Zombie Critters

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Bout time, there's a zombie podcast with relatable characters. And I can hear it with my family.
I expected something similar to Fried Green Zombies, which was campy, funny and read appropriately by the author, who gave the characters life. But, alas, I was disappointed. The writing was bad. The story had holes large enough to ride a World War 1 tank thru it. The author's attempt at reading was awful, boring monotone and unfeeling, as if he did not like what he was reading, and that is being nice. The story was incomplete and brought nothing new to the zombie genre. I felt bad for the terrible attempts at humor. The situations and character developments were none existent; you felt absolutely nothing for the characters. The only nice thing I can say about it was that it was short.
This is a white racist redneck. He actually wrote a joke into the book that a black man was at the window but it was a orangutan! It sounds like he has a limited vocabulary and used a thesaurus to find more colorful words. This sounds over done and out of character to the rest if the writing. The reading is also mediocre.
Just ok