everything. Thanks.
I love this podcast since they talk about multiple promotions and shows in 1 episode. The shows usually go around 3 hours long but they hit WWE, Dragon Gate, New Japan, and other indy promotions. They break down storylines if you're not sure what's going on in Japan and preview/review shows very fast. And they aren't just boring robots. They talk about random funny things every episode and go off on long tangents and don't even remember what they were talking about. Joe Lanza's rants are usually long and annoying at times but they're also pretty funny. I even got my very own Joe Lanza roast after sending an email for feedback. I'm honored. Hilarious. Thanks. Check this show out!
Really should change the name to the Joe Lanza show,but hey someone has to edit the show.Now if they could only shut those dogs up
VoW is must-listen for fans of US indies, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and for all who enjoy fun, fresh and energetic takes on pro wrestling.
I enjoy the shows that I have listened to. Worth the rating
I just started listening over the last week and I'm really enjoying it. One podcast that covers WWE, American indies and Puro is awesome.