Reviews For Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

Chris, Charlotte and their knowledgable guests share extremely relevant info on how to get on the right track to an invigorating, intimate and mutually rewarding relationship. The great content and advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thank yall for putting out such a stellar show and keep up the great work!


By Linda1w
Rather than have a Trump bashing guest, do the show yourself. Not getting her book.
Show was great when it started, just information packed show and sensible. Eventually became agenda driven where every podcast has a spin on a patriarchal society that has suppressed females. Stick to providing information and common sense sexual issues and drop the agenda.
Outstanding information, presented in a smart, cool, funny manner. Learnt a lot even from The first podcast. Why did I not know of this podcasts before??
I've been a subsciber for about a year; also a patreon-ista. Your shows keep getting better. The interview with Dr. Lori Brotto was outstanding! I am a male listener and I love that you ask a few questions about how the topic impacts males. Too many great show topics to enumerate here, but Thank You.
Thank you for your amazing candor and your insight. So glad to have found you!
The podcasts are very informative and interesting. I enjoy listening to them.
With any question asked by a listener they come across informative and directly. They don't make you feel embarrassed as they are like teachers explaining their reasoning and techniques on how to relate to your partner and overcoming your own mental blocks or inhibitions. Keep up the good work!!!


By Bphorn
I really like this podcast. My wife and I have been married for a while and we wanted to try to spice things up. I tried some of the other podcast, but in an episode they spend half the time just talking and then answer questions. These are short, but informative, and if you like the idea, they put great resources in the notes. My wife and I listen to one each day on our way to work and then talk about it after we get the kids to bed.
I alays learn something from these intelligent and thoughtful women. My only complaint is that I wish the podcasts were longer. I'm always disappointed when they end. They al always worth the time I spend with them each week.
Chris and Charlotte do a great job of breaking things down to their simplest parts, providing great common sense solutions to tough problems. What stands out more than anything for me is that they are non-judgmental and inclusive; it is about people, not about parts. Every episode has something for everyone, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or transexual. And I love the give and take between them. The episodes with just Chris or just Charlotte are missing the energy that comes from the interchange between the two of them. Listen to every one of their episodes. and then start over and listent to all of them again.


Mind expanding to say the least.
You Two are amazing health educators and this podcast is a gem. This is the first podcast I've cared enough about to rate! Take care!
What a great show. informative, well produced and always interesting
I sampled several different podcast series on "how to improve sexual intimacy..." I believe Chris & Charlotte strike a fabulous balance of their own scholarship, professional and personal experience along with guest experts and listeners' questions. They manage to make incredibly intimate topics open for frank discussion and explanation. Congrats to them for striking a balance that makes listeners comfortable while also encouraging them to expand beyond that comfort zone!
I got to make this one count!
Your podcast about jealousy was so helpful -- thank you, thank you, thank you! Beautifully crafted, incredibly thoughtful and full of insights that so obviously flow from a place of love. You're work is providing much needed healing for so many of us.
I just started to listen to it and its like a tv serie on Netflix i never get bored N always want to listen more. Excellent program very instructive and knowledgeable by the end i think i am gonna start to listen to it again and take notes. There are so many excellent topics N tech. They are just EXCELLENT i never thought i could enjoy it so much.
Chris and Charlotte are amazing!! Show topics are always engaging and the information is delivered in such a thoughtful and practical manner. They offer down to earth advice that is accessible to normal folks who just want to make the most out the sexual experience - while throwing in a few naughty twists. I can't say enough about this podcast and the wonderful work these ladies do!!!
This is one of the most well thought out and delivered podcast speaking on a wide range of sexual topics. Charlotte & Chris explore a wide variety of topics in an open and positive environment. If you are curious about anything sexual, anything dealing with a relationship, or trying to connect with your partner, lover, friend or anyone on a deeper level i highly recommend this podcast. Each episode has lost of helpful tidbits. Add this to your subscriptions and you’ll be thanking yourself soon enough. For the novice and expert alike this podcast has something for everyone.
I really like this podcast because it breaks down subjects so that you can go ahead and understand not only what's going on with your own body but your partners also. It's an icebreaker for you to go ahead and explore things that you wouldn't normally. I'd suggest it to a friend!
Have enjoyed the podcasts.