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The best episodes are when cokehead Sam isn’t there. Gimmie Teeb Johnny and fight nanny all day
Sam kinda is annoying
Goddamn thibs makes me laugh hard every episode with his “out there” one liners and tangents. Just enough sports coverage to still be a sports podcast.
No Sam for Episode 346= Best Episode of All Time
You guys need to bring chad back....even tho he was always on the penalty box...it was funny every time..
Can’t listen when Johnny is on but great besides that
1 star for kicking Chad off the podcast.
Listened to the most recent episode from April with Tait Fletcher. I get that they're comedians, and "bros" with that "bro-tein shake" mentality...but I couldnt get through 11 minutes before the black jokes about Black Panther and black coffee and black customers and starbucks annoyed TF outta me. And here's Tait trying to make a serious point, but nope - here come the Bros with a black joke off the top rope. Im sure there's an audience for this. I aint it. So im out.
Johnny needs to work the board, less talking would be great. I deleted this ep
Great when Ari is present and engaged. Jayson has been getting less and less funny and Sammy never was funny. I love when he thinks he’s been disrespected and storms off the show though,
The best podcast to date. If you like sports, this is a must.
Scruff mcgruff Chicago Illinois 60652?
Sam, put the powder down. It seriously affects the quality of your podcasts. It's also sad that you claim soberity
I’d like to volunteer as being the official un official Punch Drunk corespondent from Spokane WA
I love the banter and coverage on more than just the NBA and NFL
Absolutely hilarious


SPORTSBAN - enough said. 5 stars!
Well done podcast! Makes my commute not feel like a commute!
Love it Tripoli FTW - Nathaniel aka RaiderNate
The most informative sports podcast on the planet. NBA trade talk and Ari’s taint talk.
I mean, not if you’re really serious about sports but it’s hilarious!
And for updates on ari’s a$$hole. 5 stars
One of the greatest comedy podcasts out. Sam Tripoli and jayson thibault are some of the funniest out there and have to thank the Danish and O’Neill for bringing me to this podcast would’ve never known. Great stuff!!
Ari Shaffir! Can’t understand Tripoli 75% of the time
It must be true. He took me to Muncie on Ball State’s campus and told me to call him the Testical Technician.


By Zacmove
Sams gay


By C.sto
yo yo yo farts fasho
I look forward to the podcast every week. Proud Patreon supporter. Teeb and Ari are the best, and when Sam rants he's ok sometimes. Thanks for the years of entertainment.
Best podcast
Fight fanny sounds like an ex gf of mine. Great content Good sponsers Funny Foolish Perfect
I’ve never been so disgusted and laughed so hard at the same time. Best show ever.
Love you guys. All of you are hilarious but Red State Teeb really kills me. I miss the celebrity call-ins. Love, Female listener in Cincinnati and recovering kitty litter addict
Can’t wait for Tripoli to have to do the reverse Kobayashi. #goBills!!
The best comedy sports podcast in the world!!


This podcast got me into podcasts, have been listening for over 2 years. Excited every week to listen.
Love you guys! Throughout the years you guys have maintained a hilarious show! Miss the call in from gsp! Hopefully one day we can make it viable for you guys to add multiple shows during the
These guys should be a lot more famous
One question, where can I buy ari's sweet new belt! Much love guys!
Just started listening this week but the podcast is a perfect mix of sports and shenanigans! Good stuff, good stuff!
You really get the sense that all the hosts on the show are just barely clinging onto their sanity. Except Fight Nanny.
Ari Shaffir and Jayson Thibault are hilarious comedic geniuses!!! Once in a while this Sam guy gets mad and can be sorta funny as well.


Armenian alcy jew
5% sports talk and 95% gibberish and loving it!


Love the pod. My favs are teeben a smith. Red state teeb. Why would I lie. Danish & oneill and DT are the best guests.


Sports show
I listen to this show for teeb. "Nice white quarterback" and teeben A Smith. GSP calling in is great every time all the time. If you like pure raunch and quit wit mixed in with some racism and anti semitism (coming from a Jew mostly) hit play on the first episode and laugh till you drop.