Reviews For Relationship Marketing & Sales with David J Soler

Great insight podcast that really nails the crucial points of entrepreneurship. Many of his points are simple and make sense. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to improve their market or business
I am new to marketing and I am gleaming so much from David and his guests. I highly recommend listening...even the most experienced can learn something from David.
With this show David approaches the most important aspect of brand building and trustworthy, high quality business: RELATIONSHIPS. David definitely walks the talk: he helps others (not only with his show) without expecting anything in return. He wants you to succeed and do business and sales the right way. There is nothing more powerful than relationships. This show is for everyone who wants to take their business to the next level and build a strong and loyal community around their brand. Great show!
A great podcast from a great guy!
David is a great resource for sales and marketing. Yesterday, I took David with me on my morning walk and (according to my FitBit1) I exceeded my 10,000 step goal by nearly 3,000 steps! David is passionate about his topics and he's very professional. As a Certified Financial PlannerĀ® that matters a lot to me. One more thing - the audio quality on this show is outstanding. (Disclaimer: we are in ThePodcastMasterMind together with our friend Cliff ThePodcastAnswerMan Ravenscraft.). Great show. Thanks, David!!
Outstanding and practical content. If you are not a subscriber, do it now; you will not be sorry that you did.
The Relationship Marketing and Sales podcast is just that and so much more! Inspiring, informative, relevant and enjoyable to listen to. If you want to know more, stay tuned!
Great job by David and his team to point out what is most important in developing and maintaining relationships to compete in a challenging world. I recommend everyone take time to listen to David and watch your business SOAR!
David J. Soler is the real deal. I've enjoyed interacting with David in other settings and have found him to be quite genuine. He brings integrity and class to marketing. Listen with confidence!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. I find the content informative, encouraging and very applicable as I strive daily to serve my customers in the healthcare industry. David truly has the heart of a teacher and a mindset fueled by serving others. If you are not subscribing to this podcast, you are missing out on a valuable resource.
All business is built on relationships. David does a fantastic job sharing powerful insights that can propel you to success. If you want to understand how business is really done, listen to this podcast.
This is a podcast for everyone, not just sales people (although you could argue that we're all sales people, selling ourselves to everyone everyday). This is a genuinely great podcast from a genuinely great guy. No matter what your profession, David shows how sincere relationships are what you need to succeed.
A refreshing take on marketing. David interviews people who have mastered the art of marketing through relationship building. It's great information for those of us building a business.
David shows it really is possible to market yourself without having to dive down the tactics that make you into a tipical marketer and proves that in the long run it's the relationships you forge that make all the difference!
David does a great job with his show. Marketing has so much to do with relationships. Helping others is one of the best ways to help ourselves. The practical advice is actionable and beneficial.
There are many podcasts about marketing and sales, but not one approaches it from the angle that David does: relationships. For a small business owner like myself who is always trying to improve my business marketing and sales, this show is really valuable. Thanks David and keep up the great work.
Wow! What an awesome podcast. David gets it. I met him at the Speak it Forward Conference in Atlanta, GA. He made a great impression immediately. I listened to his interview w/ Cliff Ravenscraft & was blown away... this is a fantastic show. Thank you for sharing!
Wao amazing amount of information Dave I see you as the new Zig Ziglar of our time


By Apd k9
I really enjoy listening.
David gives us all the meat here in this great podcast. All actionable advice, no fluff! Thanks for this great content, I have already applied some incredible nuggets of information learned! ~ John Lee Dumas
David's passion and genuine care for his audience and topic really come through in this podcast. Great guests, great sound, overall great show.
One thing I love about the Relationship Marketing and Sales podcast is that the quality is top notch. It's obvious that David has spent the time to learn the technical aspects of podcasting and that his equipment is top notch. On top of that, David has a high level of integrity and truly is focused on relationship marketing, rather than shady sales techniques. This is reflected in all of his content, including his podcast. Highly recommended!
This podcast is phenomenal! I have been in home security sales since '00. For those of you that don't know, a majority of those are cold leads. I have always done well, but like David said, "You can be the hunter, or the herder". I never realized it before, but I have always been the Hunter. Work hard, get several sales, do it all over again to get more sales. I tried networking, but have always seemed to fail at it, so I became satisfied with what I have been doing. Listening to David discuss your options and ways you can approach has motivated me and gotten me excited once again, and has given me easier ways to make many more sales than I have been making! Thanks David!
This podcast is a beautiful blend of practical tools, encouragement, real-life scenarios and resources that will benefit you in both business and relationships. I highly recommend it!
I really appreciate the perspective that David brings with this show to focus on relationships in order to enhance business. Too much sales advice is focused on closing lines and other cheesy ways to influence. The long-term perspective and advice that David gives is a great way to make a genuine connection with others. Thank you David for this important show!
This show is fantastic with a ton of actionable content. Not just that, but the show sounds great! Thanks and keep up the good work.
I love this podcast. No tricks. No manipulation. Sound wisdom on developing long-term relationships that matter. 'First Class" Thanks David for sharing your insights.
A high-quality podcast that does a great job of teaching how to build relationships and make sales, without pushing anything on people or trying to be someone you aren't. The host provides great insights and tips from his considerable experience, and he shares personal stories -- essentially teaching by example as he builds an authentic relationship with listeners like me. I love too that David is a fellow triathlete, which means he knows the value of building for the long term, doing the hard work even when you don't feel like it, and creating positive relationships even with your competitors.
I love that there is now a podcast that focuses directly on the RELATIONSHIPS aspect of marketing and sales. David does a wonderful job bringing insight on how we can best achieve success by helping others achieve success. The only way we can do that is to get to KNOW our customers/clients. Relationships Are EVERYTHING!
I know David personally and can honestly say that he practices what he preaches. He is just a helpful, genuine, and all around nice guy. However, even with that being said, I was sincerely impressed with the RMS podcast. David J. Soler has packed a ton of solidly helpful information that will help anyone looking to grow their business through relationship building. David, your content on the Relationship Marketing & Sales Podcast is A+. Keep up the great work! Suzie Farthing - Host of the One Love for Nurses Podcast
You've come to the right place. David Soler really delivers, giving you very practical info that you can certainly benefit from, it doesn't matter your current field or proffession. You will be wowed, for sure, as it is not just another podcast, very dynamic and interactive. Connect here and invest your time, you will certainly be glad you did.