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Nate is as genuine and selfless in person as he is on this podcast. He truly has the benefit of his listeners in mind. Join the conversation. The future of this podcast is bright. A diamond in the rough for certain. Looking forward to watching it grow.
Nate presents a variety of topics and guests that will inspire and challenge worship leaders, song writers and creative minds alike.
I really enjoy Nate's personality and interview style. He asks great questions and gets good insight from the people he interviews. So far I've listened to 4 of the podcasts and have walked away with some really great ideas for my own songwriting and musical development. I look forward to listening to more of the podcasts soon and continuing to learn from the people he interviews and features on his podcast.
I love this podcast because I feel like I have to listen to it. He's asking all the questions that I'm asking and he's getting all the answers I'm looking for.
I learned sooo much in just the first 3 podcasts and continue to be blown away! Nate has a great way of engaging songwriters and asking the right questions in his interviews. I don't write worship songs and I thought that's what this podcast would be about, but it's not. It's a great encouragement to anyone of faith to display the glory of God in whatever they create. So glad to have found this one.
Here is a fresh resource for the Christian Songwriter community. Great interviews and really useful information for those who love writing songs for God.
I’m a believer who makes music, not necessarily “Christian” music. It’s great to hear other musicians and writers discuss similar concerns to mine and I love hearing the perspective of people across the country and around the world. I stumbled across this podcast 2 weeks ago and have listened to the first 13 episodes. As I’ve listened to these conversations, it’s amazing how many times I’ve thought “yea, that’s exactly what I was thinking”. Nate does a great job keeping focus and each episode has been professionally produced and insightful. I recommend this podcast to any musician or writer who is exploring how faith and music intersect.
Wow! This podcast is really great and helpful! Although I primarily do work in the Christian hip hop genre, this information is useful for every genre. Please continue to provided such valuable information. God bless!


This podcast is interesting and encouraging. The questions that Nate asks are insightful and they allow the interviewee to explore their hearts and their motivations. The interviews offer great perspectives on song writing, worship music, and how these things relate to our relationship with Jesus. The new music bit in the beginning of episode 15 was awesome and I found that I really enjoy the musicians that were introduced there. I like that Nate is trying to get the audience involved in many ways and I am excited to see where this goes! Good job and keep it up!!
Nate includes a wide range of topics related to songwriting and Christian music that are helpful to Christian musicians. Interviews are great for gleaning tips from more experienced veterans. Also, very encouraging!
Christian songwriters need encouragement and tips and ideas - and this is perfect for all of that!
Thanks, Nate, for this podcast. I have enjoyed listening to interviews with those I'm somewhat familiar with as well as discovering new voices (or new to me anyway.) I look forward to seeing how the rest of the blog community develops.
This is not just for worship leaders, but all Christians in any creative process whether or not you are in ministry. Fantastic topics from a broad spectrum. Love it.
Great podcast for musicians, songwriters or anyone interested in music and learning more about the music making process. Thanks, Nate. Hope you will keep it up.
Solid production and inspiring topics.
Nate does a great job putting high quality information out there every episode. Thanks for your passionate service to anyone interested in the creative process, CMB! It is truly invaluable.